refreshing tea

It's not an Arnold Palmer, but it does have a name... I just can't remember it! (can someone help me out comment here...) and I had it in a small health food restaurant in Minneapolis, which... once again I don't remember the name.. BUT I LOVE THIS DRINK! And ever since both my husband and I are pretty attached to it. So if you come to our house this summer expect it...

steap a pot of green tea
leave it on the counter to cool
at some point make lemonade with fresh lemons, water & your favorite sweetener

pour yourself a glass of half green tea / half lemonade!
add some ice & maybe a sprig of mint and a slice of lemon... delicious!


fashion girls for Japan!

Join in supporting the earthquake and tsunami victims of Japan through

A special two-day designer sample sale to benefit Japan Society's Japan Earthquake Relief Fund, The Red Cross, and the MYC's Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Fund. 100% of proceeds from the sales will go towards the relief efforts.

More than 60 New York-based designers have come together including Alexander Wang, Altuzarra, Derek Lam, Diane von Furstenberg, M.Patmos, Doo Ri, Prabal Furung, Proenza Schouler, Thakoon, VPL, Zero Maria Cornejo and several accessories designers and pledged to donate one rolling rack of their clothing for this charity event. All items will be offered at 50% or more off the retail price.

335 Bowery New York

SATURDAY, APRIL 2nd :: 11am - 5pm
$5 minimum donation for admission
buy tickets online at: www.fashiongirlsforjapan.com

afghani dress - a true favorite!

I can't tell you how much love I have for this dress... it's true perfection for spring/summer/fall days. I get emails all the time, and if you are a convert.. you usually come back for more, in each color to be exact! A simple way to get ready in the morning, just throw this on... add a unique necklace and there you go! I love it with jeans, tights or bare legs! It's just the best way to make your way through warm summer months!

I have a few new Layla Afghani's (black and petrol!) at Nonchalant Mom in a top or a dress... either way, you will love it!

click here to find the Layla Afghani top or dress at Nonchalantmom


how western diets are making the world sick!

Last week there was a terrific interview on Fresh Air with Terry Gross with Kevin Patterson who is a doctor on the Arctic Circle. While he was in Afghanistan working on people there, he noticed the vast difference between the bodies and the body fat in particular. Afghan people have almost no body fat at all and you can only imagine what he was used to, it "was normal was to have most of the organs encased in fat". I felt that his story takes a very unique approach and you have this visual feeling of looking at these bodies and wondering what the heck went wrong?

I think that you will be interested to hear this conversation and if you can read his book, "Consumption" which is based on his experiences in the Arctic.

visit NPR and listen to the story by clicking here
visit your local bookstore and buy the book!


letterpress: Studio On Fire

poster by Studio On Fire

Sometimes the best of a few worlds all come together and meet in one office, creative agency or in this case a letterpress studio. I don't know these guys personally, but since they are also from Minnesota I do have that protective kinship. I certainly WISH that I knew them... I would ask them to re-create Nonchalant Mom in their very cool, funny and slick way that I think would be AMAZING! I found them through, well I can't remember trolling online, and purchased one of these delightful posters that I think everyone should have in their home, because it IS the Golden Rule!

party invitation?!


2010 calender

Studio On Fire will not only work on your letterpress printing, they will also collaborate on design as well and as they say... "It's like having cream and sugar in your coffee". Take a look through their website and portfolio and find the most beautiful work that is creative but at the same time playful and effective, I think these guys deserve a round of... something!

2011 calender

Don't miss their 2011 calender!

visit Studio On Fire website here


womens collections are HERE! - first up.. Layla!

Layla Spring 2011 collection

And they look super great! I'm so excited, and I only get this way when I am crazy about everything that comes into the store... Lots of navy blue, petrol blue, whites and earth colors! I think we hit the nail on the head with Layla, Matta, kit+lili and soon to come... Erica Tanov!
layla - azzah dress

layla - aventika dress

layla - magha top

layla - tanzil dress

and everyones favorite! - layla afghani dress (also in black)
So come in and take a look!

