bachs flower remedies for kids

I am a big fan of Bachs flower remedies and I just found out that they have developed new kids formulations (I must admit the rescue remedy tastes kind of like a shot of brandy!). I have really relied on rescue remedy since my first son was born seven years ago, I found that they have helped me through a multitude of things including a flight from New York City to Italy with my son at 18 months... alone! Rescue remedy helped me through a few cases of mastisis and engourgement, and a few times just to get me off the ceiling! Rescue remedy really just takes me past the problem and I can get through my 'troubles' with a more clear mind, it's fascinating! (no chocolate, coffee or mint while you use the remedies)

The idea that Bachs created remedies for kids is something super! There are testimonials on their website, but I think that as soon as these things hit the stores there will be many, many more! The remedies include a kids rescue remedy, confidence remedy and daydream remedy. If you don't know about Bachs you may want to try them on yourself first to understand how they work, but they are very subtle and the idea behind how they work is something that I really believe in. They work a bit like a constitutional remedy in a sense that you do not need to take them ongoing but they can support certain areas of your life that trouble you from time to time. I think that the confidence remedy sounds amazing for kids who are shy and have trouble playing with a room full of kids.

If you do end up using one of the remedies we would really love to hear from you! So make a comment and you will really help other parents!

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