the BUS

There are a multitude of things that mystify me but none more than the School Bus. Maybe it's because I was "a walker" when I grew up, but I amazed by how the school bus dictates the school rather than vice versa. The middle schools in our area start at 7:30am, YES you read that right 7:30AM (although I know that some of you out there must start even earlier!) so if a kid takes the bus TO school in the morning, he may be getting on the bus as early as 6:30 AM!! WHAT the HECK... I know... I said the same thing! I completely imagine our son sleeping through the day, but he just happens to be an early riser so it has not been to bad on him.. wait until he gets to High School...

Then yesterday, our son came home with this bus repartee, I thought it was funny and I know this kind of thing goes on all the time but I love when I get the "he said, and then SHe said" kind of blow by blow of the bus ride:

Dante says (of COURSE his name is Dante!) "What am I lookin at... I'm lookin at your MAMA!"

Hunter says "Well your mama is so ugly she'd turn Medusa to STONE"

Okay so these are two small town New England boys... for heavens sake! I said to our son... are you SURE that's what was said!, "yep, it's because there was NO bus monitor, she's mean and that would never happen if she was there" and sure enough... today he came home and when I asked how was the bus today... his answer was "okay, the bus monitor was there today"...

If you ask me... we should all stick to WALKING!

Have a GREAT day!


la petite :: nico nico

Well I just have to say, better late than never... I just found this really gorgeous editorial on the Summer 2012 Nico Nico collection, as well as a bunch of cute photos of ESP no1 collection. I know I am supposed to be on top of this stuff but I really missed the boat by not reading La Petite magazine in a timely manner! ha!

So here are some highlights... then go visit La Petite and cruise the magazine for yourself (before they post the new Fall issue!!). The nico nico editorial is photographed by Andreas E.G. Larsson and styled by Samantha Baker - FANTASTIC!

visit La Petite magazine click here


nama rococo wallpaper panels

this is the piece framed (just to hold it flat for the photo) - it's neon pink and AMAZING!

Nama Rococo was founded by Artist Karen Combs in 2005, she makes this luxurious hand painted, hand printed wallpaper by the sheet. "Nama" means 'raw' in Japanese and then she felt inclined to add the word Rococo, because of her love for all things Old World and it's sensuousness. They believe that the ornate can exist in the contemporary as well as they baroque. For me it all mixes well into her work.. it could have no other name!

French Dot pattern

I have loved her work for a very, VERY long time and was happy to use some of her panels on a project, sorry no photos... :( - BUT you can have your very own piece of the pie, so to speak..

After our recent project and have two panels of the top (PINK) Nama Rococo wallpaper hand silkscreened print left. They sell for $126/sheet - I love them and have kept a few for myself but wondering if anyone is interested in them... email me and let me know at carinanonchalantmomcom

Nama Rococo website click here

same print as wallpaper

it's getting cool... stay warm in this beautiful PONCHO!

 With this lovely piece of warm and cozy... Just arrived from Matta and already my favorite thing of the week!! 100% Italian Cashmere (made in Italy) poncho... this is one that works for everyone, it's kind of small and not floppy all over.. the PERFECT size I would say!

WITH or without a belt... it's perfect!

shop NEW Matta here

WIN :: $250 shopping spree

WIN :: a $250 shopping spree!

We are celebrating our NINTH BIRTHDAY (what!?!!)
and we would like to show our gratitude with a little contest... it's easy... shop NOW through October 6th and you will be entered to WIN!! (all orders $100+ are automatically entered to win)

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THANKS SO MUCH for sticking with us SO long and making this whole adventure WORK!

Love, NonchalantMom (aka-Carina)

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to do: stencil jeans

Recently while running through La Petite magazine I found this great tutorial for painting your kids (ah hum.. yours too!) jeans! I have yet to put paint to fabric, but just in case you need to spruce up your look here is the tutorial! EASY peasy!

 I know this is hard to read - but all you really need is the stencil some sponges and fabric paint! Put a piece of cardboard inside the pants so that the paint does not run through the leg. They suggest you start at the bottom of one leg and then work your way up.
For full instruction go to La Petite magazine and see the full story (with larger text!). Please send me photos if you manage to get anything onto your jeans and I will do the same... I am planning a bit of a wave print... we shall see...!!

La Petite


baby and kid undies... Goatmilk

I promise you it's very hard to choose what is in NonchalantMom, there are SO many really lovely collections out there and I really WISH that I could support them all... one of those, one of my favorites, which I would love to have but somehow don't is GOAT-MILK. These guys create the most beautiful essentials, well made, terrific fabrics and construction, and thankfully organic.

