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travel guide: montauk, NY

montauk lighthouse

welcome to ruschmeyer's!

We took a little mini-vacation to Montauk, NY and, since it was MY idea, I loved it!! But really, the whole family had such a good time! There is nothing that could have been better. It's been years since we have gone out to Long Island, since we looked at houses in 2000 on the North Fork. It's a little silly for us, who live in Rhode Island with some of the most beautiful beaches to go to Montauk with more of the most beautiful beaches for a holiday...  but why not, the more beaches in the summer the better I always say!

lunch in sag harbor
the refreshing ferryboat!
From Rhode Island it is a beautiful one and a half hour Ferryboat ride (actually 3 of them if you count the two on Shelter Island), I thought it was wonderful to go on a summer vacation and only drive about 30 miles! But it sure felt like we were worlds away... because of the amazing accommodations at Ruschmeyer's. The ferryboat goes from New London to Orient Point. Orient Point in itself is a sweet little town that could have made a great destination, but we high-tailed it straight to Montauk. The beach at Orient Point was gorgeous, the town a great place to spend the day and the carousel just tops the cake! From there it's a short (12 minute) ferry boat ride to Shelter Island and then another (9 minutes) off Shelter Island which dumps you into Sag Harbor, we grabbed a bite at ltburger and then kept on the road until we got to Montauk.

We arrived at Ruschmeyer's and it was PERFECT, I can't think of a time I have spent at a place where I felt more relaxed, at home, yet wonderfully on VACATION! This place is the perfect mix of touches of home together with the most delicious food I could have imagined, everything fresh and local, specials each night and a drink that just made the end of the day the best time.. it was called a Hither Hills (an nearby State Park) - recipe:

lime juice
sage infusion

our favorite room - lucky thirteen!
loyd our breakfast smile

This is the kind of place where you sit at picnic tables outside all night while your kids run around and play; in the tee pee, on the swings, riding their bikes (we were smart enough to bring ours), play ping pong, whatever... while you can relax and chat with the friends you just met at your table. We met a delightful couple and our kids just ran off to played together every day! Each morning, was lazy with time to do whatever you like, yoga, bike ride, walk on the beach or just lie down and read a book on the beach rugs laid out all over the large lawn. The breakfast is perfection and Loyd will make you the perfect fresh avocado smash or fresh granola or... like us... we couldn't get enough of the delicious croissants! (it is lazily served until 11am)

franny's new favorite - pesto! (the kids meals were amazing... I would order each and every one of them for myself!)

our perfect room! I want to move in....

The rooms are perfectly comfortable... and I know what my next house is going to look like... I LOVED these rooms! Very small but just the necessities, it's all you really need, it's almost like a tent and then you spend most of your time outside anyhow (but an incredibly, incredibly, comfortable tent!). There is also in inside restaurant, a casual and comfortable place, like being at a friends (with a few more tables) a friend who is a really, really, really good cook!

restaurant at Ruschmeyer's

nightclub - weekends pack this place, with kids it's a MUST to go during the week (NOT friday and saturday night's - leave that to the young and swinging)

We don't like to pack too much into our vacations, just a lot of relaxing, so Ruschmeyer's is THE PLACE, we hung out until noon and then found our way to the beach, the waves were pretty good for kids at Ditch Plains (there were also kids surfing classes there if you want) or for calmer waters head on over to Navy Beach... perfectly still and great rocks! By the time we got back from the beach it was cocktail hour and then dinner... look, I KNOW there are wonderful places to eat on the Island but we were perfectly happy with Ruschmeyer's and never left. We managed to eat lunch elsewhere... our chance to explore just a bit and to visit our friends at Turpan (see blog coming soon, they have so many great things they need their own blog!), East Hampton is funny... you can go from Beach to Tiffany's!

Just remember, if you are going with your family go during the week, it's not crowded at all, we went from Sunday - Wednesday on Sunday night they had a beautiful duet playing and on Thursday nights they have Bingo, I'm sorry we missed that... the staff is gracious and sweet and again, it's like staying with a friend.

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we've got your summer bag... in hand!

And these handbags will take you right on into the Fall season... that's the beauty! Because sometimes all it takes to keep your wardrobe looking exciting and sharp is a new and spunky bag. There are a few hotshots by Clare Vivier that we just got... my personal favorites! (not sure you can get through the next season without a clutch, that is... if you don't already have one!)

clare vivier orange clutch

clare vivier - la tropezienne in navy!

lem lem tote - with terrific handy pockets out front AND inside

lem lem tote in pink/brown/grey

atsuyo et akiko - je t'aime tote

atsuyo et akiko pigment dyed tote

oops how did this scarf make it into this story.. I love it!! that's why! lem lem dolo scarf (if you DON'T have a lem lem scarf yet... I promise... you won't regret it!)

