dying clothing - refresh your dreary clothes

I have a project that has been on my back burner for WAY too long. So now I am going to pass it onto you just in case anyone has the wherewithal to do it! AND if you do please email me and take some photos and we can post your results.

here you can see some of the many shades of indigo

So here it is, a few years ago I was talking to one of our customers and she had a GREAT idea. A few times a year she pulls together her clothing that has a small spot, has become discolored, maybe you just don't like the color anymore and want to change it. She pulls it all together and dyes it! I love the idea and I have a pile of things ready to go! I just haven't gotten down to the nuts and bolts of dying it.
by Britt Browne

To start out with, the clothes should be 100% cotton or you will need to make a test on it and make sure it works. Personally I would like to use natural dyes, so I asked my friend Britt Browne. Britt is a professional indigo artist so I knew she was the right one to ask. If I were lucky enough to live nearby her (Southern California) I would go to one of her classes on how to grow indigo or how to dye with indigo. Visit Britt's blog for more information on her art/classes and get a view of her work.

She told me that a good place to get any natural dyes is Botanica they sell all you will need and you can order online. Or there is a Natural Indigo Dye available on Amazon if you don't mind using them. When you use indigo you will get a natural look and it may have shades of blue or even purple (see chart above). But you can also become a New Yorker and just dye everything BLACK!

If you DO decide to do this project please send me the photos and we can post them!