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No matter how you slice it I love Gwyneth Paltrow's GOOP, it's always enlightening (well except maybe the ones about how tough it is to get ready for the Oscars... etc..) the food aspect and recipes are great and I AM a fan of The Tracey Anderson Method. Today's post was about a new film called: 'Birth Story' which is the story of Ina May Gaskin & The Farm midwives, which looks fantastic. I think if you are pregnant or want to have a baby, this is a wonderful movie that is delightful and full of joy. (click here to see the full story on GOOP including a link to a clip of the film)

Everyone's birthing journey is different and really the biggest event in your life. It's important that you take the precautions to get the knowledge for that day to go as closely as you want it to go as possible. It's best to know the in's and out's, what can go right and what can go wrong. Who you want to listen to and who you don't and the most important part... who you want in that room with you while you are giving birth!

I have known people who were so scared they didn't want to know what was going to go on in there, but it should be the opposite, you WANT to know what could happen so that you know your answer to the question, in case it arises. And even if you are hell-bent on a C-section, it's okay to know the other side and take a look and see if you maybe CAN do it and give it a try before you choose a C-section.

There is a great Q&A with the director, Mary Wigmore Reynolds, and one of my favorite questions is:

Q: What was it about her message and work that resonated with you and made you want to make the documentary? 
A: Her first lesson is that our bodies are built to have children--I love the fact that her most radical lesson is so simple. She reminds us that it’s a natural physiological process and women have been doing it for quite some time! We don’t have to be afraid, especially when we have knowledgeable, compassionate people supporting us.
We wanted to make a film that celebrates birth and we wanted to show the midwife model of care, so people can actually see more or less first hand and be inspired by the work these great women do. Even in the most complicated births (and there are a couple in our film), they are calm, smart and supportive – truly heroic. The hope is that Birth Story can be useful to anyone caring for pregnant women - doctors, childbirth educators, doulas and families--perhaps it could inspire more collaboration with midwives among all of these important groups. Most of all I hope it is helpful to people like me – who might be anxious about giving birth and are eager to see positive stories about women’s bodies.

I am looking forward to the film even IF my kids are older.. I'm sure it will be a film for everyone!

click here for a link to the full story on GOOP