Nonchalant Mom - click here to shop!


hot diggity!

I have been craving mashed potatoes lately so we have had them in abundance... so at my son's birthday party, we served hot dogs, we did it the way my dad used to do it... with mashed potatoes! They were a big hit and I thought... this would make a good blog!

my mashed potato recipe: (I am pretty sure I have already shared this with you!)

potatoes - cooked water poured off and put a little butter on them and bit of milk
green onion
salt & pepper
greek yogurt

mash all together!

they are delicious and eat them with anything!
my new breakfast: siljans bread (swedish hardtack) + mashed potatoes! = yum!

happy eating everyone!

sara carr - wonderful little things!

A friend brought this website to my attention, and I love these little things by Sara Carr! I don't have much of a back story, so you are just going to have to take this one in and visit her website if you are interested!

This is her welcome message... so you KNOW she is good:
Welcome to my woolly world! I love knitting and make a variety of toys and accessories. All pieces are handmade by me with lots of love and care. Please email me if you have any questions or suggestions. Commissions are always welcome too. All of my items are freshly knitted to order so please do allow 7 - 10 days for your order to be made and shipped. Thank you for visiting my shop.

visit her shop by clicking here!


super sky skirts are back in stock!

These cute little skirts flew out the door the first go around... so now they are back in stock! (and she is working on more...) so get them while you can!!

green water flowers BACK IN STOCK!

pink flowers BACK IN STOCK!

ticking stripe BACK IN STOCK!

Let me know if you are not able to get your size and I can see what I can do... just send me an email!

thanks sarah!!


oil pulling

Usually I like to test out the things that I write on my blog, but in this case I know that oil pulling works as I know friends who do it. I am also just starting to oil pull as of yesterday and I am very excited about it and I will keep you posted on any 'findings'. Oil Pulling is an Ayurvedic technique that works to rid your body of bacteria through the saliva in your mouth.  Oil Pulling ("OP") is reported to cure: Mouth & Gum Disease; Stiff Joints; Allergies; Asthma; High Blood Sugar; Constipation; Migraines; Bronchitis; Eczema; Heart, Kidney, Lung Diseases; Leukemia; Arthritis; Meningitis; Insomnia; Menopause (hormonal issues); Cancer; AIDS; Chronic Infections; Varicose Veins; High Blood Pressure; Diabetes; Polio; Cracked Heels. ... that's quite a list isn't it? You can also visit this website to find a list of even more!

I was intrigued by the healthful benefits, I have friends who spend a few weeks at an Ayurvedic spa in India and the were both told to oil pull while there, according to Ayurvedic medicine mucous is a poison that must be removed. Personally I know that this is one of my problems so I got right onto the wagon and started oil pulling yesterday! Many people who have been oil pulling say that their teeth are whiter and it helps with teeth staining (like when your teeth turn dark from red wine!), this alone is a good reason to OP.

The following are the directions that I found on the Earth Clinic website. I did find that some people brush their teeth first and some do it after... but you can try both and see what works best for you. I also found the suggestion that you should sit down with closed eyes and concentrate as you pull the oil through each of the 32 spaces in your teeth, but if that is not possible you can check emails, shower... for the 10 - 20 minutes you are oil pulling.

These are instructions from India in which only 2 types of oil can be used, organic sesame or sunflower oil. But you can go to the website and see that people are experimenting with many different oils for the anti-bacterial properties.

First thing in the morning, before brushing your teeth, eating or drinking, take 1 TBSP of either sesame or sunflower oil. Put the oil in your mouth, tilt your chin up and slowly swish, suck, chomp and pull through the teeth. Do this for at least 10 minutes. 15 - 20 minutes is better. You want the oil to become a thin, white foam when you finally spit it out. If it's still yellow, you haven't done it long enough.
You can do this 2 more times during the day if you want to detox faster. Make sure you do it on an empty stomach, however. Spit it out in the toilet when your mouth is full and rinse your mouth out well.

