who knew: fire cider - our new obsession!

Noel Prophet a fire cider fan

We found this Fire Cider in our local co-op and thought why not? I have heard of the benefits of apple cider vinegar, and lately it's been in the news again a bit. So, when I saw this interesting label, I thought hhhhmmm what could the 'fire' be... and then I tested it! WhoaA! Something this powerful has to be good for you, and now we are addicted to the taste every morning. When I told my mom about it she said her sister used to take apple cider vinegar every day (she lived to be 89 and happy and healthy all the way, no one laughed better than lovely Ruth!) - maybe it's a Swedish thing.. I'm not sure?

But you MUST try this stuff... we take a shot each morning - before anything.. They have lots of recipes on their blog and it seems to make a great cocktail and terrific salad dressing!

vist their website here
(tell them I sent you! ha! fire UP!)

mothers day ideas...

I'm sure there will be more of this to come... it's what a blog is for for gods sake...

from top left:

margaret solow pink/red/peach stones - tourmaline and rubies - ($220-$430) make a beautiful mothers day memory

utility canvas - perfect canvas bags & clothing :: all made in USA with domestic canvas - it's all good here!

riviera leisure shoes - for kids and women - the perfect summer slip on!! (soft terrycloth inside makes them super comfortable)

Clare V - only the best wallets and handbags this side of the west indies! all made in the USA

now these are just SOME of my favorite picks... more to come!


elixirs & co - you will love these scents with a purpose!

A few years back when I was in Paris I picked up the Elixirs & Co Présence(s) perfume n1 and it is my constant companion. It gives me a lift when I need it - since it's a perfume it stays with me for longer than the usual oils I wear. These Elixirs offer not only a lift of the olfactory but they are also infused to fully harness the benefits of the 38 flower remedies discovered by Dr Bach, through a range of natural and innovative scents. These essences are created by Gérard Wolf in France, a specialist in Bach flower remedies. These essences help to re-balance our emotional state, resulting in a better ability for our body to stay healthy.

this is one of the two perfumes no.1 and no.2

I love the Bach Flower remedies (The remedies, not these perfumes) I have talked about them many times here on my blog. I have used them for pregnancy, childbirth, for my babies up through kids, and breastfeeding just to name a few. Recently I have used Bach Flower remedies to help my husband get through a dark period (he didn't know I was giving them to him each day in glasses of water - I felt a bit like a water maid but it certainly was worth it!) I gave him Sweet Chestnut, and it was a tremendous benefit. I have used the Bachs Rescue remedy for the kids, when traveling I never forget it - it's good for weird things that come up, wipe-outs and airplane travel. With breastfeeding it helps your milk to come in and for childbirth, it just helps you cope through the whole thing, stay alert and on top of things.

eau de toilet

So you can imagine when I found an everyday perfume that uses the essences of the Bach flowers I was so happy! I am glad that they offer your choice of perfume, toilet water or essential oils.

Try them all and see what works for you! If you have any questions on the scents please don't hesitate to ask me. I wish that I had testers I could hand out to everyone - I could scent your order with anything you wish... just tell me!

essential oil roll ons

you will find all the scents here at nonchalantmom


NEW :: Wovenplay!

swimsuits and MORE...

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My Brother, Teddy by Kelly O'Brien (as told by Emma)

There are so many things in the world, friends stories, family situations - it is rare that something from the outside comes in to touch our heart, to give you a window and to naturally share a story that is deep and part of someone. This is a story of 'My Brother, Teddy' by independent filmmaker Kelly O'Brien, it is the story of Teddy as told by his sister Emma.  Emma was just three when Teddy was born, with a viral infection he contracted in utero that caused extensive brain damage. This short film captures her love for Teddy, one not weighted down by disappointment, sadness or a full understanding of all the ways in which he wasn’t “normal.”

This piece is an OP-Ed piece that ran in the New York Times - I love the 'softness' of this film and lovely way that Emma is with her brother, how she is playful and loving with him.

link to the film

Kelly O'Brien is a mother of three who lives in Toronto. Her film “Softening,” from which this Op-Doc for the New York Times is adapted, won the grand jury prize in the shorts competition at the 2013 DOC NYC festival. 

Thank you Kelly for sharing this piece with us.

Link to the full piece in the New York Times

travel :: India - visit Mumbai with Monica Patel-Cohn (Two caftans)

This morning I took a break - it's been a crazy few weeks of photographing, lots of computer-driven work inputting new collections and shipping like crazy! So I needed a break and decided to check out Monica's post on Remodelista by Sarah Lonsdale. Monica is the woman behind the Two collection (click here for a link to her collection on Nonchalantmom)

I don't know about you but India is one of those places that I have always wanted to go... but have not been able to make the trip yet... but it's my promise to myself for my 50th... (coming soon!) so I hope those dreams will come true, in the meantime we have this gorgeous recount from Monica who is a regular...

here is a taste - but bop on over to Remodelista for the full story!

Above L: Kinari Market in Chandri Chowk. Above R: A three-wheel bike used for navigating the markets. Photograph by Monica Patel-Cohn.

Above: Mr. Manjeet and his Ambassador taxi. Photograph by Monica Patel Cohn.

Above: Moonriver, a design concept store. Photograph via Vogue India.

From there, you can look in the right-hand column for MORE places you will love to visit on YOUR trip to India. It's just such a magical place, full of chaos and color, but as Monica says, you need to have yourself planned out or you won't be able to do all you need because of all the chaos.

