music :: what's your delight?

I am terrible with music and I can't even believe that I am giving advice on music but this is just meant to be a light... what are your 10 favorite things-type post. I have so many favorite things right now, my shop, my sweet customers that come and actually remember our old shop on Main Street and say that they missed me, big *heart* goes out for all that and my kids are the biggest delight. I'm not home as much anymore but they are handling it with true rigor - homework, chores, and new challenges - it's all been a good thing.

But life is not always a bowl of cherries, I know that... I have found that music is my drug - I have a new relationship with music that I never had because I play music all day in my shop - well not on Sundays when I listen to all the storytelling on NPR. These are my top five searches I have found in Pandora. I shared some of these with my sister and she told me I should write a post about it and so here it goes.

1. My most favorite Pandora search is "Billy Paul" - he sang "Me and Mrs. Jones" (one of my all-time favorite songs). Well he died recently, just about the same time as Prince, and as tribute to him I did a Billy Paul search and it's the most delightful music for the entire day!

 2. You are not going to believe this but my second favorite is "Gordon Lightfoot" - I have no idea how I came upon this but it's great! I just let it go all day long and it's perfect, it makes me laugh.

3. I read an article about Benjamin Clementine in the T Magazine and bought the album and I love it - it also makes a great Pandora search. You end up with a bit of bluesy songbird-type music.

4. Johnny Hartman is one of my later in the day searches and I love it - just a cool lul that helps me finish off the day. And we all need a bit of romance in our lives, we would starve without it.

5. The Eagles is my last... this is a bit similar to Gordon Lightfoot but just slightly different.

E N J O Y...


elixirs & co. - to the RESCUE!

I found these people on my last trip to Paris, when I ran out I knew I needed to get this in my shop because I knew you would love these scents and helpful - homeopathic - healing remedies. I will say up front that these do not work the same for anyone and everyone, but I know they work for me and my family, so I wanted to share them with you. I use them and I know they help me get through some of the toughest of times. On an easy day I like to use the harmonious toilet waters and if I go out I like to use the perfumes (I have this secret feeling that they bring light and delight to an entire room!). The toilet waters are light and easy, the roll-on's are my serious ammunition against trouble.

I know it wouldn't seem like it but the Art world that my husband is a part of is quite stressful, I tell people it's almost like being married to a gambler and I am never sure how we are going to make out. So there are quite a few times when I secretly roll his temples before bed with either "stress" or "depression" and even "urgency" - and to be perfectly honest I have put all three on him (in the very recent past). It's amazing - of course doesn't solve your problems for you -- but I like to say that you don't get mired in your troubles, you have a way of seeing your way out - optimistically. And sometimes that's really all you can do... He doesn't even ask anymore, he just puts his head forward and I roll them on.

I didn't really cross my mind to use them on my kids (I don't know why not they are like my own personal laboratory!), and since these are based on Bach's flower remedies they are completely natural and it's not as if there can become an addiction and you can't overdose.. it's just flowers for gods sake! Anyway, my son said to me one day that it's very stressful being a straight A student, and I thought... I didn't know it was stressful for him, I just thought he was getting A's! He said it's stressful worrying that he's not going to get an A - so I rolled his forehead with "stress" and he walked away. I did it just a couple of other times (maybe 2-3) and it's never come up again. Now I'm getting into what prompted me to write this.. I'm not going to get into our boring life story but when my husband is out of town I spend a lot of time running the kids around from school, soccer, after school activities... now that I have a shop I can't always just take off. So our solution was for Sander to skateboard to my store after his tennis practice (it's about a 40 minute ride on a bike path) - he arrived at the front of my store with a large bleeding elbow scrape and bleeding from his knee and need I say... in tears. I will go so far as to say that he was a bit hysterical and super upset. URGENCY! I thought, he sat down and I rolled it on his forehead, and we cleaned up the scrapes and it was done. A couple of days later we were talking about it and he said "that was weird, after you rolled that on I had an immediate calm feeling and I felt like I was okay" It was true, it just helped him get a grip.

