nico nico :: cosmic journey - Fall/Winter 2016

nico nico nasa leggings, waves t-shirt and fleece reversible jacket

The new Nico Nico collection is one of my all-time favorites! Never has a collection been introduced for kids that get to the playful essence of children. I don't know about your kids but mine are certainly interested in a COSMIC JOURNEY! The shiny pants in silver, copper, black and blue make such a statement - together with Nico Nico's wholesome graphics, gold foil stripes, gold foil circle and don't miss the SHAZAM! Nothing says LIVE A LITTLE like this collection - have some FUN!

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nico nico nasa leggings and agathe dress
nico nico athena speckled cotton dress and nasa leggings

nico nico athena speckled cotton dress and nasa leggings
speckled cotton pants, flash t-shirt and super soft cotton boucle vest
super soft fleece reversible jacket (grey to black cotton)
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Coffe and coconut oil

I was introduced to the most delicious coffee from my healthy friend Rebecca who lives on Martha's Vinyard and teaches yoga there (link below). It has now become an obsession with me and I can't wait for my morning coffee!

coffee - espresso or whatever you like
1 TBSP - organic coconut oil
throw in your vitamix and froth

(I put almond milk in there too just cause that's the way I roll.. I don't know if Rebecca approves of that but I just didn't tell her about that part!)

When I need some healthy 'friend-wisdom' I talk to Rebecca, everyone needs a friend in their life like Rebecca, my sister and our extended macrobiotic friends are always a great help too. I asked Rebecca to break it down for me, this new coconut oil/coffee contraption that I have fallen in love with and this is her FULL unfolding why this coffee is not only delicious but better too! 

Coconut** meat, butter and oil is a medium-chain triglyceride (MCT oil) which is easily used for sustained energy by the body (unlike longer chain fats that take a lot of digesting, and are harder on the liver to process). 

Choosing to have a healthy, clean (no chemicals) fat in the morning, especially if having a stimulant like coffee or cocoa (preferably organic, fair trade coffee and organic raw cacao--dark chocolate) is way better than no fats or no protein, or worse straight grain-based carbs in the morning, and/or low-fat or skim animal fats that are non-nutritive, and stressful on the body to try to function on.

**always go organic, and fair trade like Dr. Bronners or Nutiva when able

Coconut oil is also great to cleanse your skin in the morning and your internal system... It has naturally occurring Caprylic and lauric acid, which easily becomes monolauric acid a very effective and gentle anti-fungal which both helps rid the skin and body of non beneficial cellular inhabitants, like candida albucans and the clumping, strapping yeast bio-films that can wrap around our organs, or around undigested proteins. 

The coconut's protective oil also cleanses the coffee (beans) of inevitable molds that love to grow on nuts, seed pods and berries... They are delicious and nutritious that's why and how we grow on them too- nuts, seeds, berries are rich in anti-oxidants and protective phyto (plant) nutritives that naturally (through nature's wisdom) ward off potential infections that weaken their every cells' membranes and hence their bodies' chance of survival, driven by the soulful miraculous drive to live, express itself fully and aromatically and reproduce... (Just like us humans). Thing is molds, fungi, viruses, and bacteria also all want to survive and thrive and reproduce... And often their souls get off balance (with too much of a good thing, like sugar or polysaccharide over abundance and like humans they feed on this more is better energy and get ego driven or just gluttonous and take advantage of the off-balanced systems and eventually the etremism overtakes them, and they burst with a destructive force of enoughness...or spoilage... (Just like us humans)... But ya know nature has her way with us life-forms... And she keeps on keeping on, new forms, new energy will always arise and be born again to survive, thrive and reproduce before dying once again.

I'm leaving that last part in there for you to chew on... I thought about taking it out but it was part of Rebecca's full unpacking and I just that well... heck... you might want to hear all that!

Have a great morning and get on with your DAY!

rebecca's blog link is here


it's all in the accessories... or not?

I always have a few pair of Levi's in the shop - just in case someone forgot their pants... haha just kidding. We sell them for $10 and sometimes it's just the right size -or- something a customer can't visualize ("that top would look great with jeans - here try these!") I get them at second hand shops and just keep a pile on hand. You might notice that I don't sell lots of pants in the shop... not an easy thing to do online but ALSO I buy most of my pants in second hand shops, that way I don't feel so bad when I have to cut them off (I'm short so I've cut my pants just about one inch all my life!) and probably because the most delightful thing on my body is.... my ankles!

