Lucky Fish home accessories and more...

hand printed cotton canvas masks!

Lucky Fish has always made great home accessories (my house is filled with them!) and now with my new shop I have found that her accessories are such a hit when people see them in a real setting. So now I am happy to say that we have full force into Lucky Fish accessories, yahoo! We even have some prints for your wall (just email me!).

Jann is such a talent and we have so much fun together. This last summer we held a print workshop at my shop and we had so much fun, a full day of printing. And you might say it got her started on a bit of a project... She is now hosting workshops in her Brooklyn studio, her friends asked and so she came up with a three-part workshop where they are printing, working together in groups to create their own screens and patchworking a piece together of all their works. Next Jann will be introducing teenagers to the art of printmaking! See, she's going to make the world a better place all by herself!

Jann with her students in the workshop

Jann is all about expanding her horizons, where can she take her craft? She is returning to her roots a bit by offering these classes, which she used to do in her native South Africa back in the 80's. Right now she is taking classes at the Textiles Art Center on screening with natural dyes, her new obsession. Because its no fun to sit back on your laurels, her life's work is all about what's next. It's what we constantly talk about when we are together - What's next?

Everyone needs a friend like that... or you can be that friend to someone else!
Does this sound up your alley... Well you're not too late, she is starting a new series of workshops in January. Get yourself in there - just email me and I will forward to Jann. Or if you are in our neck of the woods we will do it again here (in Rhode Island) in the Springtime (and more and more...).

Lucky Fish & MQuan collaboration pillow in bronze foil on linen