Kala Ghoda cafe

I was intrigued by this photo of a lovely cafe: Kala Ghoda Café then there were some shopping suggestions, dining and more...

India here we come... now, Who's coming with me!!??

Remodelista :: Ask the Expert: An Insider's Guide to Delhi from Monica Patel-Cohn by Sarah Lonsdale

seasons change....

I just can't stop listening to this... so here you go, I'm passing it onto you. I don't know if it's the fact that he looks just like Marlon Brando is singing this terrific song to you, it's the dancing (love it!) or the whole package... I just can't stop - I guarantee it will put a smile on your face though...

And of course I went on to buy the whole album, cause I'm a sucker like that, and I like the whole darn thing! Future Islands - Singles

Hope you do to... (your kids will like it too!)



the NonchalantDad: Comparisons

Kaya's Bedroom (Age 4) - Tokyo, Japan

Like you perhaps, I used to hear a phrase that went something like this: 'Eat what's on your plate, there are starving children in Africa that would love to have it.' It was what I remember as my first lesson in comparisons between what was supposed to be the 'haves' and the 'have nots'. There was that phrase. And because my parents were immigrants to the 'new world', I'd often be reminded of another comparison between what they considered my relatively comfortable upbringing as compared to theirs. It was pretty effective in helping me respect what I had. But, in hindsight, it might have been more effective had my parents had a ready access to images to support their statements. Today, with my own children, I find myself sometimes admonishing them with the same statements - a variation on those I heard when I was a child. The comparisons still remain. I'd like them to understand that not everyone may live in the same world they live in. The lesson is twofold. For one thing, they might see what they have that others do not. But, behind that is an even more important message. They might actually see what others have that they do not. I don't think my parents actually considered that second message, as they assumed that what we might have - everyone else wanted too.

When I find myself in that position again with my children, now I'll at least have a photo reference at my fingertips to share with them. And, as we all know, there's not much that is stronger than a good image. Photographer James Mollison has taken a series of photos (and by doing so, collected stories) from a variety of children around the world he has encountered in his journeys and created a wonderful book showing us these comparisons titled 'Where Children Sleep'. East, West, North, and South, you might just be surprised to find that there isn't a simple line between what we have and what we don't.

Dong's Bedroom (Age 9) - Yunnan, China
Alex's 'Bedroom' (Age 9) - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Seeing this book also reminded me of a similar project that takes into account not just a child's perspective, but extends the story to a family perspective. In an interesting book titled 'Material World: A Global Family', by Peter Menzel, we get to see a collection of images that take into account the meaning of possessions. We are offered the same insights from around the world, free to make our own comparisons.

These are interesting books to share with our children, as we have in our household. The lesson of comparison and gratitude all the more easier to convey because of them. We live in worlds that seemingly get smaller and smaller at times and our understanding of the world more narrow because of it perhaps. Books, and images, like these help us remember how expansive things really might be. And, at root, the things we might share as humans.

the Costa Family with all their possessions - Havana, Cuba


The SHIP-kite by Haptic Lab

The Haptic Lab team is comprised of a small group of craft artisans, designers and tinkerers. Drawing upon a diverse creative skill sets, they seek to change the world of producing goods to bring about transparency, simplicity, sustainability and consciousness. Their current collaboration are these amazing ship kites! They are a unique collection made in collaboration with Balinese artisans exclusively for Haptic Lab, and each handcrafted kite really flies. The kites also make beautiful decorative objects displayed at home. No ocean required.

I found Haptic Lab years ago and so happy that I did...they come up with the most beautiful solutions and fun living products (remember their gorgeous baby quilts) - These kites really FLY... more photos to come of the ships in flight as we use ours on the beach...

you can also use them in your home for great decor results... have that bare spot high up on the ceiling... hang a ship kite!

so many uses for these so don't just think of them as a plain old kite! they are not OLD for one thing... I've never seen anything like this...

shop kites at nonchalantmom here

summer and travel accessories

Just Arrived :: new travel accessories! 

Perfect for travel and more... These summer foutas are easy-care and perfect for just about every kind of travel, we use them as blankets, beach towels, beach blankets, we use them around the home (curtains when the sun comes blaring in!) and their uses are endless. They fold flat so they are easy to tote in your beach bag or purse... Pick your color and you are ready to go.

foutas hanging on our outdoor shower
beautiful blues!

These foutas are sized perfectly to use as a bed spread on twin beds. I take them on the airplane with me cause you never know when someone is going to need a blanket.... you see... the uses are endless!

gauzy summer scarves in bright colors for summer!

This is the time of year when a light cotton scarf is just the ticket to make all your boring winter clothing look spruced up for summer - before you jump out there and buy your new spring clothing just pop one of these easy summer scarves - cheap and cheerful! (only $38). When they arrived in the store we all grabbed one for ourselves and it's been our spring uniform.

summer scarve, lemon/grey, mint/grey, pink/grey, white/grey, coral or khaki

Travel clothing pieces - TWO caftans or the perfect Layla Afghani dress... two favorite summer holiday picks....

two peach top
layla black short caftan
layla afghani dress - navy

layla afghani dress - violet haze
lucky fish totes! perfect back tote....

Clare V grande pochette - natural leather with neon stripes

the perfect Clare V beach tote! A La Plage....
Have FUN on your vacation... and remember... relax and have a good time!

(kids travel tips coming neXT!)