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Crate and Barrel and Marimekko

marimekko 3.75" bowl at crate and barrel

I have always had a soft spot in my heart for Marimekko, I actually sold it in my store when I first started.. is was one thing I thought was essential (but I don't think too many others thought so.. whatever..) I will always love their sharp and clear patterns. Recently Crate and Barrel is showing some of my absolute favorite prints. The prints are from 2009 (but I really think they reflect some of the 70's archives), I love them and I think they are perfect for summer parties and they make perfect daily dishes that will give you a smile each day!

Envisioned as a series of narratives, Maija Louekari's 2009 Siirtolapuutarha ("allotment") tells a story of growth in a tableau of mix and match tableware. Depicted through graphic line drawings, Siirtolapuutarha blooms larger than life, transporting nature's beauty to the heart of an urban metropolis. The series captures the artist's fascination with the flower and vegetable beds allotted to city dwellers in Finland.

I am just trying to decide whether to get blue or black!?

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or this teapot!?


make your own summer hat!

I saw this hat in the July issue of Martha Stewart Living, then later I saw a friend at the beach and she had this great hat on.. it looked just like the one in Martha Stewart (except she didn't make it and she paid a fortune for it) - and I thought.. I'm going to make these guys!

the hat is reversible so this is 1/2 a hat

The patterns are easy to follow and it only took about an hour (well that's after printing up the pattern, taping it together, and cutting it out, from the Martha Stewart website). It worked best with the more durable canvas fabric, but somehow my son is totally okay with his floppy one! I must admit, this is the time to make things for your kids when they are at the age of about 2-10 years old, because you know it's not going to last long... My mom used to make my sister and I matching outfits all the time, mostly when we traveled to Sweden or special events, now she claims she doesn't even know how to sew anymore (THAT'S a real bummer!). At any rate, if you are going to sew things for your kids get to it now, my kids will wear anything I make for them, they get so excited about it.

adult hat made with Ikea fabric

I will say that the adult hat is easier than the kids, sewing all those small circles is not very fun, it's also a lot of clipping but in the end you will have the perfect summer hat!


click here to get all the directions and pattern from the Martha Stewart blog.


great summer desert :: JELLO!

layered jello mold - beautiful!

This amazing recipe comes from the blog, Manhattan Craft Room by Brett Bara. I just thought it was the most beautiful desert and I am always looking for something simple that looks AMAZING to serve for desert. It looks like it might take some time but not the kind of time that keeps you slaving over a hot stove, who can't pour jello into a mold!? Well, I haven't made yet so maybe I shouldn't speak so fast...

here are the directions:

How to Make a Layered Jello Mold

9 3-ounce boxes Jello (I used: 2 peach, 4 grape, 3 raspberry; I recommend buying extra just in case)
small container sour cream
boiling water
10-cup bundt pan or Jello mold
cooking spray, optional

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 Important note: Do not follow the back-of-box directions for mixing the Jello; the resulting Jello won't be firm enough for molding. You need a firmer Jello, which is accomplished by mixing each 3-ounce box with about 1 1/4 cups boiling water, and that's it. Skip the cold water step that the box calls for.

Layer 1: Mix 1 packet peach Jello with 1 1/4 cups boiling water. Pour about half of the mixture into the Jello mold and reserve the other half.

Layer 2: Allow the remaining peach Jello to cool in the fridge till it's no longer hot, but before it starts to harden. Whisk in about 2 tablespoons sour cream, stirring till smooth and consistent. Return it to the fridge and watch it closely; it usually firms up quickly after adding the cold sour cream - don't let it get too firm or it won't pour smoothly into an even layer.

Once the first layer is no longer liquid but before it's fully firm, pour in the sour cream layer. Immediately mix the next batch of Jello and get it in the fridge to cool so that it will be ready to pour when this layer is set. You usually have to wait about 20 minutes before adding the next layer.

Layer 3: Mix 1 packet grape Jello with 1 1/4 cups boiling water. Allow to cool, then pour half of the mixture over layer 2.

Layer 4: Mix 2 tablespoons sour cream into remaining grape jello. Pour it over layer 3 once cool.

Layer 5-6: Mix 2 packets raspberry jello with 2 1/2 cups boiling water; once cool pour half of mixture over previous layer. Once cool, mix 2 tablespoons sour cream with remaining raspberry Jello and pour over layer 5.

Layer 7: Mix one packet peach jello with 1 1/4 cups boiling water. Once cool, pour over layer 6.

Layer 8-9: Mix 3 packets grape Jello with 3 3/4 cups boiling water. Once cool, pour half of mixture over layer 7. Mix 3 tablespoons sour cream with remaining grape Jello and pour over previous layer once cool.

Finishing + unmolding: Allow to cool overnight. To unmold, run a knife around the top edge to loosen the Jello from the sides of the pan. Dip the entire mold in a pot of warm (but not hot) water for 15 seconds, which will slightly melt the outer layer of Jello and allow it to slide out of the pan.