Follow by drinking 2 - 3 glasses of water.

DO NOT SWALLOW THE OIL. It now contains parasites and bacteria!

The oil pulls all mucous, bacteria and toxins from your body through your saliva. According to Ayurvedic medicine, mucous is a poison that must be removed.

Note #1:Keeping the chin tilted up makes sure the oil gets to the back molars.

Note #2:The old school says that only sesame and sunflower oils produce favorable results. However, our readers report success using other oils too.

Note #3:If after meals, wait at least 4 hours before you Oil Pull. After drinking, wait 1 hour.

Note #4:A worsening of symptoms is an excellent indication that the disease/ailment is being cured.

Note #5:Do not stop Oil Pulling if you feel aggravated symptoms or heightened side effects after a day or two. Your body is healing.

Note #6:Will your dental fillings fall out? It's possible but highly unlikely unless there is pre-existing damage or loose fillings.

The oil will start to thin out after a few minutes because saliva is constantly being mixed in and swished about.

I even felt a sore jaw after the second day but I think that this is due to the gymnastics your mouth is going through.. I even think that this can help saggy jowls, tone your lymph system in your neck... There are so many benefits! read through the comments by people that are OP and you will find they are experiencing amazing results, one person said to rinse with warm saltwater afterwords, I think this sounds very beneficial. I think it's important to read through both of the websites I have listed to ensure you are knowledgeable about what you are about to take on, my blog here is only to introduce you to the idea, I am sure you will be fascinated when you read more!

click here to visit Earth Clinic for more information
click here to visit Oil Pulling.org for more information (including a video sample to show you how easy it is!)

Good luck and have fun oil pulling!


Diem Chau's raffle for Japan

Diem Chau is one of my favorite artists, I have written about her before but I got an email from her yesterday that she has wracked her brain to come up with a way that she can give to Japan, more then she can personally, with a raffle!

"I am in awe at how the Japanese people have persevered through these difficult days.  People stood in line, paid for items, kept their cool, helped their friends and neighbors.  Every single person kept their civility.  Such strength is inspiring.  My heart goes out to everyone there and I hope that perseverance will get them through the difficult days/months ahead." I love that she pointed out how delicate yet strong the people of Japan are and how they have shown the world how to persevere in the face of catastrophe.

Diem would like to make a humble offering and raffle off a crayon family portrait for the Japanese Red Cross Society.  The winner will get up to 3 crayons carved to their specifications.  Ticket sales start now and will go until midnight PST on March 23rd.  The winner will be announced on March 24th.  She will use Random.org to pick the winner.  She is hoping for at least 200 tickets, but I won't limit the number to 200.  "The more tickets I sell the more we can raise for Japan!" each ticket costs $10

Visit her website TinyHaus to learn more and enter the raffle! 


red cross

just in case you need a link

click here to visit the red cross and make a donation

It is very hard to go about our day and to continue working when there is so much devastation in Japan. This is a time to keep these people in your thoughts and send them your love and strength as they go forward in the midst of the unfolding disaster.

A good friend sent me this quote:

"Japanese People Never Give Up"

I love this and it keeps me hopeful.


its a GOOD thing!

Martha Stewart Living has just gotten so much better (if that's possible!)... Pilar Guzman (previously editor of Cookie) has just signed on as editor-and-chief of Living!! Yay... I am so excited, I can't wait to see where she takes a magazine that I already love... and I am sure that I will love it just that much more! Here's my guess... it is going to become a whole lot 'cooler'! (okay they could use a bit of that...)

