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EWG's Dirty Dozen: Cancer Prevention Edition | EWG

EWG's Dirty Dozen: Cancer Prevention Edition | EWG

I thought that I knew all the things I need to avoid but some of these are points were surprising to me... it's always nice to stay on top of these things and the Environmental Working Group is always my destination for the facts - be it in my personal care products and sunscreens, to checking which foods are pesticide laden (and which ones are maybe okay to buy non organic).

Here is their current guide to Cancer Prevention


Cold Brew Coffee

Have you jumped on the cold brew craze yet? well get your butt on there! It's SO good, so much more delicious than regular coffee (and I like regular coffee!) - there is absolutely no acid taste at all! and I just love it. Everyone has their own recipe but here is mine.

you will need:
coffee - coarse grind
filtered water
large glass jar
strainer and coffee filter (but I have used paper towels too!)

My recipe is 1 cup of coarse ground coffee, and five cups of good filtered water. Put these in your big Ball jar. Stir up a bit and put on the lid. Leave it in a cool place (maybe the fridge? just add some brew time I think?) and let brew for at least 20 hours - the more you let it brew the stronger. I like to stir it up a few times as it's brewing too.

I strain mine into a large bowl with a spout. Strain with a strainer and a coffee filter so that you keep out the coudy stoff and it comes out nice and clear. Then I wash out my big jar and pour my cold brew back into my big jar. I use this straight as my coffee, some people make it like a concentrate but this works fine for me. I put this in the fridge and it usually keeps me coffee ready for a couple of days and then I make some again!

I like mine with almond milk and ice! THE BEST!


recipe :: ginger cabbage

I don't know about you but at my CSA they are never at a loss for cabbage, and I grab it just about every time. Because I know I have this recipe in my back pocket if I need to make something super fast and super easy. I love to pair this with a nice, and I'm talking really nice - a grass fed, local..  steak on the grill. When we make it it's all we have just the cabbage and the steak - YUM!

-one head of cabbage - you can use Napa, Savoy or plain old regular cabbage (I like Napa best)
-chop up into small squares or if you are using Napa or Savoy shreds are nice just make them nice and thin
-1 1/2" piece of ginger (or slightly more if you like it spicy) grated (I like to use a japanese ginger grater and then I squeeze out all the juice into the cabbage)
- salt and pepper

saute cabbage in olive oil - it will reduce a lot so don't get worried when you see I giant pan of cabbage! add salt and pepper to taste (I like a lot of pepper!). When it cooks down add in the ginger and saute for a bit so it cooks into the cabbage and you are done!

yes, it's fast and YES it's delicious!

If you want to make it with more calories and make it creamy you can add a spoonful of creme fraiche. You can make it fancy by putting a layer of cabbage on the bottom of the plate and then add your steak on top or slice the steak and put on top... SO delicious!