A home renovation that will blow your mind

back of home

yes, if you are like me I am always into a home renovation story - it's impossible for me to skip them but when I took a look at this one I was so impressed. It's as if they left the center of the house and then just added the surrounding outdoor spaces onto it and completely changed the entire home. I can almost picture doing this to any style home - incredibly inspiring. The story was in Dwell magazine here's the complete story.

front elevation

This home is in Austin, Texas so they needed all this outdoor space, it's really the best outdoor space I've seen in a long time. With all the time we spend on our phones etc, we need a more appealing outdoor space and this is IT.


Crazy right! The couple, two architects, really did their thinking outside of the box - as they say!

see more interior photos and more of the story on Dwell