Meditation and TEA that's for ME!

This will be an ongoing class at the shop as soon as Rebecca moves back to Rhode Island from her temporary home on Martha's Vinyard. This class is for anyone and everyone! (it's not a kids class, it's just the only photo I had...) For now we have her on

TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 1 from 9-10am

Meditation and TEA in the shop

decompress while Rebecca leads you through a meditation - you think you can't? or don't like to? well then you have not tried a guided meditation it's much easier! I also like to call this 'meditation for busy people' (once a week) just think after a few guided meditations you will soon build your own altar in your home, and sit down and meditate on your own. But for now, join us for an hour of tea, meditation, and I am sure there will be a bit of yoga involved. So get those yoga pants on and get yourself to the SHOP!

556 Kingstown Road
Wakefield - Rhode Island
(quo vadis shopping plaza)

$10 and tea is free! :)
bring a blanket or pillow to sit on - we will have a few extras too!
see you! OM


All Pip-Squeak Chapeau is up to 60% off!

WE just went through and marked down the Pip-Squeak Chapeau items so now they are anywhere from 30% - 60% off... and I'm telling you there are some crazy deals in there, we are waiting to take in the new collection and have to clean this OUT! Have your eye on something... now's your chance!

These are some of my favorites!

I wear this new school dress every day! it's an essential in my opinion - boots and a sweater makes it perfect this Fall season...

There is nothing better for me than to wear these tulum tanks with a jacket or sweater in the Fall when it's getting cold. (I like it a lot better than a t-shirt under a jacket!)

shop the whole collection HERE


Lucky Fish home accessories and more...

hand printed cotton canvas masks!

Lucky Fish has always made great home accessories (my house is filled with them!) and now with my new shop I have found that her accessories are such a hit when people see them in a real setting. So now I am happy to say that we have full force into Lucky Fish accessories, yahoo! We even have some prints for your wall (just email me!).

Jann is such a talent and we have so much fun together. This last summer we held a print workshop at my shop and we had so much fun, a full day of printing. And you might say it got her started on a bit of a project... She is now hosting workshops in her Brooklyn studio, her friends asked and so she came up with a three-part workshop where they are printing, working together in groups to create their own screens and patchworking a piece together of all their works. Next Jann will be introducing teenagers to the art of printmaking! See, she's going to make the world a better place all by herself!

Jann with her students in the workshop

Jann is all about expanding her horizons, where can she take her craft? She is returning to her roots a bit by offering these classes, which she used to do in her native South Africa back in the 80's. Right now she is taking classes at the Textiles Art Center on screening with natural dyes, her new obsession. Because its no fun to sit back on your laurels, her life's work is all about what's next. It's what we constantly talk about when we are together - What's next?

Everyone needs a friend like that... or you can be that friend to someone else!
Does this sound up your alley... Well you're not too late, she is starting a new series of workshops in January. Get yourself in there - just email me and I will forward to Jann. Or if you are in our neck of the woods we will do it again here (in Rhode Island) in the Springtime (and more and more...).

Lucky Fish & MQuan collaboration pillow in bronze foil on linen


To wear or not to wear MAKEUP?

Alicia Keys with/without makeup

I was so happy when TMagazine flashed this headline, not because I have been questioning this for years, but YES! to hear that others are contemplating it. Even faces of the celebrity ilk and thinking... do I really need to wear makeup. When I read the likes of Alicia Keys, who has decided to give it up (in her daily routine, can't imagine she will step on to the stage without a complete 'look') I thought... this could be something?! Imagine if, rather than making up our face, we worried about if our skin was in good condition or not. Is it smooth and well hydrated? Not the "perfect" look that most women are after. I think it's a sign of strength when you can stop out and say - hey, this is what I look like and if you don't like it... well that's fine with me because I do. No big statement just the real and the honest.

I used to wear TONS of makeup in high school, I was one of the early ones with mascara, and the whole nine yards.. I was better at applying makeup then than I am today. Then in the 80's I went to work for Esprit and it all came off, I became fond of red lipstick and that was it. I worked for Esprit for such a long time it just became part of me not to wear it. Now that I am in my 50's I even out my skin tone with a tinted moisturizer, I use concealer to hide my dark circles and since I'm blonde I pencil my eyebrows (A trick I only learned in the last few years...). And I don't leave home without Olio e Osso #3 crimson (which I sell in the shop). I exfoliate 2-3 times a week, I wash my face every night like clockwork with Dr. Hauschka or Trace Alchemy (a local Rhode Island product what I will have in my store soon). And I use organic coconut oil for just about everything.

