Meditation and TEA that's for ME!

This will be an ongoing class at the shop as soon as Rebecca moves back to Rhode Island from her temporary home on Martha's Vinyard. This class is for anyone and everyone! (it's not a kids class, it's just the only photo I had...) For now we have her on

TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 1 from 9-10am

Meditation and TEA in the shop

decompress while Rebecca leads you through a meditation - you think you can't? or don't like to? well then you have not tried a guided meditation it's much easier! I also like to call this 'meditation for busy people' (once a week) just think after a few guided meditations you will soon build your own altar in your home, and sit down and meditate on your own. But for now, join us for an hour of tea, meditation, and I am sure there will be a bit of yoga involved. So get those yoga pants on and get yourself to the SHOP!

556 Kingstown Road
Wakefield - Rhode Island
(quo vadis shopping plaza)

$10 and tea is free! :)
bring a blanket or pillow to sit on - we will have a few extras too!
see you! OM