In our new location we are right next to a second hand shop... so we run hand in hand and have become close friends (it's called ReRun and she has fantastic things!) and let's just say that I am no longer at a loss for pants! This works great for kids too... people may think my shop is expensive but if you buy your basics from second hand shops then you can *splurge* on the goodies like a Makié dress, or a Wovenplay top, you get the picture. SO so SO much better than buying cheap from large retailers that don't have good production practices - if you question them and they don't seem to have a Fair Trade policy, you guessed it, they are probably no good.

Reduce Reuse and don't forget that last one Recycle! Find a good friend and make their day with hand-me-downs!

If you want me to look for YOUR size just email me.


Robin Mollicone Trunk Show!

I am so excited about this trunk show! One of my closest friends and most talented is Robin Mollicone, Robin has evolved her jewelry into unique pieces that use healing stones and energetic potency that comes across in each piece. Apart from their beauty these pieces feel good on your skin, and become more meaningful when you wear them.

Robin uses traditional artistry and modern insight in each piece, which include leather which she hand stitches, beadwork along with healing stones. It all sounds calming doesn't it!

Come in and see her new work, we will have it in the shop until August 18th - and we will find a way to get it online for you as well. Hope to see you soon!


uM, this looks GOOD! - Little Moss in South Dartmouth MA

outside Little Moss in South Dartmouth, MA
yea, I can tell a good chef from her photo :)

Every once in a while I get a heads up on something great going on... I sift through loads of emails to find the good ones, and yep! this is a good one. Little Moss in South Dartmouth, Mass is going to host a couple of amazing chefs from the South! So for a few days you can enjoy the southern trappings of Chef Whitney Otawka, who is part of the culinary team behind the South’s famed Greyfield Inn (yes, I now want to go there, on our next hike down south) – an historic 16-room Inn located on the remote Cumberland Island off the coast of Georgia. 

this is the Greyfield Inn on Cumberland Island, GA

From Tuesday, August 23 through Sunday, August 28, Whitney and her partner Ben Wheatley will host a dinner series and menu takeover at Little Moss – a South Dartmouth restaurant that offers locally sourced food that evokes the rich, maritime history of the village’s whaling port. Whitney and Ben will create a special menu that highlights their experience cooking in the coastal South – but with New England ingredients. I can't wait for this and it's certainly worth the hike from Rhode Island!

I love the idea of checking out a town with an event in mind, and this is such a perfect event. No reservations (so could get crazy) so I say let's GO FOR IT!
that's where I'll be sitting August 23rd! 

New :: Pip-Squeak Chapeau - early Fall 2016

A collection that I always look forward to is Pip-Squeak Chapeau and this late summer/early fall delivery is just a favorite of mine! When I first laid eyes on this lovely indigo blue collection - hearts flashed in my eyes. The new tulum tunic and dress is just the perfect silhouette and looks so nice on a range of shapes, you've got arms to show off... here you GO! I personally don't so I go for the tulum tunic under the small griffin jackets - my personal favorite look!

Pip-Squeak is the only collection that I do pre-sales for so if you are interested in getting pre-sale emails from me (I send you images as above with information and you can pre-shop) just drop me an email!

In the meantime enjoy this favorite collection!

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And coming soon is the new SHIRT collection called PS SHIRT.. all your favorite shirts in one place!
in store NOW and online soon!


dental hygiene


When it comes to dental hygiene we are not the best, but also not the worst. I feel like when we were kids we had all those crazy tricks, remember that stuff that made anywhere you didn't brush in your mouth totally bright pink! I'm sure it was not the best for us but I used to get totally freaked when I saw what I thought was good brushing only to find my mouth totally PINK! and flossing... forget it! I had a friend named Jenny Morgan (spelled incorrectly in case she doesn't want to be related to this article) she had gorgeous white and beautiful teeth! I was so envious, I even remember when she had braces... still gorgeous. Well guess what, she still has gorgeous teeth and guess what else, she FLOSSES!

