new swimsuit anyone?

It's that time - the search for a new swimsuit begins... I always start with Malia Mills. I love her suits, they are practical, lovely and wear forever. I also love that her website is populated with real women wearing real swimsuits! I'm all about that... You can also shop by size and get a different size top than bottom and more cup sizes than anyone!

and there is no better way to start than this new suit! and these lovely ladies - aren't they fantastic!

these are just some of my favorites but there is A LOT more....

check out their website here

(all made in USA too!)


Remodelista *blush* love you!

Sarah Lonsdale paid us a house call and came away with a very nice house tour. Thank you Remodelista! and thank you Robyn Ivy for the beautiful shots of our house!

link to full article here
visit robyn ivy photography here


Kelly McCartney at Erica Tanov NYC!

perfect weather, perfect timing...

Featuring the work of a Special guest from New Orleans
Kelly McCartney
creator of a little happy!

Thursday May 30th from 2-7pm
(plus 15% off storewide, haha!)

Erica Tanov
204 Elizabeth Street

what a fun event and not to be missed!!


NEW :: Clare Vivier bags are now online...

come and get it.....!! I figured I would give you blog readers a head start on things since it all goes so FAST! I grabbed my summer bag and SO happy with it! Now you can come and get YOURS!

SHOP clare vivier at Nonchalant Mom here

fathers day finds....

look no further than Pierrepont Hicks - they have got you covered. I love these guys and if I need to know what's going on in menswear, they are my ticket in the right direction. It helps, of course that they are from Minneapolis (my hometown) and then it doubly helps that they are SUPER COOL.

My favorite fathers day gift is a tie because, let's face it, no matter what kinda guy you have - one that wears a tie every day, or one that only has one tie in his collection - he is going to have the love and support of his family when he wears it... RIGHT!?

They didn't stop at the mere tie... they recently went on to make... um, the perfect jacket....(more for fall but still.. you should know about it!)

Then the perfect suit.... (searsucker no less!)

I suggest that you always keep an eye on them, they change (well menswear never really changes that much) just when you need them to and never more and never less.

And if you are lucky enough to live in San Francisco, don't miss Northern Grade visiting that city on June 1st... 11am to 7pm at 111 Minna Gallery SF, CA - it's an open market of mens collections - made in USA - and open to the public.

pierrepont hicks website here
northerngrade website here


It's the FINAL DAY of our Spring/Summer SALE!

It's the final day our our Spring/Summer SALE!

15% off Spring/Summer regular price collections*
use code: 'hello' at checkout

(*some new collections not included: Lucky Fish woman, wovenplay, Sombrilla, new erica tanov, thomas paul, and some brand NEW clare vivier)

sale ends at midnight 6/27/13



look alikes... maybe it's NOT such a bad idea?

I don't know about you but my mom did the look alike thing with my sister and I - A LOT.. she would sew us matching outfits and if we were say, going on a trip anywhere we had to match, out for a special dinner, matching, etc.. you get the picture. We had matching dresses, outfits and also matching swimsuits! (I'll have to find that photo).

From time to time I will make a go at our kids dressing the same, a bit of a challenge with the boy/girl thing but we will go for the check dress, check shirt kind of thing.. So, with this in mind I wanted to share a few things that we have at Nonchalantmom that can give you the look alike thing... just in case you want to make a go of it yourself! (as in MOM - kid)

here to follow our favorite ideas!
lilit chloe kurta
 This is my favorite top of the summer (I know, I know I keep harping on it!) I can tell you like it too.. they are almost sold out.. I have re-ordered and Lilit is going to make a bunch more for me so we will have those asap! So if it's gone.. it should be back soon enough... I love the kurta for kids because it's great for boys and girls! My son loves this shirt - it's his fancy shirt for events and weddings. - find Lilit here

Lucky Fish octopus T
The lucky fish octopus t perhaps??... OBVIOUSLY this is your favorite lucky fish T, there is also a long take dress for ladies!? but this way you can match your little boy too! always great and totally cool for everyone! - find Lucky Fish woman here - find Lucky Fish kids here
Lilit zig zag shirt
This Lilit shirt is a favorite so I got it for kids too and it's such a perfect shirt for both boys, girls AND mom! - find Lilit here

shop Littl by Lilit here at Nonchalantmom
shop Lucky Fish kids here at Nonchalantmom
shop Lucky Fish Woman here at nonchalantmom

Nonchalantmom profile on Tada! Shop

Thank you Tada! shop for the really nice profile!

see it here....

