nama rococo wallpaper panels

this is the piece framed (just to hold it flat for the photo) - it's neon pink and AMAZING!

Nama Rococo was founded by Artist Karen Combs in 2005, she makes this luxurious hand painted, hand printed wallpaper by the sheet. "Nama" means 'raw' in Japanese and then she felt inclined to add the word Rococo, because of her love for all things Old World and it's sensuousness. They believe that the ornate can exist in the contemporary as well as they baroque. For me it all mixes well into her work.. it could have no other name!

French Dot pattern

I have loved her work for a very, VERY long time and was happy to use some of her panels on a project, sorry no photos... :( - BUT you can have your very own piece of the pie, so to speak..

After our recent project and have two panels of the top (PINK) Nama Rococo wallpaper hand silkscreened print left. They sell for $126/sheet - I love them and have kept a few for myself but wondering if anyone is interested in them... email me and let me know at carinanonchalantmomcom

Nama Rococo website click here

same print as wallpaper