So as I get on in my years I am picking up flossing at a bit of a stronger pace - so of course like any mom my kids have to do it too! We are now a floss-friendly family. So when Plackers came to me and said "would you write a blog about flossing and we will send you some flossers", I said "HECK-YA!"

Now even before they contacted me what they don't know is that we USED Plackers! I even use the mouth guards they make because I have also picked up the wonderful habit of grinding my teeth at night, oh man since 2008 if I would have been smart I should have taken STOCK in Plackers, because who the heck doesn't grind their teeth! Well if your kids don't really think they need to floss just hand them these cute colorful flossers! Perfectly sized for kids teeth, because sometimes the adult ones are just too big.

Plus.. I don't know about your kids but when something is just for them, it's better! Just like that!

I have also found a tooth brush that I am a bit obsessed about - so this is probably a good time to tell you about them, they are called MouthWatchers. I recently traveled and forgot my toothbrush and couldn't find Mouth Watchers and I used another one and it made me realized how incredible these toothbrushes are! I used to be one of those people that could grind down and toothbrush pretty quickly but this toothbrush helps with that and you can lightly brush and still feel incredibly clean. We all use them now! The BEST! here is their website.

click here for more of my articles on flossing, kids teeth and more funny teeth related posts including baby and bottles and funny related stories

Happy Dental Hygiene to you and your family!

Food 52

Recently, a friend of mine gave me a copy of the Food 52 - Genius Recipes and I am just crazy about it! I immediately started making things from their wonderful recipes. Each recipe is from a list of greats like Julia Child (I just made her zucchini gratin with my overload of zucchini from the farm), Hervé This on chocolate and so many more... Last night I made the Hervé This Chocolate Mousse that is simply made with water (it's a Molecular thing)... it turned out incredibly amazing!

So obviously you can see a trend here... Food 52 goes on my list with recipes from Martha Stewart, Ottolenghi and the Fat Radish cookbook as my favorites! They also list my go-to summer recipe that I use for just about everything during the summer. Their Toasted Orecchiette with Zucchini, Corn, and Crème Fraîche recipe is one what I thought I created, but I guess not, but I make it all summer long with whatever vegetables I have on hand. Lately I have taken out the pasta part and just make a nice grilled fish, tofu or sausages and then serve with vegetables made in this simple way, with a bit of crème fraiche, pepper and lemon to make them more interesting.

Then I found that Food 52 has everything! Their website is a bit like a Crate and Barrel for the kitchen only, with EVERYTHING for the kitchen, cook books, and well just believe me when I say EVERYTHING you could ever want in a beautifully photographed website (and NO I do not work for them! haha). My reason for writing this blog was not to talk about the food, but I have a hard time not going there... but to tell you that whatever I don't have for kids, they have on their website! They have great kitchen-type things for kids and it's a great place to get lovely gifts for that budding Chef in your family! Just cute as can be.... link to kids here.



small print: not included Irene Peukes, new Pip-squeak chapeau
 cannot be applied to past orders


get your best BEACH on!!

I don't know about you but just about every day at 5pm it's time for a dip in the ocean no matter what's going on! (Well, if I'm in the store it's 6pm) And there is nothing better for kids and beach than WOVENPLAY! Honestly, I don't think there is anything cuter at the beach than Wovenplay... Your kids will turn heads in the sun suit, the Jada or the Lola and even for boys she made a super swim short!

And now for a short time take an EXTRA 20% off the the entire collection! 
use code: 'play20' 
and take an extra 20% off already marked down merchandise (even the NEW collection!)

You can even get your kids ready for when they are OFF the beach... in the new Dot dress!? or aqua sun suit!

GET IN HERE... extra 20% ends Tuesday (7/19/16) at midnight.

Many Moons - Vol. 2 July - December 2016

The new Many Moons workbook is IN STOCK! Just a few copies left! This book has changed so many things for me, she makes it easy to follow along and work on things at your own pace. I love to read about what the moon brings to us each month, it's obviously such a powerful planetary force. It has an effect on our moods, our menstruation, and our relationship to others AND ourselves. I truly feel if we work with the moon to bring into focus our thoughts and desires it only strengthens the chances of them to become a reality.

Sarah will help you to find what you are looking for by asking questions which you can write down in your workbook to keep forever. You can watch as your relationship with your needs and desires gets stronger. She will help you focus on what your heart is telling you and I feel I live more peacefully, day to day, using her book to help guide me.

