LACMA :: James Turrell exhibit and MORE!

LACMA - perfect sunday!
On Sundays at LACMA they have a 'kids day' or what they call Arts for Nexgen - kids are able to sign up for free museum membership for life and they can take one adult with them! (not for use on the special exhibits but for general admission) super cute AND they have great little projects for kids which relate to each of the exhibits, changing weekly. It's really a great place for kids, and it wasn't crowded at all.. this shot above is at noon on a Sunday!

we were not allowed to take photos so I found this online, in case you are not familiar with James Turrell.. you get the idea

We had the chance to see the James Turrell :: A Retrospective exhibit (now through April 6th, 2014) and so the kids and I grabbed it! FANTASTIC! I think that it's one of those very special opportunities in which the moment you are in it, it may not hit you - but you walk away from this thing and you will never forget it! I know my kids won't! The really loved it, going into these rooms of color and space, it's very trippy, and kids take their time here, it's just how it goes. By the end they were crazy about James Turrell - and just wanted to know more about him.

cars moving like crazy all over the place through the Metropolis!

It just so happens that there was also the Chris Burden :: Metropolis exhibit going on at the same time, fantastic! Cars, Trains and all else whizzing by at great speeds, going up ramps, then rambling down. The guards are surprisingly sweet about making sure you get your kids to the right exhibits - love that in a museum. This is just plain FUN.

More short-lived (this exhibit ends September 15th) but if you can make it GREAT is the Architecture exhibit - The Presence of the Past : Peter Zumthor Reconsiders LACMA - I don't know about you but both of my kids are crazy for Mind Craft and so this Architecture exhibit really hit home for them. They were so into all of the scale models and the fact that some of them are from the 1930's is really fascinating to them!

A little lunch in one of their FANTASTIC cafe's and that was all we had time for.. it was a very delightful day.

Visit LACMA for more information


Guest Blogger :: Florence - Meet Michelle Marshall

My friend Florence Rolando is going to guest blog a bit while I am on vacation. Florence is one of my favorite In-the-know people in the kids business, her favorites somehow become mine, so I was excited when she wanted to share some blogs with us. You can always catch a tip or two from her on style and fashion and the kids industry at her amazing blog: Pirouette.
Today she introduces us to  Michelle Marshall:

Meet Michelle Marshall, Fashion/Lifestyle Photographer , Kids Stylist and Founder of e-store Quirky Collective.
Michelle Marshall is French, born and bred in Lyon.

In 1992,  she moved to the Midlands to study photography at the University of Derby, where she met her husband Philip, a Retail Interior designer. She then moved to London and worked as a studio manager for two award winning design studios (retail interiors and product design). Michelle and Philip have two daughters, Sissi and  Lola (6 and 8 y old) The family lives in North London and spends most of their holidays in France, at the beach in summer or on the alpine slopes in the winter.

photo by Michelle Marshall
In 2010, Michelle launched, e-store Quirky Collective and blog I Am Quirky, a committee of taste featuring cutting edge children's clothing brands. Michelle has gained a great following and a loyal client base since but today she is back to her first love : photography. Styling and the 'mise en scene' that are inherent to her image-making process are areas that she's hoping to explore more too.  Latest shoots include Sun-San/Salt-Water UK 2013 Lookbook and fashion story for Chalk and Wild.  

photo by Michelle Marshall
A foodie, Michelle knows some great places to eat in London and she recommends, whether travelling there with young ones or not,  Shrimpy's at the King's Cross Filling Station (work off the Soft shell Crab Burger with a walk by the Canal and/or splash about the fountains in Granary Sq),  or freaky chicken (as nicknamed by one of the girls' friends) at Mark Hix's Tramshed in Shoreditch. Michelle would love to spend even more time now with her daughters and seeing them blossom day after day.  Something she captures wonderfully with her lens and that also gives her tons of inspiration and material to use when creating narratives for her clients.

photo by Michelle Marshall

Thank you again Florence for sharing your kids networking knowledge with Nonchalantmom!

NEW :: Nico Nico is HERE!!

The new Fall Nico Nico collection is here and I LOVE it... the colors.. the styles... SO cute!! and all of my favorites, including this Moto Jacket!

lined in tartan plaid and with zippers... SO cool!

We have your favorites leggings too... this time I THINK we got enough for everyone, but since they always go fast get yours NOW! We will have more photos online soon, but for now check out our favorites for the season!
My favorite for the season is blue... but we also have a red graffiti t (red is always so cute on kids!) and MORE - dot graffiti, line graffiti and more.. Sue Tsai always makes her printed t's with a tasteful tonal look - love THEM! Plus they are the most comfortable T's, my kids won't wear anything else!

