lists, lists and more lists...

fancy smythson & bond calender

I know that we are supposed to do this, it makes us more efficient, right!? I have always been the kind of person who needs a list, because if you give me free reign on a day I will undoubtedly trail off somewhere and get stuck reading labels at the supermarket, surfing blogs online, and even cleaning the house (ever find yourself with a toothpick cleaning out grooves!). With a list I am focused, I get to check things off, I get A LOT more done, and somehow I find it less stressful (I think it's because I am not trying to remember everything I am supposed to be doing!).

muji notepad - $4.95

We all have our vices, the plain old notepad, remember the palm pilot?, I have given into putting a lot in my phone as well and in the past (when I was rich and had a 'real' job) buying the really chic and expensive daytimer (in the 90's it was Prada...). Now I go for Muji (more my speed)! They have various different notepads to suit everyone and they are so cheap that you won't find yourself coveting them so much that you don't even write in them. These little ditty's fit in any bag and have a hard cover for taking notes on the run (the hardcover pictured above is $4.95). I tape lots of photos in mine of things I like, hairdo's, styles, colors, and also my to-do lists! even things I want to make (above). They work perfectly!

go to muji.com and check out their iPad apps

If you are prone to using an iPad (2!!) muji even has a beautiful app for that! click here to get it (I think I want it!) it seems very easy to use except for the fact that my whole family uses our iPad and I hardly get time to look at it. So for now I am back to my notebook.

our monthly family calender by russell+hazel

Russell + Hazel make really wonderful calenders and notebooks! I especially love their field books! We use the very large (approx. 22"x16") calender, we put everyone's things in one place all the after school activities, sports, holidays and birthdays... we fill it with all of our 'stuff' and put it right by the door so that you can check it as you go out (essential). This has been a lifesaver! and I know that our friends and neighbors have started using these as well!

market pad by knock knock

These guys at Knock Knock have come up with some really funny notepads and I am sure that they are useful to someone because I see them in so many stores! But today I saw this one and I think it was pretty genius... the "to the market" notepad ($10). How smart!? this way you write things down in the same way that you go through the store! I don't know about you but I always end up at the cash register and have forgotten 'something' only to have to run and find it! (but hey, that's what kids are for!). These notepads have banished that from happening because you write everything down in it's category! (how smart!)

I hope that this can help you to be more organized! If it's something you already do then you know what I am talking about... and if you don't... well try it and see if 'lists' make you more effective... and god knows we all need more of that!

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