Portraits by Karim Hamid

My husband is working on a few portrait projects at the moment and I asked him if I could include all of you in on the deal... hurrah! He is taking some time out in the next two months to immerse himself in portraits so it's a good time to get yourself a cherished portrait of you, your kids, your whole family, not to mention this makes an outstanding Holiday gift for anyone!

He does a few different portrait styles, he's found for kids that his straightforward style is the most desirable, but he can also do his other style - which is an 'interpretive' style - usually reserved for adult portraits.

There are 2 sizes he's offering for this project - all works done in oil on wood panel:

small size:  15x20cm / 6x8 inches
larger size:  23x30cm / 9x12 inches

email us if you are interested and he will go more in depth on the possibilities.

This makes the most treasured gift you could possibly imagine and will last more than your lifetime! I have a friend who is constantly adding to her wall of portraits. She has one for each family member, the grandparents and probably everyone's favorite - the dogs too! They are arranged on a wall in the living room and there is nothing more unique or dear to your heart.