its a GOOD thing!

Martha Stewart Living has just gotten so much better (if that's possible!)... Pilar Guzman (previously editor of Cookie) has just signed on as editor-and-chief of Living!! Yay... I am so excited, I can't wait to see where she takes a magazine that I already love... and I am sure that I will love it just that much more! Here's my guess... it is going to become a whole lot 'cooler'! (okay they could use a bit of that...)

Ms. Guzman is one busy lady (if you ever think that YOU have a lot going on, just think about how many balls she must have in the air) because she has also finally launched Momfilter together with another Cookie editor, Yolanda Edwards (remember her travel website: Travels with Clara). I 'friend'-ed momfilter on facebook which was posting just about every day with wonderful tips about so many things that have to do with raising kids, food, fashion and travel --yes, just about all that -- but then, when they went 'live' on their blog last week their posting went into hyperspace!

So whatever I am not giving you here... you can be sure it's on Momfilter!

I hope to work with them on some fun projects, just because I think they are AMAZING! I wish them the best of luck (and NO I don't think they need it).. this things in the bag!!

and can't wait to see what you do with Living Pilar! - go get'em tiger!