Next up was my 10 year old daughter. They are doing the Parcc tests at school and she is crying every night because she is just terrified of it... it's crazy for 4th graders to be put through this stuff but I just told her to do her best and that's all she can do and by the way, she will be taking tests for the next ten years (if not more) so try to get used to it and maybe even like it. That didn't work so well... she was still upset - but I thought.. "Stress"! One night when she was crying in bed (for quite a while before I noticed) I checked in to see what was wrong and I gave her some of the "Stress" and it was almost immediate, she turned over and fell asleep... just like that. We have been doing the "stress" each morning as she goes to class during this testing period and when I talked to her teacher she said that she was doing a lot better and I can tell that she is handling it better.


.. I just had to tell you about that :)

Urgency = really difficult situations - I used it for surgery, kids traumatic events (I know there are lots of those), big events in your life (death or sickness)

Depression = You don't need to be in a deep depression, although if you are I'm sure it will help, I use it for my period, crappy days...

Stress = I think the world should take this right now... but you will find so many instances when this can work. Family stress, school, work... list goes on.

If I don't have them in stock then I am working on it! Almost sold out of Stress and Depression right now...


Mothers Day 2016!

We are offering a special MOTHERS DAY 20% OFF!

use code: 'mom2016' during checkout and the 20% off will be applied
cannot be used on past orders
no stacking of codes
not included: black crane, little paisley people and Two caftans

jewelry in photo
foreground: margaret solow
background bracelet: kalosoma
14k gold fine jewelry: Melissa Joy Manning
brass pieces: soko
handmade leather and stitched pieces: Robin Mollicone

Looking back... and forward!

While we are in the midst of opening our new store I wanted to take some time to reflect on why it is that we are doing this and how it all started...

I started Nonchalantmom back in the summer of 2004 with a simple idea. I wanted to provide something for women and mothers like myself, there was nothing like it online (funny to think of that now). I wanted to offer alternative ideas when it came to raising their children and to provide a place where moms could find beautiful handcrafted things for their kids, and then later we began to offer things for women too. I loved Lucky Fish, Makie, Erica Tanov and Margaret Solow and I knew that other people would too. I still work with these guys and we have become the best of friends, in the coming years we added talented people like Jess Brown, Sue Tsai of nico nico, and Katherine who makes Wovenplay among others. I don’t like to have anything in my store that isn’t made by someone I respect and equally respect what they are doing, I have nothing against men, but this meant that most the people I work with are women. It’s almost as if I become friends with all my vendors - and if I don’t they don’t stay around long. It’s important to me that we are all a big family and invested in each others success. When people ask me how do I know that I want in my store, I tell them that when I am in a partnership with a designer I know it’s going to work for me and be good for my customers. I believe that a store like mine is about being in a partnership with my customers, the vendors and myself. I know I can’t compete with big stores and I don’t try to - what we are doing is different. When you shop from us you are helping a designer work from home and raise her kids, she works with a factory that employs people who work hard, have regular hours and go home and spend time with their family. The garments are made with fabric that isn’t always organic but it’s made in the USA, Italy, India or Japan, again in factories with workers who are paid to work and then go home and spend time with their families. It’s all a part of a chain of respect - and that respect comes at a price that is different from something that is made in a factory with less than optimal conditions (that’s putting it lightly), that is not living wage.
Part of that loving relationship meant that I wanted to open a shop again, I missed being part of my community in the town we have called home for the last 12 years - Wakefield, Rhode Island. The decision to open a shop was not an easy one, I’ve never had the kind of wealth that allowed me to think extravagantly - whatever I was going to do needed to focus on ‘simple’ and straightforward, in both concept and design. When the space that I eventually took became available I knew it was the perfect place for Nonchalantmom - and things just came together after that, we built the furniture, we took things from our home and the result is just beautiful! So whether you are shopping online or in the store you are a part of our family, you are contributing to a place that is part of a hard working chain of people making good things. One day our concept will not be so unique and I will look forward to that day - it means more people making and designing great things that will make this planet better for all. PEACE OUT!


rip :: Prince

A hero to so many and one of the most unique individuals on the planet, we are so lucky he chose to share his great gifts with us - thank you Prince. If you are like me, from Minnesota and at a certain age we felt that Prince was our secret - we didn't really know that the world knew so much about him or was going to know so much about him. He owned our local dance joint - First Avenue and brought great acts there and occasionally showed up to play himself if we were lucky.