What's YOUR routine? What are YOUR favorite products?

I'm not a sucker for makeup, I've used the same things for years and years but I am a PRODUCT sucker... If there's a story about a natural product you can be sure I'm reading it! I follow TONS of them online and if I had the money... OOHHHhhh if I had the money I would go crazy for natural products! (I like to follow 'thehermeshippie' on instagram, she always has fun new products).

Oh and here are some clean faces to give you inspiration!

Recognize these faces? Lovely all of them RIGHT!

Read the story on T Magazine blog here


Portraits by Karim Hamid

My husband is working on a few portrait projects at the moment and I asked him if I could include all of you in on the deal... hurrah! He is taking some time out in the next two months to immerse himself in portraits so it's a good time to get yourself a cherished portrait of you, your kids, your whole family, not to mention this makes an outstanding Holiday gift for anyone!

He does a few different portrait styles, he's found for kids that his straightforward style is the most desirable, but he can also do his other style - which is an 'interpretive' style - usually reserved for adult portraits.

There are 2 sizes he's offering for this project - all works done in oil on wood panel:

small size:  15x20cm / 6x8 inches
larger size:  23x30cm / 9x12 inches

email us if you are interested and he will go more in depth on the possibilities.

This makes the most treasured gift you could possibly imagine and will last more than your lifetime! I have a friend who is constantly adding to her wall of portraits. She has one for each family member, the grandparents and probably everyone's favorite - the dogs too! They are arranged on a wall in the living room and there is nothing more unique or dear to your heart.


Travel :: Jens Risom house on Block Island

Block Island is a magical place, we try to make it every year for a bike ride or hike to the beach where cool clear beaches are some of the best on the East Coast. Hiding on Block Island is the summer home of Jens Risom. He approached Life magazine in 1976 with the challenge that he would build a pre-fab house for $25,000, the resulting home is the perfect tiny house we are all looking for today!

original photo from the Life magazine shoot in 1976
We grew up in Minnesota and of course we had a lake house "up North" were we went for the summers and on weekends. It was an A-frame that my dad built - perhaps he saw this very house and wanted to emulate it. Ours wasn't pre-fab so it took many summers of construction to build, it was just about finished when my father died. It's a dream of mine to have a place like this for our family to come together and live a very simple life.

Dwell magazine recently re-photographed the story of this magical home on Block Island, which still stands in much the same way that it did back in the 70's. Filled with the furniture of Jens Risom and even some of his prototypes.

two photos of the home as it stands today.
It's amazing today how they build homes that will never, ever falter. Employing materials that will never deteriorate, never change - however look at this home how beautiful it is in all it's simplicity. The family takes good care of the home and keeps it in a state that it was meant to be - not making it larger for the expanding families, it's really not necessary. This is a house built for one purpose, to live in and enjoyed - it doesn't need a flat screen TV, a separate bathroom for every person in the house, it's about the beauty that is outside. The Risom house has stood up to some of the most harsh weather, winds and rain possible. It still stands as singular and as magnificent as ever.

from the Dwell magazine shoot by Floto + Warner

Jens Risom what a beautiful Danish man!

and his iconic chair
click here to read the full story on the Dwell Magazine blog


monk oil

I knew when I opened the shop that I wanted to have Monk Oil - I reach for it daily, it's the scent that gets me through the day - and I swear it makes me ready and AWAKE, it's the perfect morning - set me straight - kind of scent, plus it's added good vibrations... life just got better my friend!

In the afternoon I put monk oil #2 on the back of my hands so that it's there for me to smell on demand. And call me crazy but I am dry hair girl and I have taken to putting it in my hair, yes you heard that right! Both Potions have a Rose Quartz crystal in the bottle to harmonize with unconditional love.

Monk oil is a earthy blend of oils that will ground you for the day. When Katie and Monika were on their annual camping trip to the Pacific Northwest they felt so close to the land. So much so that when they got back to their jobs at a honey factory in Brooklyn they realized they wanted that feeling of living on the earth - Terra Firma - to be with them even if they were in a busy metropolitan city. This was the beginning of Monk Oil.

The first blend:

Monk Oil City Skin Potion
Is the original and much loved Monk Oil. Organic Avocado and Apricot Kernel Oils nourish, hydrate and soften all skin types. Essential oils of Cedar and Lavender simultaneously ground, soothe, focus and energize. Organic Rose Otto Essential Oil balances and uplifts, offering a sense of comfort and well-being. Yarrow Environmental Solution Flower Essence by FES protects against toxic environmental influences and other hazards of modern life. This includes the disruptive effects of electromagnetic fields and crowded places. Rose Quartz Crystals harmonize the potion with unconditional love.
Monk Oil City Skin Potion is conjured in New York City on New Moons, Full Moons and other auspicious days.