The company is founded by Roland and Tania, who have that similar story to many parents who start companies which is; you can't find something that you had in your childhood, that was made well and with quality. In this case, Tania asked Roland to bring back underwear for her son from her native home of Spain while he traveled there for photo shoots. He looked into production years later when he started supplying Tania's second child PLUS all of her friends with fabulous underthings from Spain!

Goatmilk was born... I believe this is about their third season, and they are creating fantastic and essential undies, undershirts, long johns etc... There are really no better baby onesies and I believe that every kid needs a perfect stripe shirt for each season!

shop goatmilk here!


Lem Lem :: NEW Fall 2012 for WOMEN!

Babaloo navy smock shirt w/babloo scarf

Babloo smock shirt

I am just crazy about just about everything I have for the new Fall 2012 season... so I am starting with women... (and then kids next!! so cute!) - it started with Lem Lem and it arrived JUST in time for our End of the Summer Party.. and what a better time for new things to arrive than the DAY OF A PARTY - yes, excited as I was about all things new I just happened to want it ALL, somehow I think that Lem Lem works for me in the FALL and in the high summer...

Adamu scarf and Mala scoop neck Tshirt

 Lem Lem for Fall 2012 is a elegant weave of fine Italian wool and soft Ethiopian cotton, these two come together in a way that is beautiful and (what I love) unique at the same time. I love to wear Lem Lem because I feel like my self, I feel like my comfort zone is being worn on my outside as well as my inside.

black Mala dress w/Mala handbag

Lem Lem Fall 2012... (just assume that you will probably want to own ALL of these pieces!)

lem lem mala scoop neck dress in Navy OR Black!

Lem Lem Fall 2012 at Nonchalant Mom - click here

T magazine - sad face :(

When I got my T magazine fashion issue I set it aside - it's one of those things I want to take my time with and enjoy... Mostly because it's a place I can dream and it takes me away to a completely stylish place that I can sit back and contemplate and thoroughly ENJOY. Then my friend Tina came over and saw it on my table and said.. did you hear that Sally Singer is leaving.... I stopped... for crying out loud, when someone with an entirely different opinion, away from the ordinary hits the stage with something other than what is... expected, it just doesn't last long does it... (think Domino...)

Tell me.. does ANYONE like what Stefano Tonchi is doing to W magazine? Honestly with his covers I am embarrassed, for him, for fashion, for the people on the cover. But I knew I had in my back pocket... T Magazine... a place for people who have a dream, to read about people who are living their dream and creating something entirely unique and exciting to read about.

So there we go.. we have to say Goodbye to Sally Singer.. Thank you very much Sally Singer for a very happy and fun two years, I have enjoyed it and so have my readers! BUT I know she will do something else, I am hoping that we get more of this... what if... dare I say it Vanity Fair and Sally Singer get together...(!). Just in case anyone needs them... I have the last two years of T magazine right up on my shelf! :) (smiley face)

get the full story at the daily beast by clicking here
read the fall 2012 fashion issue here

todays fav:: Fresh Berry!

Who knew that after the perfect color (Passion) Fresh would add ANOTHER perfect color: Berry!

I went online immediately when I heard and already got it in my mailbox!

NEW favorite... BERRY!
(just in case you are new to Fresh Sugar they are a perfect combination of chapstick, lip stick, sort of a gloss but I hate gloss so I don't want to say that but it kind of IS like a gloss... perfect!)

buy it here!


Environmental Working Groups: Guide to Healthy Cleaning

My favorite go-to for toxic 'stuff' is the Environmental Working Group, they seem to have their priorities straight and they are not in the back pocket of any large corporation. So when they put out this Guide to Healthy Cleaning I took a look, just to make sure the things I like to use are safe and good for our family. I remember a story a few years back about a dog getting sick and the family couldn't figure it out.. then come to find out she was cleaning her floors with a Swifter and that was making the dog sick.. Wow.. but makes sense somehow. Not that THAT was the beginning of my natural product phase but it just drove home how all of these products we are being fed are TOXIC!

The guide is very easy to use and you can click on each item for complete details!

click here for Guide to Healthing Cleaning

click here for a quick reference on the products which the EWG feels are at the TOP of the healthy cleaning guide OR to check to see how your products rank

visit the EWG and see all of their guides from Sunscreems to Cosmetics and now Cleaning products.

