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BAMcinématek presents THE HITCHCOCK 9

I wish I lived in NYC for these type of things.. not to be MISSED... the Hitchock. BAMcinématek is proud to be the New York City venue for this monumental touring series that presents all nine of Alfred Hitchcock’s surviving silent films, which reveal the seeds of Hitch’s genius already on full display. Lovingly restored by the British Film Institute in an undertaking of unprecedented magnitude—missing footage restored, decades of damage and dirt removed, and new scores commissioned for each—these key works in the development of the world’s most famous director can now be appreciated as visually inventive high-water marks of British silent cinema.

The Hitchcock 9 will be put to LIVE music by the Mont Alto Motion Picture Orchestra, acclaimed silent film pianists Stephen HOrne and Steve Sterner. If you have not had the chance before to see a film to live music you should see this one.. it's absolutely exhilarating!! FUN and beautiful!

June 29 - July 3, 2013

for more information go to the BAM website here


nonchalant mom interview by the folks at Herman Millers Lifework blog

I had a really fun interview with Iris at Herman Miller about my home office, working from home and what inspires me (everything!) - I go a bit on and on... sorry... but what a fun bunch of questions to be asked and I couldn't wait to answer them! - thanks so much Iris!

click here to read their Lifework blog and see more conversations about what inspires people

click here to read my interview


some of our favorites!

We went into the shop and grabbed some of our favorite items and pulled off a photoshoot - AND had some fun at the same time...

I like to mix and match Makié for a HI-low vibe... and don't save your Makié for special occasions, your kids will outgrow their clothes... so let them wear them!! you can always wash it out, mend it or whatever... but just get your use out of it!

Littl by lilit, nico nico, Lucky Fish and Boy+Girl... all mixed up are GREAT! totally different collections yet the more you mix the better they UNmatch!

 Lucky Fish T's are just the greatest invention... I love them with fancy things but they always spend their day with everyday shorts and just about anything! It's the SUMMER UNIFORM!

I knew this fatigue shirt jacket was the piece for US, it starts with Sander (he's older) and then goes on to be handed down... great for boys and girls.. but really GREAT! and littl by lilit.. always gREAT!

click here for Makie
click here for Lucky Fish
click here for Boy + Girl
click here for Littl by Lilit
click here for nico nico


summer flowers! - repost for Midsommar!

I am re-posting this blog today for MIDSOMMAR! This is a great idea for today you can make flower wreathes for your house or your kids! It's a super fun thing to do together with your kids and what a perfect day for it! Swedish Midsommar!

Beautiful weather finally made it our way yesterday... so right then and there, I planted my garden, flowers and vegetables, and since we were going to go to a Memorial Day cookout I decided we would make these crowns! (forgive me but I totally forgot to photograph the crowns on the kids!!). For the kids we wound them with a bit more branches so that they were more durable and put lots of flowers in them! They loved to wear them and it was really fun for them to collect the flowers.

I think that this is a great way to decorate your house for a summer party. These don't last very long (unless you have some type of solution that we have not come up with!) but if you make them just before people come over they will surely last for an evening (or at least when everyone comes IN your house!). This is a typical Swedish decoration that Swede's love to do for Midsummer (coming up here in June!). But since we had such nice flowers for the crowns and wreathes, I decided it was a good time to make them now (and besides, while I was doing yard work I noticed that the birch tree needed trimming!).

So here is the HOW: Start with a few birch branches, they are nice and soft and pliable. I think that anyone can figure it out if you try, just wind them into a circle and wind them around each other! keep winding new branches (it works best if you keep it going in the same direction). I used some dogwood branches we had for flowers and some broom bush (what is the 'real' name for those?), but you can use daisy's, buttercups or any flowers you may have growing wild around.

Most of all have fun and wear them to parties, put them all over your house... whatever! and come Midsummer you can make a Maypole and hang them it! (by then you should be good at it!).


May Pole! (in Rattvik, Sweden)

My facebook is LIT UP with all of the Midsommar fun in SWEDEN! Hope this gives you a an inspiration to go outside and pick the flowers and listen to music! (and stay up all night because the sun never really sets!)

the view of Lake Siljan!

field of WILD FLOWERS!
putting up the May Pole!
 keep the photos coming!!

recipe: chicken in the oven

There is nothing I like better than being able to stick a chicken in the oven, everything in one roasting pan and be DONE with dinner! (well maybe a bit of brown rice to go with that...) I think that I shared with you my FAVORITE new cookbook Jerulsalem by Yotam Ottolenghi and Sami Tamimi, it's changed my entire palate and the cooking in our house will never be the same! This book was a gift (so I'm suggesting you might want to get a couple of copies so that YOU can give it as a gift because you will want to!) from Jann (Lucky Fish!) and I use it so much, even to adapt things I already have been making. There is a different flavor and it is GOOD!