Ms. Guzman is one busy lady (if you ever think that YOU have a lot going on, just think about how many balls she must have in the air) because she has also finally launched Momfilter together with another Cookie editor, Yolanda Edwards (remember her travel website: Travels with Clara). I 'friend'-ed momfilter on facebook which was posting just about every day with wonderful tips about so many things that have to do with raising kids, food, fashion and travel --yes, just about all that -- but then, when they went 'live' on their blog last week their posting went into hyperspace!

So whatever I am not giving you here... you can be sure it's on Momfilter!

I hope to work with them on some fun projects, just because I think they are AMAZING! I wish them the best of luck (and NO I don't think they need it).. this things in the bag!!

and can't wait to see what you do with Living Pilar! - go get'em tiger!


oH please Oh please.. won't you take a moment?

We are trying something new... we would like you to take a survey and tell us a little bit about how we are doing? We really want to know! Play nice guys... no, really we want to hear the bad stuff to so that we can correct it, but we also need to nice furry good stuff!

We love Nonchalant Mom and we are planning on growing in many different directions, but first we want to hear from you... to make sure that we are on the right track. So take our survey, it's anonymous, and it will only take about 2 minutes! (just 10 questions)

click here to take survey

So here we are... waiting to hear from you!
Thank you in advance for your help!


NYC (again....)

I took that... out the front window of car! ha!

Aren't you tired of me talking about going to NYC... I am too... But I have to tell you about this trip because it was so very super inspiring and a lot of fun and just a tad bit on the crazy side too!

It all started when I started my own business eight years ago (nonchalant mom) and then my husband (the Artist) in a sense has his own business as well. Then we moved to a town where NEITHER of us has ANY family (but we still love it!) and we do our best day to day to get our kids to school and run our businesses. This sounds like a lot of you right.. just trying to make life interesting and make a living! Well this weekend it all converged on us in NYC. My husband had the art shows going on with paintings at two shows (both SCOPE and PULSE) and I had the kids shows where I buy most of the collections you see in my shop. Normally, this is a fantastical trip that I usually talk about with dinners with my friends at Kit+Lili, MakiƩ and my 'new' friends Sue at nico nico and.... This trip was not that trip, but still we managed to have fun -- only in New York would that happen!

The kids and I drove down (it's a 3 hour trip) on Saturday night, arrived at 9pm and I woke them up in time to see TIMES SQUARE! They loved it and squealed with joy even though they were dog-tired! (and played 'Thriller' really loud, just for the impact!) We all stayed at a friends apartment so we unloaded everybody and after a bit of excitement they were sound asleep (god knows how with all the noise in that city!!). The next morning it was pouring with rain and it rained ALL day! We purchased some rain boots (otherwise we would have been screwed..) and we were on our way, we car-tripped it to Brooklyn to visit Jann's husband Tony and he took the kids to a movie while I went to MY shows (oh yea, I didn't even see my husband who came home at 3am, slept, and was up and out again at 8am!), while my husband was at HIS shows.... is this starting to sound like a reality show? It might be a good one... We all had dinner together at La Superior (amazing mexican - link here) and made our way home -- still raining!

Monday I had the chance to go and see my favorite collections at the Playtime show! It was wonderful to see everyone and WOW! You will be so very happy to see the amazing collections for next Fall! They all banged it out of the ball-park and I was completely excited by it all and I know that you are going to be impressed by the creativity and lot's of color that will be on display come July! I would show you photos but I don't think it's fair to these smaller collections, who have a chance to be copied by bigger brands if I show photos and they will come soon enough!! I will have it ALL because I couldn't stop buying....

the standard grill

So to add to the family craziness... we decided to celebrate Sanders birthday in NYC as a special treat. I managed to pick up some 'treats' at AREA/KIDS in Brooklyn (because somehow it's so much MORE fun if the gifts don't come from my store... why is that?) We had a little party at The Standard hotel's restaurant The Standard Grill and he opened his Staten Island Ferry toy boat complete with NYC police car and tow truck! So after hours of spilled drinks, amazing food!, some singing and lots of talking and comparing of notes on the shows we had seen, we ended our NYC stay and drove back that night to Rhode Island.

