baby and kid undies... Goatmilk

I promise you it's very hard to choose what is in NonchalantMom, there are SO many really lovely collections out there and I really WISH that I could support them all... one of those, one of my favorites, which I would love to have but somehow don't is GOAT-MILK. These guys create the most beautiful essentials, well made, terrific fabrics and construction, and thankfully organic.

The company is founded by Roland and Tania, who have that similar story to many parents who start companies which is; you can't find something that you had in your childhood, that was made well and with quality. In this case, Tania asked Roland to bring back underwear for her son from her native home of Spain while he traveled there for photo shoots. He looked into production years later when he started supplying Tania's second child PLUS all of her friends with fabulous underthings from Spain!

Goatmilk was born... I believe this is about their third season, and they are creating fantastic and essential undies, undershirts, long johns etc... There are really no better baby onesies and I believe that every kid needs a perfect stripe shirt for each season!

shop goatmilk here!