your favorite cashmere scarves are back in stock!

Each season we re-stock these, what I like to call, perfect cashmere scarves. They are not huge and unruly, they are delicately light-weight and they softly keep you just warm enough! They are 80% cashmere and 20% fine merino wool (less pilling folks) and all for a deeply pleasant $98.

Our colors this season are white, light grey, dark grey, medium heather brown and black. They have selvage finishings and ends are just rustic and unfinished.

NOW, I was sold out last season and didn't have the scarf for an order, we together decided I would send it out when they came back in stock this season - here comes the hard part - during the move this type of paperwork that usually sits on my desk in a pile was inadvertently lost by my husbands attempt to put my life in order (HA!) so whoever you are... and you know who you are... I owe you a scarf! please email me...

Have a lovely week and enjoy this delightful weather!