Back to chicken... I just wanted to share the dish we made (follow along with me on page 179) the Roasted Chicken with Clementines & Arak (I made it with oranges and pernod instead). It was SO delicious that I made it again for my mom on her visit (and I got her the cookbook!)

mor mor made rubarb crumble (on left), then then the Roasted Chicken + rice there on the right (with wild rice!)

I feel kind of weird copying this onto my blog but I checked and apparently recipes are exempt from being copyrighted (!) -- since they are meant to be shared!.. true but I still feel weird... here goes:

6 1/2 tbsp pernod (he suggests arak but I couldn't find it out here in the boon docks!)
4 tbsp olive oil
3 tbsp orange juice (fresh squeezed!)
3 tbsp lemon juice (fresh squeezed!)
2 tbsp grain mustard
1 large organic chicken divided into 8 pieces (I actually went online and learned how to do this!!)
or chicken thighs work too!
4 clementines (I used oranges)
1 tbsp thyme leaves
2 1/2 tsp fennel seeds, lightly crushed
salt + pepper and parsley garnish

mix the first 6 ingredients in a large bowl, whisk and add salt and pepper.

trim and cut fennel into 8ths wedges and add these + chicken to the marinade and marinate overnight or at least a few hours.

preheat oven to 475 (I used 450 and it was okay too) - put all into a beautiful pan and bake for 35 - 45 minutes - for me there was just enough juices as is - or you can cook to reduce.

YUM - now go get the book! Jerusalem by Yotan Ottolenghi and Sami Tamimi

momfilter recipe for lemon chicken!

I also thought this was a really nice recipe of oven chicken on the blog Momfilter - click here for recipe.

good luck and happy chicken cooking!
OH and did I mention kids LOVED this.... !!


Venice anyone!? - Pirouette Blog does Venice...

one of the fantastic gondolier you will meet!

When I lived in Italy, Venice was one of those places I loved to visit... when I needed to get away, I took the train to Venice and just wandered around, sometimes my friend Roberto would join me and show me where to eat.. he was a local and he knew where to eat! Venice is like that, if you go off the beaten track you find some wonderful places, all it takes is a wandering spirit.

Doesn't that just SOUND like a good place for kids! At first thought, Venice might not come to mind when thinking about a summer family trip but Florence (not Florence, Italy, Florence the person!) of the fantastic blog Pirouette has some GREAT traveling tips for Venice with kids. She said this year in particular is good because of the Venice Art Biennale this year has kid of educational twist that kids might like, she says it's a up there with New York City or Barcelona for leaving a BIG impression (because sometimes a beach is a beach is a beach for kids...) "The only danger might be the crowds, and the water, but as a well informed Venetian friend remarked, there is no history of children falling in the canals!" suggested Florence.

British Pavilion, Venice Biennale 2013 - Pirouette Blog

Her blog is complete with where to stay and where to eat... two important needs when traveling with family! The Biennale has spaces that are curated by countries - which makes for a bit of a 'round the world' which can be fun for kids!

Ai Weiwei, German Pavilion - Pirouette blog

Thank you Florence for your fantastic blog.. it's a regular stop for me each week!

Pirouette blog - by Florence Rolando

Venice with Children blog - Pirouette

grande canal - pirouette blog


kalon studios

Kalon studios is a young design studio focused on contemporary form and innovative design. These guys not only create beautiful furniture and pieces of art really... but they make you LOVE them even more because they are focused on a philosophy of local manufacturing. Each piece is handcrafted to order from non-toxic and responsibly harvested materials by traditional furniture makers in New England (Rhode Island to be exact!! yay!)

If I had a baby in my belly these are the guys I would turn to for the greatest, most GORGEOUS crib ever! And they are not stopping there... just for the summer they are offering this limited edition PINK colorway that is just the Bee's Knees! Honestly forget all that stuff people tell you you need, this is ALL you really need, for a happy dappy baby! There is a dresser to go with it, just put a changing table on top and you are SET:

not that the crib turns into a toddler bed later... (!!)