Love you guys!

got a lego freak in the family? try Pleygo!

I found this service and it looks fantastic... Pleygo - what a great idea! It's like Netflix for Legos! The whole thing is SO easy it's crazy, sign up for a plan that works for you, there are three so far and your kids can even get the Star Wars Starship on one of the plans!

So here is how it works, choose your plan - they take care of shipping - make your request, make up a wish list of sets your kids would like and then they will be sent to you just like a Netflix movie. What could be easier? My big question was are these things going to be filthy! and the answer is NO, upon return each kit is fully washed and cleaned with non-toxic cleaners (I'm picturing them running through a dishwasher of some kind) and come out 99.9% clean of all residuals, germs and bacteria.

click here to go to their website and learn more

a 'flat white' anybody? - this is for coffee people...

Or maybe it's NOT... because it includes milk, which I suppose for any true coffee freak, this just bastardizes real coffee flavor (well at least that's what I was told by a lot of Italians). My friend Jann (Lucky Fish) taught me this one and it's solved my WHOLE coffee problems and it's also solved my Dave's Coffee addiction (or local coffee shop in Westerly, RI) - which was costing me a bunch of moo-la.. in gas driving there (20 min. each way) and then the $4 coffee EVERY DAY.. adds up man!

But I had a hard time living without their fabulous Latte made with soy milk (NOT vanilla soy Starbucks!!) - which to me tastes almost like coffee with chocolate! hhhmmm... excuse me while I go make myself a cup. I make my own now because Jann taught me how to make a "flat white" which I think is South African but I never asked her, I'm just assuming this (and you know what THAT means.. I could be making an 'ass' of myself!). I'll bet you never read this long to find out what the heck something IS...

So, here we go... make your espresso in whatever thing you like to make it in... I've never found anything better than the cheap and lovely La Cafetiere. Steam your milk in whatever you like to steam milk in (I use soy, but Jann claims milk is better - maybe it's not a 'flat white' unless you use milk HA!) I like to use one of those enameled small pots, I think it's really a butter melter but whatever... fill half your cup with milk and then top up with coffee... and then TASTE the deliciousness!


now, go make one! (-just to be clear... this is NOT macrobiotic!)



We have a little sale going on for a short time...

Use code: 'hello' and receive 15% off regular price items*
(not included: lucky fish women, wovenplay, and sombrilla by hollie and harry
and not applicable to past orders)

S A L E  ::  S A L E  ::  S A L E

new online magazine: Lille Nord

This new online magazine has a refreshing take on the whole kid-magazine thing. It all seems more simple, easy and fun to make and do things with your kids! And then the whole nordic take, with the focus only on Scandinavian brands, gives us a chance to see some very different collections and designers that have not had press attention before. But I have to say, my favorite section was the kids treats, I have pretty good feeling I will be making ALL of these for my kids... (and I need to get those cute candy sprinkles too!)

you need to click through to the magazine for the full story (and better images!) - click here! These are rice crispy treats with white chocolate and sprinkles and then cake w/sprinkes (just wrapped cuter!!) and then my favorite... drum roll... chocolate dipped bananas with sprinkles!

The world of fashion in Lille Nord is even better.. just simple clothes, what kids wear for summer.. and super cute-ly (I know that's not a real word but it should be!) styled photos! They also go WAY beyond the designed kids room.. how about this: a kids YURT! now that's a GREAT idea! think summers kids sleeping out in the yurt! OKay so theirs is in a HOUSE, but I'm not sure what would fit in ours so I am just going to do it outside! right! super idea!

And lot's of DIY tips that will take you through the summer in a great way, if not through the summer it will get you started. I have found that all you need is to get your kids started... like give them these great home made stamps and they can take that idea a LONG LONG way... more stamps, stamp furniture... you can see where this is going... your kids can keep busy with this DIY idea for weeks!

and take that home made bead necklace to NEW heights, beads, little plastic animals and things.. it's so much fun when you take that easy idea to the next step!