More coming in for FALL at Nonchalantmom

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on the road: El Segundo, CA

YES, who can resist sunny Southern California! We are specifically spending some time in the tiny 'hamlet' of El Segundo, California, surfing and checking out the west coast for a spell...! Actually, my husband was offered an artist-in-residence and teaching stint at the privately owned ESMoA (www.esmoa.org) - a fantastic new addition to the area. My husband calls the collection here 'the Mini Getty' which he argues is not an exaggeration! So here we are since we always have to do everything together! At least it seemed a good opportunity to latch onto his good fortune to have to be here. I would LOVE to have told you that we were able to come out here for the entire 3 month duration of his residency, but as 'reality' would have it, we are only able to come out for the tail end of it and spend a couple of lazy Summer weeks here. Still, who's going to complain about that? So, while he paints in the studio, or teaches in the museum, the kids and I take advantage of the location to go off exploring. And, it only takes a day or two to realize that there is way to much to see in such a short time! So, using that limitation as an excuse, we've mostly hooked up with family here to catch up and go surfing! Our preferred location are some 'secret' spots near Huntington Beach - there seems to be a long history of my husband's family using that area, so we just tag along! So far, the locals haven't noticed that we are outsiders! 

the 'studio'

We love El Segundo! It's not difficult when the couple who own the museum have been nothing short of generous - and if you've ever needed an excuse to visit El Segundo then this would be the little museum to give you that nudge. It's an incredible and interesting collection of works on display, and the upcoming exhibitions (including the one my husband is part of right now) are just eccentric enough to make them worth seeing!  El Segundo is an odd arrangement in an otherwise bustling LA. It's managed to maintain an almost small town feel. The neighbors attribute that to a bit of good and 'bad' fortune. The good fortune is that nearby places like Manhattan Beach and Venice take all the attention (and visitors). The 'bad' fortune (if you can say that) is that El Segundo is sandwiched in between the LAX Airport and the historically huge Chevron plant (who knows what takes place in there!). It sounds like a bit of a nightmare scenario, but actually it makes sense when you get here. It has managed, over the years, to shape El Segundo into this 'small town' atmosphere - just one visit to the Main Street will prove that. We've already managed to find some great little places for food and drink - including a little place off the main street that devotes its entire ambiance to the 'Tiki Lounge' of the 1950's. As well, we've also discovered an antique lovers shop (truthfully a treasure junk shop) tucked into a quiet tree lined street - a place that looks just like the cluttered antique shops of a small town in England, which is the point I think, considering the owner is from England originally. The other great thing about El Segundo is its proximity to other more popular places perhaps, without being as crowded or trendy. It provides a perfect place to make your home base. I'm still infatuated with the nearby Abbot Kinney in Venice, so being in El Segundo, I'm only minutes from there and take FULL advantage of it! When we leave our quiet little bubble in El Segundo, we are easily in reach of many of the places we want to visit around here. We can get down to the beaches all along the coast from Huntington to Santa Monica (the kids LOVE the pier) and each one manages to have it's own little flavor. We can also reach inland to downtown LA (which is worth the exploration for many reasons, old and new) and Hollywood. To help with our daily journeys the locals (including family) have kindly given us several expert tips in avoiding the famous traffic congestion so that we feel like old pros. But, it's hard not to feel like you are in the Southern California of the 1960's when you are in El Segundo, which is just the ticket when you want to really relax. Who would have thought that there would be some great benefits (travel excuses) to having a husband who is a starving artist!


karin stephan :: yoga on the cape

My favorite yoga teacher, I have known her for more than 15 years and she is my inspiration in yoga, Karin Stephan runs a yoga program on Cape Cod each year which she calls the Cape Experience. I have been a few times and it is a true cleanser and spiritual uplifter of the soul... along with a delightful shape shifting of her yoga classes. If you happen to be on the Cape you can come to her classes OR if you find yourself with some time off you can stay with her and have a Macrobiotic experience as well, Yoga twice a day and two beautiful Macrobiotic meals a day.

If you can find the time to get away I can assure you it is worth it. The Cape Experience is held in Truro which is a beautiful small area that includes the breathtaking Longnook beach (within walking distance). I have been in a pose during Karin's classes and my life has changed, she is THAT inspiring - Either way, don't miss it..

more information here

Have you heard... the 5/2 diet

you can look like this... just kidding

I can't say I remember the origins of how I found out about this diet, but I think it's a really good idea. It combines a bit of fasting with daily life, each time I fast I feel so good and I have come to think that this is why it is a part of so many religions it is part of a whole body experience. And above all it makes your body work better. So the 5/2 diet IS a fad diet one of those things you read in a magazine (okay so I just realized that it's also a book) but this one made some sense to me on more levels than one. Eat what you want for 5 days, obviously I would hope that it is healthy, and then for two days Fast, or eat only 500 calories and drink as much tea as you want. It just seems so simple and I think it does work for many different types of people.

