party party party!

We decided to buck the trend this year and have a party the week before the fourth of July! Every year we have the same old party, cookout, burgers and 'all that jazz' so this year we decided to do something different. We decided to have a Moroccan Party last weekend, we made our deck look like a tent and then threw out a bunch of old Moroccan rugs, some pillows and low tables, then we served some yummy food and a white sangria as well as an abundance of mint tea! (oh, and I shouldn't forget tons of fruit, cakes and deserts!)

It was really fun to have a theme for the party and I think it got people excited about something funny and a little different. But I think that any off-beat idea can work, how about sending people a piece of clothing (from a second hand store) with their invite and telling them they have to wear it somehow... or how about a color party or maybe a 'fancy dress' party... just about anything can turn into a fun party idea -- just do it!

I should add that many of our friends opted to come with out their kids, and that turned out to be pretty fun. I think that as parents we almost feel guilty to have a party without the kids, but it was nice to have time to sit down and talk to each other without getting pulled away buy the kids! ....relax!