See the whole issue here and look with your kids so they can see the fun that's coming their way!

Lille Nord magazine


need a nook (not THAT kind...)

When I was little I was the kind of kid that loved to make little cozy nooks everywhere in the house. I made them in my parents closet (you know... that very back corner!), in the basement under the stairs (we called that the 'scary room'), and even in our bathtub (we had one of those weird triangle-y square ones!). It didn't take much, lot's of blankets and pillows and we always had a few sheepskins around (wouldn't be a Scandinavian home without those!).

I know this isn't nesting, but I am sure that some of you could chalk it up to that... but it's more the 'want' for a place to cozy up and get away from things. I love the looks of these nooks and I just thought I would share them with you... in case you have a space in your home that you don't know what to do with, make a NOOK!

maybe not 'technically' a nook... but still... cozy!
needs some pillows
You get the idea... these are all from my pinterest... follow me and I will keep sharing my nooks!


late greats

I found these guys via FAB.com and thought they were FANTASTIC and had to pass them on to you. It all began when an artist named Chen made a handmade doll for her father-in-law. Now, the series of cuddly cultural heroes features the likes of George Washington, Gandhi, and Susan B. Anthony, and MY personal favorite Picasso and Chanel! — Chen sketches, sews, and stuffs all the dolls herself! These will make amazing gifts for that hard to find a gift for person (even fathers day!?) - she calls them Late Greats (probably the best name ever!)

These snuggly dolls of cultural icons are a blast to collect and give kids a bit of history at the same time! (but, let's be honest here.. you just may love these more than your kids!)

shop Late Greats here

kids favorites!

Favorites for kids are easy to spot, but we are sometimes tripped up by something cooky... This season we had some standout favorites that you seemed to LOVE! I think that Ikat was definitely most loved by all... and then we filled up on dresses by lilit, LOTS this year for boys by Nico Nico and the ever favorite Lucky Fish T! And since it's still early in the year, my kids can't stop wearing the new slim jeans by ESP no1.. my son even rock climbs in his! that's like a commercial for comfort!

tuss - dorthea dress

these nico nico ikat surf shorts are GREAT for boys! (and girls)

nico nico ikat surf dress
makie jasmine puff sleeve dress/tunic
lucky fish pink base ball t w/seahorses and sunprint dots! (everything but the kitchen sink! - neon, sun print, seahorses...!)
lucky fish neon w/crazy squirrel
To be perfectly honest, there are SO many favorites in the Lucky Fish t's.... obviously you love octopuses, snakes, trophies and anything with moons and stars! They are ALL our favorites and my kids LIVE in these all summer long, I can always count on them for my kids FAVORITES!

And while Wovenplay is always a favorite.. it JUST arrived... I know you LOVE the darger dress so I will say that for now but I forecast the LOLA suit in the mint green stripe... mmmmm LOVE!

wovenplay darger dress
wovenplay lola suit
we are living right now in ESP no1 jeans both boys and girls...

esp no 1 jeans and t's - softness is key!

shoppers favorites - WOMEN

It's about at this point in the season when we know what your favorites are... we are sometimes surprised, but we get really excited when we made the right decisions (which means that we have a bit extra of the items we know you will love!). Right now it's anything Pipsqueak Chapeau, Lucky Fish and Lilit...

pipsqueak chapeau sleeveless shirt
pipsqueak chapeau swallow dress
lucky fish Thorns drape top
lucky fish zig zag T
lilit zig zag top

lilit silver stripe kurta
In fact, while my sister was traveling in Turkey these last few weeks she used the pipsqueak chapeau collection for her travels and it was PERFECT! (with the addition of a Lem Lem scarf!) She has been sending me photos along the way (gotta love technology!) and it looks like an amazing trip... and she looks great, always!

at Hierapolis - gorgeous!
For me, that's the sign of great summer clothes, you always need clothes that travel for the summertime because you never know where you are going to end up! California, the Hamptons... or Turkey!

She also traveled with this bag: (by Clare Vivier) MY favorite!

clare vivier cartablle

Happy summer travels!