Even if you don't want to loose weight, I think a fast once a month, once a week... it's a good idea spiritually. Digging into this a bit online I realized that NPR did a story on the diet recently which is a good information base.

NPR :: Two-day diets and How Mini Fasts Can Help Maximize Weight-loss

give it a try and see how you feel... maybe it just feels good!

Tyrus Wong :: the artist behind Bambi

There is an Exhibition up at the Walt Disney Family Museum in San Francisco now until Feb 3rd, 2014 featuring the art of Tyrus Wong, he was the art director behind Bambi. The exhibition will focus on the life and work of Mr. Wong, he is a celebrated painter, muralist, kite maker, lithographer, Hollywood sketch artist, calligrapher, ceramicist, and Disney legend, at 102 he is still a practicing artist today.

In this profile for NPR it is interesting to find out how Mr. Wong took animation into another direction, the story is told in a very nice way and I thought it was beautiful how he had the vision to make something so simple, so beautiful.

Water to Paper, Paint to Sky: The Art of Tyrus Wong at the Walt Disney Museum in San Francisco, CA

click here for more information on the show
click here to listen to the interview

the exhibition will focus on the life and work of Chinese-American artist Tyrus Wong—a celebrated painter, muralist, kite maker, lithographer, Hollywood sketch artist, calligrapher, ceramicist, and Disney Legend. At age 102, Wong is still a practicing artist today. - See more at: http://www.waltdisney.org/wong#sthash.GCsaRCdp.dpuf
the exhibition will focus on the life and work of Chinese-American artist Tyrus Wong—a celebrated painter, muralist, kite maker, lithographer, Hollywood sketch artist, calligrapher, ceramicist, and Disney Legend. At age 102, Wong is still a practicing artist today. - See more at: http://www.waltdisney.org/wong#sthash.GCsaRCdp.dpuf
the exhibition will focus on the life and work of Chinese-American artist Tyrus Wong—a celebrated painter, muralist, kite maker, lithographer, Hollywood sketch artist, calligrapher, ceramicist, and Disney Legend. At age 102, Wong is still a practicing artist today. - See more at: http://www.waltdisney.org/wong#sthash.GCsaRCdp.dpuf
the exhibition will focus on the life and work of Chinese-American artist Tyrus Wong—a celebrated painter, muralist, kite maker, lithographer, Hollywood sketch artist, calligrapher, ceramicist, and Disney Legend. At age 102, Wong is still a practicing artist today. - See more at: http://www.waltdisney.org/wong#sthash.GCsaRCdp.dpuf


Diane Birch - new music

Just heard this today on T Magazine blog... it's nice, so I thought I would share with you...

song: "All the Love You Got" by Diane Birch

you can hear it here on a link to song on Tblog


Angela's Picks for new moms

So my friend Angela saw my post about my top 5 baby items and we started talking about HER top 5 and I really loved them... So here I am sharing them with you! Because I think you will like them too!

1) A Bra - a really decent looking nursing bra - I had to laugh because, to be perfectly honest Angela has a great BOD (as in body), my version was a comfort-type thing. But she wanted to clarify, it's a BEAUTY thing, get a beautiful bra so you feel beautiful.. LOVE that right!? She suggested Bella Materna (I visited their website and YES they are gorgeous!).

2) Music - with each of her kids she was listening to different music and now, when that music comes up it's this delightful memory - different for each child - of her baby times with each of her kids (she has five). I have a funny story to insert here, not that I want this to be about me, but here goes - when I was pregnant I LOVED to relax and do some breathing and listen to Snatam Kaur - Grace - over and over and over again, and when I went into labor it's all I wanted to listen to, over and over and over again. I hear it now and I just want to listen to it over and over again! It's such a lovely memory. I know that Angela's music is VERY different but it will have that same effect. You choose what you want.. what is your favorite thing to listen to at the time.

Bill Amberg leather baby seat w/sheepskin

3) A good comfy seat - you will have a lot to do and with five kids, Angela always had a million things going on.. so a good comfy seat for your baby is really heartwarming. We happened to have this one above by Bill Amberg which we LOVED.. I don't think he makes them anymore but they do turn up on eBay from time to time. I am sure Mclaren makes a beauty as well!

these beautiful Lucky Fish swaddling blankets are terrific! (NEW at Nonchalantmom!)

4) Swaddling Blankets - These are essential for just about EVERYTHING! and if you are a busy mom, running around town there is no better thing to have in your purse then these, they have multi uses and you will always have a place to put your baby down (without cringing) if you have one of these with you. And if you are more of a at-home mom, no baby feels more secure in one of these swaddling blankets!