I love her ceremonies, and can't imagine life without them. It has made meditating easier for me (could never do it before) and it makes me take a a special moment for me and the moon when we get together to cast a spell of love and peace!

link to books HERE

happy Magick!


ART SOUTHAMPTON and Shelter Island

Art Southampton

During the summer we like to take little jaunty trips, it's so easy in the summer to decide last minute and jump out of town for a night or so (as long as you are going Mon - Fri, weekends take more planning).. just to get the feeling of getting away. I do it a lot with myself and my kids because my husband travels a bunch and me and the kids travel well together (if I do say so myself) as long as I get to pick the destination! (my husband is the one who takes them to Disneyland etc...) One of our favorite trips is to the Hamptons or Montauk.

small shelter island ferryboat

Booth at Art Southampton

For us Rhode Islanders it's so easy.... all we do is hop on a ferryboat and get ourselves onto the island. We don't do a lot of planning because we know there is tons of traffic, you never know where you are going to get stuck - the important thing is to keep your eyes open when you are there because there is always something fun going on! This weekend we did know that there was the Art Southampton show (my husband shows there :) so we were all set with our destination. What a show! it's a great place to see new and emerging art - great for kids because there is that combination of new artists mixed with old, you can play some games like "who's your favorite?" "find the peace sign!" or my favorite... "count how many hearts you see and whoever see's the most WINS!"

a bit of Mickey
 And then you always run into friends and meet new ones... it happens every time!


We DID spend a bit too much time in traffic this particular trip, so on our way back we hit a destination I have been WAITING to check out... The Chequit! On Shelter Island, what a cute, amazingly appointed hotel with a staff that is as friendly as can be... We had an early dinner before we jumped onto the ferryboat for our ride home and I am going back for more as soon as I can!

early dinner at Chequit
I am a bit of a picky customer when it comes to where I eat and where I stay, especially when I am on a get-away because I know when I get home I am going to advise you-all and I want to give you the best info for your perfect trip! This is your spot... gorgeous room, perfect dining, a cute little shop I just loved it all. It's also nice and quiet, I HATE crowds and I LOVE nice people... the staff was amazing, so nice to my kids and I we loved them!

I also think it would be a delightful place to get away from kids if you wanted a little romantic place to explore you sure could do it here!



We had so much fun with Jann Cheifitz of Lucky Fish at our Print Workshop at the shop! It was a beautiful day and we set up tables outside in front of the store and got out the printing tools! What F U N, and as a side note it was SO much fun we are doing it again, printing, laughing and being creative all together.

We thought people would need t-shirts from us but most brought old t-shirts to UP CYCLE! We all printed on the clothes we were wearing and more... it was a real day of creation. Some of our favorite results came from printing on the clothes we were wearing, I printed a few on my favorite Layla kurta! and we even got some skirt prints.. it was a blast!

The older kids got into the action and pulled out their Jackson Pollock... They splatter painted all over their T's and made some great works of their own! We made scarves, pillows, and whatever came out of the bag! Next time we want to see you HERE at the Lucky Fish PRINT WORKSHOP!

shop Lucky Fish t's here
Lucky Fish for WOMEN here


Lucky Fish N E W S!

Well there is lots going on in the Lucky Fish department these days! First off we want to announce our first collaborative fun effort at the store... Jann is coming to Rhode Island and we are going to host a PRINT WORKSHOP at the store - "What FUN!" you say... well hell YES!

Jann will be bringing some of her favorite screens, we will have some t-shirts and a few scarves to print and good times will be had by ALL! We hope you can come, we are just asking that you contact us and give us a heads UP so that we know how many t-shirts we need (or scarves) and we will have some fun learning just how the MASTER does it :)

Saturday, JUNE 25th
noon - 2pm

t-shirt - $20
scarf - $10
bring your own - $5

I am going to sew a few dresses and things to add to the printing FUN so come and join us!

Hope to see you THERE
Where you ask?...

556 Kingstown Road
Wakefield, RI

email me with any questions!

and for those of you ONLINE folks.... (and in-store) we are offering
Lucky Fish t-shirts for $25 and under!!
(for a short time)

click here to shop!

see we are GOOD to ALL