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Pinterest and more...

I will admit, I am a frequent pinner... If you visit my pinterest board (nonchalantmom) you will go crazy. I have lots of favorites and I use Pinterest for so many things.. on a rainy day I go to my CRAFT board and have the kids pick out their favorite craft project and we make it! When I want to make a special dinner and I'm not getting enough ideas from Bon Apetite magazine or Martha Stewart (love them both for great recipes!) I check out my FOOD board on pinterest and find something new that I can make and I am sure it will always have a nice photo (I almost hate making a recipe if I can't see a photo of how it's supposed to look!). When I get bored with our house I go to my various boards "For the Home" or "Dream House" or "Things I Like - home"... I have lot's of home boards because I have used them for my home-design projects (if you want me to overhaul your home just drop me an email! - but watch out.. I might have you making some BIG changes). But you can see where I am going... I even have a board for "My Style" with things I would like... if I could do/have them all...

The night I found this illustration we passed it around to the family and we all thought it was wonderful! I am endlessly fascinated but other cultures, and mostly the fact that other cultures are so different than ours. Chalk it up to my extended family in Sweden but I KNOW that the United States is not the center of the universe... too many Americans feel this way and if everyone got out to travel more often I think there would be more compassion for others. whew... got that off my chest... didn't mean for this to get heavy on you there... Enjoy and share with all you know, these are delightful!

I found the original site that posted this great Illustration and it's a site called Maptia, click here to see the post on their blog. I haven't used the Maptia tool but it does look interesting if you are a traveler. This was posted on their blog - but don't miss a visit to their site and check it out to see if it's something you can use... and then tell me if you do!


fathers day is on it's way!

We have to think ahead a bit for Fathers Day, each year my husband is in Switzerland with his gallery during Fathers Day for Art Basel (follow him on Instagram as he makes his way though the Art shows: @aureuscontemporary ) We like to shove a few things into his suitcase for a tiny surprise while he is away. So here are some of our favorite things right now for Fathers Day.

fathers day gift ideas from top left: APC handbag, Dram Apothecary bitters make all your drinks and cocktail making that much better!, Junya Wantanabe handbagHOPE sunglasses, U-NI-TY pocket square, Robert Geller bar bracelet, a nice handmade whiskey go to your local liquor store and get some tips, My FAVORITE mens products are by Ursa Major - this kit gives your Dad a chance to try it all (and don't miss trying them for yourself!)

The Soma Water Filter - I know this may not sound like a Fathers Day gift, but trust me it's a nice gift for the whole family and sometimes that's the best gift for Dads too! I found ours at Heath Ceramics but you can probably find them online from other folks.

I think the new Bon App├ętit magazine is just great and I feel like it has sort of a Men's-attitude, could be the editor Adam Rapoport. This travel issue was one of my favorites! (I'll listen to anyone talk about food and travel!!)

Have a Happy Fathers Day and most of all spend it together (because we're not... :(


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We have taken our first markdowns of the season... don't miss them... and also Wovenplay swim is 20% off (for a short time) and don't miss the last week of our Kallio SALE!

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Back IN STOCK! - recycled Thai textile bags

We are now stocked up on these great recycled Thai bags, last summer we quickly sold out but we have more in-stock now! plus we added these great large beach bags! I love them both for toting general goods. I don't know about you but we tote here and there and then back again so a big bag is essential!

have fun with the handmade goods Thai recycled bags!

visit our Pop-UP with Kallio

When I met Karina Kallio I knew we would work together, besides the fact that we have the same name (!!) I loved that she was doing. For her namesake collection she takes vintage shirts and makes one-of-a-kind kids clothing. I thought it would be fun if we do a Pop-Up together! 10-12 vintage shirts that have been lovingly re-created into dresses! Each piece made in one size (as listed) and your little girl can have her very own re-creation dress!

In each style you can see the work that Karina has put into each piece, finding a way to use the shirting details to their strengths. Shirt-tail hems, button plackets that button up the back for easy venting and a whimsical detail.

One of our favorites is this shirt dress! possibly the closest to the original but she still manages to slip in her fun details like - shirt-tail hem, roomy pockets the collar is left as is and makes a cute over-sized shirt collar for girls!

Karina makes good use of chambray shirts in these denim dresses that are soft and easy for kids! shirt-tail hems, buttons up the back and shirt cuffs.

The beach dress is easy and perfect for summer, with adjustable ties , button up the front and a shirt pocket at front. Karina has taken care in choosing trims with a sense of humor and juxtaposing stripes and solids... This may inspire you to make your own re-purposed dress! I hope so.... get your sewing machine out!

Visit our Pop-Up Kallio shop HERE and remember, it's just here for 2-WEEKS and then it's gone (that's why we call it Pop-Up!) - The Kallio sale will be over June 13th!

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