"As much as we both love living in New York City, we’d both been feeling the strain of urban life and were having reentry problems! We were working full time in Brooklyn and wanted to be present throughout the day not just physically but energetically too. As we all know, nature is life’s best healer and we came away from our camping trip feeling not just intact, but also inspired. We wondered how to create that feeling of calm, inner stability and harmony with the outer world while still in the city. Monk Oil came out of that need. Monk Oil was imagined with a blend of ingredients to support the body, the soul, and the spirit." -Katie and Monika

Blend #2:

Monk Oil City Skin Potion #2
We created Monk Oil’s City Skin Potion #2 to be a scent as reassuring as a dear friend to accompany you throughout your day. A love poem to the California coast, it contains a triple rose formula of Rose Essential Oil, California Wild Rose Flower Essence and Rose Quartz Crystal. It is balanced with pure Sage Essential Oil to uplift and purify. Organic Avocado and Apricot Kernel Oils nourish, hydrate and soften all skin types. Together, these ingredients inspire us to embody the grace and resilience of a Rose. California Wild Rose Flower Essence is made by FES Flower Essence Solution and promotes a Love for the Earth and for human life, enthusiasm for doing and serving. Rose Quartz Crystals harmonize the potion with unconditional love.
Monk Oil’s City Skin Potion #2 is conjured at dawn (for new beginnings!) on New Moons, Full Moons and other auspicious days.

Monk oil makes the best of gifts to your good friend, someone you want to watch over and give them strength. It's like a warm hug....

coming soon... Palo Santo Monk Oil... stay tuned :)
shop Monk Oil at Nonchalantmom here!


it's our 12th anniversary!

This has been one of the most wonderful in our 12 years in business - the new store has breathed so much life into both the online shop and the shop that I can't wait to get in here each day! We opened the shop so that we could renew our community relationship which we are strengthening by offering unique classes, workshops and well I'm sure we will dip our toes into meditation, tarot cards, Swedish candle making and more....

In the coming year you can look forward to (finally) updating the website, making it work better, stronger, faster (just like the bionic woman). This way the online store will better reflect what we are doing in the store and it will be more flexible for me to make changes and add things.

So if you ever see things in my photos of the shop and wonder what it is don't hesitate to drop me an email! Since I have opened the shop I am chatting with all of you more often and I  L O V E  IT!

OH and the BEST part... quite a few of you stopped in this summer to meet in person, some after all of the 12 years! I met a few from California, Portland and the almost locals New Yorkers. We got to talk about how are kids have grown, we got to see each other in real-life, and best of all there was some shopping in person done.

All of this long winded to say thank you and offer:

15% off sitewide*
use code: '12years' at checkout

remember only one code/order, *Black Crane is not part of the sale
but go WILD on everything else

and T H A N K   Y O U!! I know I have the best customers in the business, I rave about you guys to everyone - so let's keep up this great relationship in the family!

ps. we have some CRAZY things in store for you this Holiday that you are going to LOVE including lots of christmas nick-knacks from my childhood home which my mom left this year, let's just say I have some boxes to go through....


your favorite cashmere scarves are back in stock!

Each season we re-stock these, what I like to call, perfect cashmere scarves. They are not huge and unruly, they are delicately light-weight and they softly keep you just warm enough! They are 80% cashmere and 20% fine merino wool (less pilling folks) and all for a deeply pleasant $98.

Our colors this season are white, light grey, dark grey, medium heather brown and black. They have selvage finishings and ends are just rustic and unfinished.

NOW, I was sold out last season and didn't have the scarf for an order, we together decided I would send it out when they came back in stock this season - here comes the hard part - during the move this type of paperwork that usually sits on my desk in a pile was inadvertently lost by my husbands attempt to put my life in order (HA!) so whoever you are... and you know who you are... I owe you a scarf! please email me...

Have a lovely week and enjoy this delightful weather!


All Clearance in one S P O T

It takes us awhile but we have moved all the CLEARANCE items into one spot... so now when you are looking for a good deal, you can just jump to the clearance section and find yourself at DEAL-CENTRAL!

Some of my favorite deals are:
makie trench coat!
This sweater, beautifully hand-knit, for both women or kids!
this totally uniquely-cute clare v. clutch
hell-ooo this is the cutest dress!
and there is SO much more..... do miss these good deals!

shop the clearance here!