5) Breast Pump - breastfeeding is one of the true joys of having a baby, a breast pump is just something that makes it THAT much easier! Angela works from home so she gets to be home most of the time, but you never know when a meeting is going to go too long, you might take a trip, etc.. you will need this device... learn to LOVE it!

Thank you Angela for sharing your terrifically essential and beautiful suggestions for your 5 top baby essentials!


Bach + wood + forest = beauty!

I thought this was heavenly, then my kids watched it and were transfixed....
This young crew go to the woods of Kyushu, Japan. Engineer a massive xylophone (or is it a marimba?) to run down the slope of a forested hill. Take a wooden ball, place it at the top of said instrument, and push it. What do you get? Bach's treatment of a traditional church hymn! Namely, "Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring."

There is also a film of how the xylophone was made, which is just as beautiful (you will practically cheer along with them!):

10 animated shorts for kids (great for a rainy day!)

Azur and Asmar by Michel Ocelot

I am not a big fan of TV, but I do like movies... a LOT! (hey, I grew up on them and I came out okay... right!?) Daily Candy posted these 10 great animated shorts that are beautiful and your kids will love them (we haven't watched all ten but we are working our way through) - it's GREAT for a rainy day and most are available on Netflix (some on OnDemand but check the website it will have all the links).

link to the 10 animated shorts here

happy rainy day...

Moon Man by Stephan Schesch

On Being

This may sound familiar to you... it's a radio show on NPR... it doesn't broadcast in my area, but I caught it on a recent drive to NYC, and I was mesmerized. I happened to catch a particular show called "Reading the Rocks" which is flood stories and deep time, a conversation with David Montgomery. First of all Krista Tippett, who hosts On Being - besides having this voice you could listen to all day long, has a knowledge that enhances her guests and brings out a fascinating conversation. But back to the story I listened to that day, I wanted to get home and listen to it with my son. It was a very interesting cross-story between religion, noah's flood and geology, I tell you it was a rich conversation. Filled with knowledge of the past and trying to explain our way to today, how we got to the place we are now.

I love this kind of conversation, it will enrich your life and if you can get your kids to sit down and listen, BOY you've got something there!

visit the On Being website here
listen to the Reading the Rocks podcast here


Back IN STOCK! - Lucky Fish mi amor T

Everyones favorite (I know this because these T's sold out immediately!) Lucky Fish Mi Amor print in orange on a gray gauze raglan T (one size fit's ALL - really!)

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20% off Lem Lem for a short time!

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have fun...

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when all else fails

roast a bunch of things in the oven on 400 degrees for 30 minutes - toss it together with brown rice and call it DINNER!

that's what we did tonight... still you are serving whole foods, so what I did was roast chicken thighs, kale, potatoes, carrots, garlic and onion... then I made some rice on the side and tossed it together with a nice olive oil, lemon, salt and pepper... easy and really good.

kids loved it and I didn't really have to think about it... I like that... :)

top 5 items for BABY

Recently, while at a trade show when I introduced myself as Nonchalant Mom (well I always say my name first but then they ask you your store name... so then it comes out) a young, pregnant first time mom asked me a question that I haven't been asked for a LONG time. She said, "Oh, you must be a good person to ask.. what are your suggestions for the most 'handy' baby items I need to get for my new baby?" after a bit of hhhhmmm-ing and hummming, I was kind of excited to be asked this question after such a long time... I came up with these:

1) If you live in NYC a good stroller, one that collapses like an umbrella stroller. Notice I did not say the most expensive, fancy stroller but rather the most simple easy stroller. Here is my thought on this... in a metropolitan area you will use a stroller all the time, but going in and out of places you will need to collapse it easily. If you live in the suburbs my guess is that you will hardly use a stroller, but a baby bjorn that will probably come in handy... it's easier and more fun to have your baby right next to you. And all said.. in metro areas a baby bjorn is also great.

here is an example: you live in the suburbs you load your stroller into your car, you stop at Staples, unload your stroller put your baby in it for 5 minutes while in the store, load it back into your car, go to the next place, unload it... you see where this is going, it get's a little ridiculous.

2) invest in a nice padded baby blanket - not too big, something you can bring with you anywhere.

celine fw 2013

mansur gavriel

bag'n'noun at steven alan

3) take this chance to buy yourself that gorgeous bag that you've always wanted, maybe slightly larger than normal, but don't go in for those HUGE bags to carry everything... you will hate lugging that thing around and honestly, I think it looks ridiculous, no one needs that much crap ALL the time. make do with what you have and don't underestimate the baby wipe...

4) you will need one or two... (unless you are pumping), preferably glass, and you are set.

5) find a really nice comfortable one that you will love to wear because you WILL... wear it! (get 2 or 3, they get old fast...)

and maybe a pacifier.... just in case you have a baby that wants one...

DONE, did I forget anything... you tell me...

OH, and the cutest clothing EVER, that you get from ME! ha!