WHEW, we made it!!...


lists, lists and more lists...

fancy smythson & bond calender

I know that we are supposed to do this, it makes us more efficient, right!? I have always been the kind of person who needs a list, because if you give me free reign on a day I will undoubtedly trail off somewhere and get stuck reading labels at the supermarket, surfing blogs online, and even cleaning the house (ever find yourself with a toothpick cleaning out grooves!). With a list I am focused, I get to check things off, I get A LOT more done, and somehow I find it less stressful (I think it's because I am not trying to remember everything I am supposed to be doing!).

muji notepad - $4.95

We all have our vices, the plain old notepad, remember the palm pilot?, I have given into putting a lot in my phone as well and in the past (when I was rich and had a 'real' job) buying the really chic and expensive daytimer (in the 90's it was Prada...). Now I go for Muji (more my speed)! They have various different notepads to suit everyone and they are so cheap that you won't find yourself coveting them so much that you don't even write in them. These little ditty's fit in any bag and have a hard cover for taking notes on the run (the hardcover pictured above is $4.95). I tape lots of photos in mine of things I like, hairdo's, styles, colors, and also my to-do lists! even things I want to make (above). They work perfectly!

go to muji.com and check out their iPad apps

If you are prone to using an iPad (2!!) muji even has a beautiful app for that! click here to get it (I think I want it!) it seems very easy to use except for the fact that my whole family uses our iPad and I hardly get time to look at it. So for now I am back to my notebook.

our monthly family calender by russell+hazel

Russell + Hazel make really wonderful calenders and notebooks! I especially love their field books! We use the very large (approx. 22"x16") calender, we put everyone's things in one place all the after school activities, sports, holidays and birthdays... we fill it with all of our 'stuff' and put it right by the door so that you can check it as you go out (essential). This has been a lifesaver! and I know that our friends and neighbors have started using these as well!

market pad by knock knock

These guys at Knock Knock have come up with some really funny notepads and I am sure that they are useful to someone because I see them in so many stores! But today I saw this one and I think it was pretty genius... the "to the market" notepad ($10). How smart!? this way you write things down in the same way that you go through the store! I don't know about you but I always end up at the cash register and have forgotten 'something' only to have to run and find it! (but hey, that's what kids are for!). These notepads have banished that from happening because you write everything down in it's category! (how smart!)

I hope that this can help you to be more organized! If it's something you already do then you know what I am talking about... and if you don't... well try it and see if 'lists' make you more effective... and god knows we all need more of that!

click here to visit muji online
click here to visit russell+hazel
click here to visit knock knock


grocery shopping with Dr. Frank Lipman

I found this short video where Dr. Frank Lipman (via Daily Candy) takes you on a tour through grocery shopping in a healthy way. Think of this as a good start to March's National Kids Eating Healthy Month! Dr. Lipman goes by the tagline "The Voice of Sustainable Wellness" and I love that, he is internationally known for his approach to wellness, but I really like his attitude and the way that he presents it all, he makes it simple! If you are looking at becoming more healthy, Dr. Lipman is very inspiring and he makes it very easy.

Take a look at this video and it you like it visit his website and learn more about everything he talks about, mindfullness, cosmetics, and much much more! If you want, he will be speaking at the Urban Zen Center in NYC on Sunday with the topic of "Conversations on Sustainable Wellness with Dr. Frank Lipman". Come hear the "father" of Functional Medicine, Dr. Jeff Bland, with 3 of its leading practitioners, Dr. Frank Lipman, Dr. Mark Hyman and Dr. Bob Rountree in a unique conversation moderated by Dr. Lipman. I'm such a nerd and I love these kind of things so I am going... and I hope that I will see you there too!

daily candy's grocery shopping video
visit the website of Dr. Frank Lipman here
for more information no the seminar click here