recipe :: Daily Elixir

some days it's green and sometimes it's yellow (from the tumeric)
 Since my juice cleanse I have been addicted to making these elixirs, I don't have a juicer (yet... I'm saving up!) and I make these with my blender. I got the idea from the juices I used to buy at Whole Foods, I paid up to $10 for some of these, I love them but I can't keep doing that... So I have been mixing and working on different recipes. It's so much fun to try them each day - I share them with my husband and we never like the same thing so it's funny. I am a nut about tea and I drink mulitple kinds of tea's every day, but this is a nice way to change things, and what if... it made me skinny! haha... I love them and I hope you start to make your own too! If you do please share the recipes with me and I will post them!

As usual with my recipes I don't measure anything so this is just a general idea, you will make yours to taste and you can add or delete anything, but try it first this way and then make your adjustments.

Carina's Daily Elixir
1 cup purified (or ph) water
1 cup coconut water
1 small piece of tumeric (1 inch) peel and cut
1 small piece of ginger (1 inch) peel and cut
1/2 lemon (I cut the peel off but you can also leave it on)
1 tablespoon fresh rosemary
1 tablespoon fresh spearmint
pinch cardamom
pinch seasalt
pinch cayenne
1/2 tsp pepper
1 tablespoon coconut oil
1-2 tsp coconut nectar

sometimes I add a pear (yum) or an apple or pomegranate seeds, etc...

throw all in a blender and blend until it breaks all down and warms up the oil enough to mix it into the juice. Then use a strainer and pour into glass. I drink one glass first thing in the morning, I give one to my husband and then I put the rest in a jar and refrigerate for later in the day.

I use these ingredients because it's what I have in my garden, so sometimes I put in parsley instead of spearmint, etc.. use what you have and what you like!

hey... this might make a good cocktail... I'll try it and get back to you!

Kalon Studios Furniture for Kids and more....

My favorite furniture studio is Kalon, they just keep on top of things by creating beautiful, sustainably made with sustainable materials, furniture for your kids that ingeniously grow with them and can move into your home and be cherished forever! They make all kinds of gorgeous furniture for your home too, I just tend to focus on these great kids pieces. If you don't know Kalon yet (we have posted some of their limited edition items in the past) I think you should take a look (and I would suggest to get on their mailing list - so fun to hear from them whenever they create something new!).

They have just come out with this piece, the Caravan Divan Twin - which can be a twin bed and then move into a seat of whatever you like - effortless, generous and comfortable, this piece will live in your home forever. The pared-back styling and simplicity of the piece allow it to mix well in any setting. Sharing the proportions of a standard twin bed, the Caravan Divan can be used for lounging and seating or for sleeping.

It's a good place to start, with your kids, purchasing furniture that is made in USA in a sustainable, beautiful way that you can be proud of and will last forever!


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oatmeal :: every day

Recently I had my cholesterol checked and *WHAT* I have high cholesterol. I was handed a prescription for pharmaceutical, even before she asked me if I wanted it. I said "NO WAY!", I know I can get my cholesterol down through my food! So among other things, like exercise, cutting out some foods (fried!) and some yoga, I am revamping my diet. So I am going to do some posts on some new things I am trying and I love them.. maybe you will too...

I don't know about you but my kids love oatmeal, we have it just about every morning (I think I have made some posts about it in the past), but I have elevated my oatmeal recently. My husband says we should serve it as a desert (instead of other crap) because it tastes so good (coming from him that's saying a lot!). I change my recipe just about every time, depending on what I have in the fridge and what is in season at the moment. The idea of this recipe came from an Italian friend of mine, who had to eat tapioca cooked with lemon rind & vanilla bean - it was supposed to help him gain weight and keep his otherwise hyper personality a bit more calm (and I do remember it working for him!). That was one of our favorite deserts when we were heavily macrobiotic and living in Italy.

I typically don't measure anything so these are estimates, when you make it yourself you will adjust for your own taste anyhow, you can't go wrong really with these spices except with the cardamom and the sea salt - you need VERY LITTLE for big taste.