Invert a platter or plate over the top of the mold, then in one swift movement flip both the plate and mold so the mold is on top. Lift the mold away, and behold the Jello beauty. (If it sticks, gently thump the mold and plate on the counter a few times. If it still sticks, dip it in the warm water again.)

I love this image! - you know you would be incredibly excited too!


I mix all of the Jello directly in a large Pyrex measuring cup which makes it easy to pour out half whenever necessary.

The trickiest part is timing things so that the next layer is ready to pour when the previous layer is perfectly set. I find that it takes about 20 minutes for each cycle, and if I mix the next batch of Jello just after pouring the previous layer, they're usually ready at about the same time. If you need to speed up the cooling process, just pop the Jello into the freezer for 5 minutes or so. To slow it down, take it out of the fridge and leave it at room temperature.

Try to avoid letting the previous later fully harden before pouring the next layer. The layers will adhere to each other better if the previous layer is just partially set. (It should be no longer liquid, but not totally firm.)

Likewise, try to avoid letting the Jello start to harden before pouring it into the mold; if it does start to set before you pour it, you'll get a bumpy layer rather than a smooth one.

good luck! - visit Manhattan Craft Room for more photos and details (and more good stuff!!)


don't miss the Design Within Reach yard sale! going on now!

blown glass bud vases - these make great hostess gifts!

I love a great YARD SALE and who's would be better than the folks at Design Within Reach! I picked out some yummy ideas in just to get you going but run on over for some wonderful things... on sale...

the most beautiful lamp I can imagine! - globo di luce pendant lamp (1968)

patch cowhide rug

david mellor glass bowls $18-$26

our favorite piece in our home... now it's on sale! the Lamino chair and ottoman

okay, this is not on sale but I love it anyway... wood and lucite.. gorgeous!

I have talked before about Wooly Pockets... now they are on sale! perfect for outside deck and you can winter them inside!
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farro for strength!

Recently, I had breakfast at Le Pain Quotidian with a friend and this was on the 'special' menu - farro warm cereal with toasted almonds and rasins (theirs was a little too sweet for me, but delicious none the less)... I had it and I couldn't stop thinking about it... it was SO delicious! So I have been trying to figure it out... and I think that I finally have... at first I tried to make it with almond milk, it wasn't so good, then I tried coconut milk, the kind that is in a carton - no, this didn't work either. THEN my husband bought coconut milk in the can and I thought... yes, this is what they are using. The first time I made it I put just a little bit of sugar in it because all of the other times it came out really bland, but you don't really need it with the coconut milk in a can. And don't even ask me about the calorie count, I'm not very good at that but it's so delicious you won't care either.

I think this 'coconut farro' is delicious as breakfast or desert. Farro is an intensely energizing grain, Italians say that the Romans used to eat it when they went off to fight because it had long term energy. Call me crazy but I feel a strengthening power when I eat farro in any form, so I try to use it whenever I can for family meals. And this is a great way to bring it into breakfast and the kids go wild for it! Now that it's summer I like to make this the night before so that I don't have the stove on for hours, but I think it would also be delicious served hot in the winter, farro is really a good grain for winter as it gives long term energy.

There are many ways that you can serve this like topping off with toasted almonds, coconut, blueberries, strawberries or just the way it is... the whole family will love this and you can be sure that you are giving them energy for the day!

recipe: Coconut Farro

1 cup rustic farro
1 can organic coconut milk - unsweetened
1 1/2 cups organic soy milk or rice milk or almond milk or whatever your milk choice! (I actually just fill up the cocnut milk can again and that's my measurement)
handful of rasins
(optional: a teaspoon of sugar for a sweeter treat)

put all ingredients into a large saucepan and put the flame on low, let it come to a boil and turn off and leave overnight, in the morning just bring to a boil again (check to see if you need more milk?) and turn off and let sit again. It's ready to eat any time now, if you want it hot you can eat it now or you can let it cool and for a desert serve cold and topped with fruit.

If you are cooking this all at once, I would cook on a super low flame (even using a flame tamer) for about 1 1/2 hours, but leave it sit and cool for about another hour so that it soaks up all the milk.

note: I would not use dairy milk if you are leaving it overnight, not sure that would work with dairy (I never use dairy so not sure...??)




Thursday, July 7th from 7-9pm

Come and visit our downtown and shop with the ladies.
This is a great time to come and see the town and if you have visitors you can show off a bit because you won't believe the crowd!

Fun for everyone!! I have even seen some men at Ladies Night (although sometimes they sit outside!) - so bring everyone!

Hope to see you!!

Nonchalant Mom will be open from 7-9pm with wine and snacks
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mini and maximus

It's not often that I talk about a kids collection that I DON'T sell on my website but I love these guys... they have great collection, super fun t-shirts and they are just really nice people with a good attitude, I respect that more than anything! I just got an email from them that they are having a summer sale so I think it's time to DIG IN on their fun t-shirts!

You can even submit your kids artwork for t-shirts... great idea! What a fun summer project! 

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