If pink is not your bag maybe this cute YELLOW IS! Yellow is really the best pop of color for a home (well that or green) believe me we have tried them ALL, but somehow you never get tired of yellow! here you go, just to get the idea:

and here is how the toddler bed looks:

We are done with this stage but you can STILL enjoy the wonderful things at Kalon... we LOVE these STUMPS:
you can have these mini (for kids) or large for great end tables!

visit Kalon Studio here for more information!

another remodelista favorite! the summer house of simon doonan + jonathan adler

This is a home I KNEW I wanted to see.... the landscape architecture is amazing and when you look at the before and after you KNOW this took some serious vision! It was done by Vickie Cardaro (her company is called: Buttercup Design Group) I love how it all looks so wild, natural and unkept.. (well I assume as it grows it will get a bit more wild!)

I am in love with these circular cement walkway stones. It would all look too haphazard without them and it somehow pulls it all together. How simple is THAT!

Love that you can't even see the house from the front entrance!

Fantastic pool! and incredibly simple planters (why do I keep planting Geraniums!?)

click here to see the WHOLE story on Remodelista (story by Sarah Medford) with before and afters and names of all the plants so that YOU too can create this wild and sophisticated landscaping at your home!

Remodelista - click here


camping - buzzfeed has you covered - 41 GREAT camping ideas

This is one of those lists you just can't live without! It was put together by the blog: Buzzfeed and it's hilarious + very essential for camping! These are some of my favorites but visit the blog and get the full RUNDOWN on 41 camping hacks you can't live without!

crescent rolls toasted over the fire
it's typical that these easy foods you would never eat at home become so genius on camping trips, this is one of them.. you know those crescent rolls in a can... wind it around sticks and toast on the morning fire!

they suggest to invest in a double sleeping bag! I'm down with that...!

I'm thinking about doing this at HOME! bring your spices along in tic tac containers!

cut your soap up into single use slices

I have to say that this one is MY favorite! um DUH! what a great idea!

So get your camping going with these 41 GREAT ideas! click here to see all 41!


rash guard - instead of sunscreen

Somehow I am just now getting on this bandwagon, each year I have the drama of what sunscreen to use - only since Dr. Hauschka stopped selling their fantastic sunscreen in the USA - I have just not found the product that works for the whole family. My son needs sunscreen that won't sweat off during sports, my daughter gets a rash from most brands and then I only use something that is high up on the list of the Environmental Working Group (check your brand on the list here). Three criteria that are differ vastly from each other but are all essential. My favorite so far is Vivesana which is unfortunately not listed but I am pretty convinced it's great or plain old zinc - both of which are not so handy and both are thick and not my kids favorite thing to do.

jcrew's selection for girls

Our new solution is the Rash Guard! It started when Sander needed one for surfing, then when I took up surfing I needed one too... it's SO much easier than sunblock - especially for the kids. Most of these shirts have a SPF factor of 50+ so that's pretty darn good, all you need to apply is the rest of the body and that's SO much easier, add a hat and you don't have much left to lather up on.

In the past, I must admit, these shirts were pretty horrible and just out of sheer fashion sense I couldn't stand them... but now, it's the 'thing' - so there are so many very cool rash guards out there.
Here are a few of our favorites:

crewcuts girls stripe

jcrew - mens rash guard (fathers day!)

jcrew - womens rash guard

This brand Pret-a-surf has some beautiful ones for women, but I'm not so sure of that zipper for surfing!?

pret-a-surf - just this image will get you SOLD on them right!?

We even found some simple and plain ones at Old Navy... but any way you slice it these are SO much easier than sticky lotions and creams (which since we can't even decide if they are good or bad for you why not just NOT use them! - or at least use them LESS). I would suggest the long sleeve, since the forearms on kids are always in the sun!

see how fun they look (yes, I am a sucker for a good photo!)

read the NYT article here

click here for the EWG sunscreen guide


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nico nico
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fathers day gift - shrinky dinks!

We are big fans of shrinky dinks in this house and we always have some on hand for a rainy day or a project for a birthday or celebration. For mothers day I got this nice 'piece' with many hearts.. I love it! there is something about the clink of a shrinky dink necklace - The process is simple, and you probably remember doing them as a kid. Then I found this blog on making things for fathers day with shrinky dinks and I thought it was GREAT!

we make these simple necklaces with names and hearts on pictures...

sanders compilation of shrinky dink charms

 This idea by the blog: Oh Happy Day takes it to a whole other level! she gives quick instructions and it's all very easy and simple and makes one of the best fathers day gifts EVER! (it's my husbands lucky charm, he is wearing his now at Art Basel so I can't photograph..)

here is the process that she makes very clear - visit her step by step instructions on her blog - Oh Happy Day

more ideas.. keep 'em coming....!!

mor mor's visit

Living far away from your family is unusual I think, many people I know moved close to their family when they had children. We didn't have that foresight, in fact it didn't even cross my mind. I left home when I was 18 and lived all over the place, so going home to Minnesota wasn't a thought when we were living in New York City and had our son. The only thing on our mind was to be close enough to Manhattan that we could visit easily for work and inspiration. Now, ten years later I really miss being near my family. When we DO see each other we get so excited and it becomes such an event. The kids and I gear up weeks in advance, we make a big sign/banner to hold up at the airport and we figure out what we are going to do together, and for a visit by my mom (mor mor) we talk about what she is going to cook for us, what cookies she will bake and the cakes that I miss from my childhood.