(I have cooked this batch with apples too)


1/2 cup oatmeal
1/2 cup Israeli Cous Cous
(you can use your favorite grain too to mix with the oatmeal, some ideas: millet or quinoa are delicious!)
1 1/2 cup coconut water
1 cup rice milk (maybe a bit less) or almond milk or hemp or oat or whatever you like (except cows milk)
1 tsp cinnamon (or a bit more)
pinch of cardamom
4-6 lemon rinds (you can cut them small for kids so they don't see them or leave them large and take them out before serving - I like to eat them though)
1/3 vanilla bean (slice it lengthwise to open up the seeds)
pinch of salt
when I make it for kids I put 1/4 to 1/2 a small apple diced

cook all together slowly on tiniest flame - you can even leave it sit towards the end and it will keep the grains cooking - about 20 minutes. If it's too thick at the end just add some water and leave it for a minute to soak into the grain.

you can top with:
coconut nectar
agave syrup
sunflower seeds
slivered almonds

There are millions of variations on this which are delicious, as a desert you can substitute a can of light coconut milk and then either water or coconut water. Dates make it a lot sweeter too... delicious!

can't wait to hear your recipes - comment or send me an email and I will post your ideas!

our latest sweetener is coconut nectar - love it! and it's low glycemic


Heidi Baron Godoff :: large needle hand-knits

the St. Helena wrap/scarf

I met Heidi when we did the Remodelista Holiday Sale last year, while we were at the sale I said to her, "You know, you look really familiar..." it took us awhile and then we finally realized we used to live a few blocks from each other in the South Street Seaport (lower Manhattan) - when we lived there it was a VERY small neighborhood, we are talking ONE cute little coffee shop owned by these two sweet guys from Minnesota. Heidi has this standard black poodle, gorgeous.. I always loved seeing that dog, but we didn't really know each other - I just knew her dog. Fast forward 10 years or so and there we are at the Remodelista Sale selling our wares! We kept in touch this time and on my last trip to San Francisco I looked her up at a Sheep Shearing festival (sounds crazy but it was GREAT) there she was with her table full of gorgeous thick scarves, hats and bags -- I love them!

While we transplanted in Rhode Island, Heidi managed to win the lottery (figuratively speaking of course) and end up in Napa Valley, California! (I'm totally jealous). Gone are her days of high-fashion rat race and onto greener pastures (I mean really!), her new location has given her the chance to sit back and smell the grapes, do some knitting, and yes, work a bit on the side consulting with clients she likes to work with -- sound like the life, maybe it IS! Let's all high-tail it out to Napa...

heidi carrying her knitting around with her!

Heidi has found her love in knitting with large needles, she started in that organic fashion, making something for yourself, then everyone goes crazy for it and you start making them for your friends, then the friends - friends want them too and you see where we are going... then I got a hold of her and begged her to make some things for Nonchalantmom (so glad she did!). Heidi starts with large needles, then she adds large yarn, super incredibly soft and light merino yarn and the result is these gorgeous pieces that are so versatile and fun to wear. She added leather ties so that you can almost wear these pieces as a vest or a scarf.

I want to remind you that we will have this collection only for a short time, then Heidi will take it back! (Oh NO!)

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need a water filter, why not get a gorgeous one!

The last time I was in San Francisco I got to visit the new Heath Ceramics location in the Mission, it's such an amazing *large* space - they also do work there so it's not only a showroom! One of the things I found was not at all ceramic, and I have been enjoying this water filter all summer and I know I need to pass this one on because I really love it!

I don't know about you but I really hate to drink ice cold water, it's not healthy, just think about it... it's 98 degrees in your body and then you toss down freezing cold water into your organs, I will be the voice for them... "eeekk... we hate it!", why not drink refreshing room temp water! This is what your body is asking for and there is no more beautiful way to get delicious filtered water than this Soma water carafe and filter. You can order one straight from Heath if you click here - then once you have that in your basket, quickly go to the ceramics and start your collection! Best part... you can spend your life collecting Heath... there is so much beauty!