(The EXG also announced that Johnson & Johnson - makers of brands like Neutrogena, Aveeno, Clean & Clear, RoC and Lubriderm - announced that it will reformulate its products to remove dangerous chemicals like formaldehyde-releasers and triclosan. This is a major victory.)


PARTY party parTY!

We had a little end of the summer party and decided to make it a Swedish affair... Well in that I mean that I ran down to Ikea and got all the food for our End of Summer BaSH! My mom has taught me well and I feel as though I may be a professional (well, not as good as SHE is) at the Ikea food section! (and yes, she's STILL mad at them for taking out all the Swedish name brands and replacing them with Ikea brand!)


:: matjes herring
:: smoked salmon with dill
:: herring caviar (the orange one)
:: swedish anchovies
:: tunnbröd
:: wheel of farmers cheese (and a NY friend just happened to bring a beautiful Balthazar bread!)
:: swedish meatballs

with the above we made:
:: Mor Mor Specialty - layer: sour cream (about a 1/4 layer in the bottom of a small flat pan), matjes herring (drain liquid and cut into small pieces), chopped hard boiled egg, garnish w/dill and pepper - you can spread this on thin cut bread, crackers or tunnbröd
:: smoked salmon we put out with the bread and cheese
:: herring caviar - serve creme fraiche, chopped fine red onion & caviar
:: Janssons frästelse - cut 5-8 potatoes (depending on the size of your pan) in matchsticks, cut fine one yellow onion and saute in butter until soft, and toss with one container swedish anchovies, a bit of olive oil and salt and pepper - put in pan and pour 1- 1.5 cups of cream into buttered pan and bake for approx. 45 minutes covered and take of cover and let top brown for 15 mintues (350-375 degree oven) (click here for full blog recipe!)

:: organic ginger snaps
:: damnsuggare (vacuum cleaners)
:: princess cakes
:: chocolate cake

plum sparkler (we never came up with a better name for this darn drink but it was delicious!)
aquavit - for toasting! a LOT!

I know it looks like no one came but I took these photos early!

We brought our living room outside and borrowed our neighbors fire pit (NEED to get ourselves one of these).  It was a lot of fun and delightful evening, somehow there were NO bugs and we just had a great time! I think its a good idea to do a theme and completely change your house around for FUN! It's fun for you AND your friends (and trust me your kids will LOVE it!)

okay so MOST people were outside!
 The food was a HUGE hit! and it helps to run around with trays of Aquavit (reminds me of my mom) for shots... and tips or shopping at Ikea (napkins, cups, table cloths, etc... there are SOME people who just don't know how to do it!! :) - I hope you know I'm kidding!

party people!

(we ended up letting the kids hang out.. they had a great time pretending they were adults - THATS the kid on the left! ha!)
just trying to give you party ideas!!

dying clothing - refresh your dreary clothes

I have a project that has been on my back burner for WAY too long. So now I am going to pass it onto you just in case anyone has the wherewithal to do it! AND if you do please email me and take some photos and we can post your results.

here you can see some of the many shades of indigo

So here it is, a few years ago I was talking to one of our customers and she had a GREAT idea. A few times a year she pulls together her clothing that has a small spot, has become discolored, maybe you just don't like the color anymore and want to change it. She pulls it all together and dyes it! I love the idea and I have a pile of things ready to go! I just haven't gotten down to the nuts and bolts of dying it.
by Britt Browne

To start out with, the clothes should be 100% cotton or you will need to make a test on it and make sure it works. Personally I would like to use natural dyes, so I asked my friend Britt Browne. Britt is a professional indigo artist so I knew she was the right one to ask. If I were lucky enough to live nearby her (Southern California) I would go to one of her classes on how to grow indigo or how to dye with indigo. Visit Britt's blog for more information on her art/classes and get a view of her work.

She told me that a good place to get any natural dyes is Botanica they sell all you will need and you can order online. Or there is a Natural Indigo Dye available on Amazon if you don't mind using them. When you use indigo you will get a natural look and it may have shades of blue or even purple (see chart above). But you can also become a New Yorker and just dye everything BLACK!

If you DO decide to do this project please send me the photos and we can post them!


The ABC's of Nonchalantmom

Open publication - Free publishing - More modern kids

We made this wonderful little catalog for you to enjoy!

The ABC's of Nonchalantmom

I made a little catalog - just to test this out - that you can view online.

Click here to see entire catalog

I hope you LOVE it and please let me know your comments!!

Thank you - carina