I feel compelled, as so many do today, to tell my Prince stories - I have a few, we loved him - but I also didn't feel cool enough myself to be a real groupie. When I was in my first year at college in Minneapolis a girlfriend and I skipped school for at least a week and signed up as extras for a movie called Purple Rain, we dressed up like nightlife Prince groupies - a bit Madonna a bit Prince - and showed up at 5am to sign in as 'extras'. Dancing all day, it was so exciting, but we honestly thought... "I'm not so sure about this movie..." we were just happy to be with the music and dance! (and we got paid something like $100/day) and the song Purple Rain, we just loved that song the moment we heard it, by the end of shooting we knew every word and we would sing it to each other constantly (while waving our hands in the air like we were supposed to during the movie shoot!). I got to be in a scene with him and Morris Day, I was so electrified by Prince I was almost immovable. I don't remember much about what I did in school that year but I will never forget that week.

If we weren't at First Avenue we were at Graffiti's a small dance-pit place that was previously a bank, with tall ceilings and graffiti painted everywhere, it had all of this ornate stone architecture. There was a Mezzanine where nobody really sat, except for Prince - every once in a while he would stop in. This night was Halloween and I was dressed as A Prince (not THE Prince), I was asked by his guards to come and sit at his table and as I stumbled to try to tell him that I was not trying to dress like him, I was really just dressed as a random Prince in a fairy tale... I actually got a smile from him, that never happened, but it did... to me!

In later years I saw him in an elevator, I drove into his driveway - his home was near my sisters house so we used to smoke pot and then say to each other... "let's go look at Princes house" seemed like a good idea at the time... haha...

He was a signpost for us quiet and shy Minnesota folk, the way he stayed in Minnesota, the way he could have done anything but he stayed there and just painted his house purple. Be your own guide to your unique future and let it take you where it will.  I am shocked to know that he was only six years older than I was, when he made Purple Rain he was 24 years old! Just march to your own beat and keep your integrity. Prince will forever live in my heart and represent a unique future that we all can cultivate of our own.

rip - prince



We are so very happy to announce that our new shop is OPEN! I am completely delighted with the outcome (I frankly don't ever want to go home anymore!), we used some muscle and built our own furniture, painted a LOT and put some nice plywood to good use. It became a family affair (Claire you are part of our family!) and the result is even more amazing than I could have imagined!

The next time you are in the Wakefield/Narragansett area you must stop by... I am sure we will have (better) photos to follow but we are OPEN and can't wait to see you in our shop.

ugh, these are quick snapshots... we don't have a sign yet... so more to come!

love - carina

Mom's Day is coming up... 20% off!

When the weather is warming up you know that Mothers Day is coming up... I look forward to a day at Brimfield Flea Market, I make sure to get a little something for myself, and a breakfast in bed... that's all I need! We are offering a very special (not usually offering a S A L E at this time of year) 20% off almost the entire store*! Stop in, troll around and shop for awhile - and let me know if you have any questions!

 Use code: 'mom2016' - 20% off!

(*not including: new Black Crane, Two and Little Paisley People)

quick link to Makie dress in photo here


wovenplay/pepe collaboration on kids shoes

The folks at Wovenplay have worked together with the fantastic Pepe shoes to make these delightful sneakers! I am in LOVE with them but alas they do not come in my size... but your KIDS can run all summer long in these great rainbow stripe shoes that super amazing quality made in Italy.

I have a limited amount - and we are the only ones who have them so come on in and grab your pair!

click here to shop


artist :: rashid johnson

a love for plants + art + design = rashid johnson

I am sure there is a deeper greater meaning to this instillation but without knowing what that is I just decided the I love this artists work. This piece is in the Garage Museum in Moscow and while installing the made a fantastic movie.

