letterpress: Studio On Fire

poster by Studio On Fire

Sometimes the best of a few worlds all come together and meet in one office, creative agency or in this case a letterpress studio. I don't know these guys personally, but since they are also from Minnesota I do have that protective kinship. I certainly WISH that I knew them... I would ask them to re-create Nonchalant Mom in their very cool, funny and slick way that I think would be AMAZING! I found them through, well I can't remember trolling online, and purchased one of these delightful posters that I think everyone should have in their home, because it IS the Golden Rule!

party invitation?!


2010 calender

Studio On Fire will not only work on your letterpress printing, they will also collaborate on design as well and as they say... "It's like having cream and sugar in your coffee". Take a look through their website and portfolio and find the most beautiful work that is creative but at the same time playful and effective, I think these guys deserve a round of... something!

2011 calender

Don't miss their 2011 calender!

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