Mor Mor is 84, she is still working, although only two days a week, which keeps her busy. She has tried to quit a few times, but each time she gets so bored and ends up going back to work! She is the busiest lady I know, whenever I talk to her on the phone she is going to a party, going 'up North' with her lady friends or cooking and baking at the Swedish Institute. She takes a long walk EVERY day, something she has done for the last 20 years and it has kept her in tip-top shape, and you won't find her sitting down often, she is always doing SOMETHING.

If I told you how our days have gone since she got here you wouldn't believe it! She runs me ragged, and every night I just can't WAIT to get into bed. Her biggest concern when she is here is not to play games or hang out with the kids, she loves them, but that's not her thing - she is up at 6am and wakes me up and asks me what we should do for breakfast (!?) - yes, 6:00 am! - she makes the kids lunches, with perfectly cut sandwiches, crust cut off and all, perfectly trimmed carrots - I throw together their lunches in 3 minutes, hers take at least a half hour, but they are perfectly elegant and perfectly perfect. Once we get the kids off to school I can just see her rubbing her hands together with all the things we are going to clean and do for the day (forget that I have to WORK!) - I tell you it's like we are kids again, except I have to tell her what to do... then we have coffee together and snacks and lunch, it's really a delight.

It's one thing when you are away from family, you really never get put in your place. However much I thought I had the parenting, marriage, work thing together your mom can put you in your place. It's a wide range of how totally WRONG I can do something - she comes up behind me and shows me how a really CLEAN pan should look, did I know that I can polish my copper kettle?, and the best way to fold a towel so it will fit perfectly in my closet - to the things that I can do really RIGHT - which is basically anything I can do on my magical computer (she stands behind me and exclaims in amazement at just about anything we look at - facebook "oh you can type so fast" - ordering a book for her on Amazon "oh, I can't believe you can do that so fast!"), how fast I can put together just about anything from Ikea and her complete wonderment that I play games with my kids "oh, it's so nice that you do that I never did that..."

I think that Swede's have a slight obsession with doing everything in the really RIGHT way, the most efficient way and the most handy way. It runs neck and neck with the obsession with the Swedish flag. I'm not making fun of it, NO not by any means, I mean what a great obsession to have if you are going to have an obsession! My mom places so much emphasis on doing something the right way that it's becomes borderline stressful, especially for my husband (there is very little that he can do right) although she loves him (but wishes he had a 'real' job, you know an Artist is not a 'real' job). But it's not stressful, because it comes naturally to a Swede! Or is this just MY family! (WHAT!?)

On this particular visit we were waiting for the "rull tårta" - it was the cake I grew up with and loved! and suddenly missed, so upon arrival she whipped up one (well Mor Mor never really 'whips' something up, it took ALL morning, but the result... delicious! - and perfect). We also needed to make a trip to Ikea, we ALWAYS make a trip to Ikea. We purchased a few things to put together, napkins, dish brushes, candles - usually the same things each time. We planted plants outside, mostly flowers, cleaned up and swept outside.

I think what I wanted to say is that it is SO nice to have your family around, just the ease together, but also the respect for each other. I tell you I was not about let her down, when she is here I have to show her how well we keep it together, if not she will worry about me, and you don't want an 84 year old to do that...

recipe: rull tårta
(it's really called "dröm tårta" or deam roll - but I like "rull tårta" or roll cake)

3 eggs
1/3 cup potato starch or corn starch
2 tbls cocoa
1 tsp baking powder

7 tbls stick butter
3/4 cup posdered sugar
1 tsp vanilla
1 egg yolk

line baking sheet (12"x16") with parchment paper. beat eggs and sugar until very thick. combine dry ingredients and fold into egg mixture. spread the batter evenly over the prepared pan. bake at the center of oven for around 5 minutes.
turn the cake out onto parchment paper sprinkled with sugar. remove the paper from the cake and let cool completely.
for the filling beat the butter and sugar until light and fluffy. add the vanilla and beat in the egg yolk. spread the filling over cake, roll up and place seam side down, on a platter and refrigerate for at least one hour before slicing.
(recipe from Swedish Cakes and Cookies -by Melody Favish - click here to buy)