Thinking about a Tesla? so am I....

here it is.. Tesla Model 3

Even though I don't have enough cash to even think of a Tesla, I was curious to check it out and see what the new Tesla model 3 was all about - and I kind of wish I didn't... Love the car, my 14 year old son is obsessed! I have a few friends that have the current model and I've been in one enough to know that yes, it's the future that's for sure. Of course it is... good for planet AND looks good.

I have friend from my Esprit days (80's) who at that time (or somewhere around there) had the foresight to invest in Apple - he is now a millionaire, d - u - h... we lived in San Francisco so it was close to home, he didn't even invest much, but there you go... it can happen. So I was thinking, is Tesla the same thing, maybe so?

But either way... I want the car! :) If you are even thinking of it - check out this article in Treehugger (by Jason Martinko) for more info.

here's the link to Tesla, you know you want it...

recipe :: cashew lemon drink

This is my new vitamix obsession - I made this up because it's all of my favorite things in one drink!

It's good hot or cold! (bonus) and I'm just about certain I could have it every day. I use a lot of water so it's not heavy or doesn't way you down... just keep it light and yummy.


1/2 lemon (I just cut off the ends but leave the peel, that's good for you!)
1/2 apple or pear
handful of raw cashews
2-3 dates
1 tsp (or more) of cinnamon
good size chunk of fresh ginger

2-3 cups of purified water
2 ice cubes (it's just enough to make it cool, but not freezing)

blend in vitamix on high

enjoy! (and kids love it too)

have a great weekend!


N E W Lucky Fish in store and online!

It's the most highly anticipated collection to arrive for Spring in the store and Lucky Fish is here! This new stock of Lucky Fish is filled with bright and bold t's that your kids will LOVE (as usual). Really there is no other choice when you want your kids to be set apart from the pack... we were able to get some of the T's up to size 14-16 years (the following styles are available in size 14-16 years: "ellies'n roses" (purple elephant on white T), Bunny on mint T, La Paz foil on pink T, carousel horse on neon pink T) and most of the styles run up to size 12 - sizes 10 and 12 go fast so get yourself in there!

big lion is always a favorite! (unisex)
this is a new print for Lucky Fish and we just love it!
unisex silver foil MOON print
Whatever you choose your kids will LOVE them and you will like the fact that your kids are unique and have their own look.

We also marked down all other styles so most past season Lucky Fish is $20-$28!!

shop Lucky Fish here


Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

This is such a terrific tale that all kids enjoy and this year is the 150 anniversary of the Story of Alice's travels down the rabbit hole. When I saw this beautiful edition that is illustrated by Anna Bond I was sure that you all would love it as much as I do! It would make a nice Easter gift if you can get your hands on one that fast! But I think anytime this is such a great gift - maybe just for doing chores you can surprise your kids with this delightful book!

I hope you can find it in your local book store but if you can't it's here.

happy reading!

kids left the nest - do you want to help those in need?

I just got an email from Projects Abroad, they are looking for volunteers for cyclone disaster relief in Fiji. Tropical Cyclone Winston, which struck Fiji on February 20th 2016, left a trail of destruction in its wake. The storm was the most powerful ever to hit the islands and has claimed at least 43 lives and damaged or destroyed thousands of homes. Projects Abroad is looking for volunteers for recovery efforts in areas impacted by the storm.

The primary goal of the project is to help restore a safe learning environment for children by rebuilding and renovating schools in and around Lautoka, Ba, Tavua, and Rakiraki. Although the Fijian government is doing everything they can to return the children to a normal school environment, there is a great deal of work that must be done to ensure that the schools are safe. As work progresses, Projects Abroad will also be expanding the project to include rebuilding homes damaged by the tropical cyclone. You can help for one week or more...

For more information on how you can help and what specific kind of help is needed please go to their website and see if there is anything that calls your name... who knows, your life could change from today forward while helping a community in need.