Once you drink from the Soma water filter, you won't want to drink water any other way. We love how the German-made carafe travels elegantly from kitchen to table; we love even more how the California–made filter purifies the water to the highest standards. The biodegradable filter, made from coconut shells, silk, and a plant-based casing, is designed to enhance the taste of your water. ells, silk, anda plant-based casing, is desigd to enhance the taste of your water. Carafe comes with the first filter; second free filter can be obtained by registering at drinksoma.com. 
Soma Water Carafe + Filter


ryan roche :: style.com

image from Spring 2015 presentation

One of my favorite designers Ryan Roche has beautiful write-up on style.com - beware! it's going to make you want everything! for now you can get her scarves on Nonchalantmom, and her sweaters are coming soon... soon! (can't wait!). Don't miss this chance to get to know more about Ryan in this style.com article or you can follow her on Instagram, she is one of my favorites! Watch as her exciting career is going up, up and away! and no one deserves it more than her...


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back in stock! Olio e Osso

We are all stocked up again on the Olio e Sasso lip balms. I love these guys because they are produced in small batches. Each balm has an all natural base that utilizes the time honored nourising properties of olive and shea oils bound together with natural beeswax and grapefuit seed essential oil. These lovely balms are meant to be used on your lips, face, body and hair - I love to use them when we travel because it's all in ONE!

I keep the clear in my purse for those moments (especially at this time of year) when you need a balm anywhere, hands, cuticles, face... whatever! And there is certainly something about this container that I love.. it feels good upon application, just pick your color! They go from clear to lightly tinted melon, crimson and darker berry. It's just a light touch of color.

Recently they changed their name from Olio e Sasso to Olio e Osso - same delightful balms just a new name... so don't think you are seeing things... it's just a slightly different name.

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Juice Cleanse :: final

We finished off the juice cleanse, it was a 7-day cleanse, on days one and two we eased into it with green smoothies and then eased out the same way. It was not difficult and I felt better than I ever through the whole thing! Before I went into this I was having lots of allergy problems, with dust and seasonal allergies. I realized a few days after the cleanse was over that I didn't have those symptoms anymore, no more sneezing and waking up with watery eyes. And even now a week later they are still gone... For this alone the juice cleanse was amazing. I also lost quite a few pounds, not sure how many, but I feel much lighter - the tire around my waist is almost gone.

The things that have stuck with me after the cleanse are the juicing techniques I learned from Rebecca. I have been using them to make various smoothies, sauces with dinner, and lots of green dips. I would love to share some recipes but at this point I am just making something up new each time. I will say that cashew butter has been a big part, it makes everything lovely! Rebecca gave us a whole litany of recipes for smoothies all of which are delicious.

I think the juice cleanse can have the results of anything you are looking for, digestive problems, cleaning out your colon, starting you on a path to a good diet, allergies.. there are a whole range of problems that can but solved with a juice cleanse. It gave me so much energy, I got so much done, I was focused and strong throughout. My taste buds are more in tune with what I want to be eating and my sense of smell just became so strong and aware. Most of all if it's something you have always wanted to do, just do it! It doesn't take any preparation and it will impact your life in so many ways!

read more about Rebecca Briggs and her hOMenaturale cleanse
she has another one coming up October 10-17 or 21-29, 2014


Duchess & Lion

I wish my kids were small again because I would be all over these guys! And if they sold wholesale, YEP they would be in my store. But this is good for you... you can shop directly from this cute little line called Duchess & Lion. Their sizes run up to 4 years (oh please go up to 10 year!!) Easy clothes for kids to play and do whatever they want in - these are not the fussy type. All the clothes are ethically made in San Francisco (yay!).

Here are some of my favorites (well, just about everything is a favorite!)

gorgeously made with a large pleat in back

leggings for everyone :: boys and girls

oh so cool...

there are a few variations on this head wrap... although I can imagine my kids doing a lot more with this....
And if you can put your fast-thinking cap on and order this little dress asap... it will go on sale on tuesday - there may even be some cryptic way you have to order cause they will go fast... this is the cutest dress EVER.... sizes 12m to 4 year - it will go onto their webshop on Tuesday October 7th (but I'm warning you they will go fast...)

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