who knew: fire cider - our new obsession!

Noel Prophet a fire cider fan

We found this Fire Cider in our local co-op and thought why not? I have heard of the benefits of apple cider vinegar, and lately it's been in the news again a bit. So, when I saw this interesting label, I thought hhhhmmm what could the 'fire' be... and then I tested it! WhoaA! Something this powerful has to be good for you, and now we are addicted to the taste every morning. When I told my mom about it she said her sister used to take apple cider vinegar every day (she lived to be 89 and happy and healthy all the way, no one laughed better than lovely Ruth!) - maybe it's a Swedish thing.. I'm not sure?

But you MUST try this stuff... we take a shot each morning - before anything.. They have lots of recipes on their blog and it seems to make a great cocktail and terrific salad dressing!

vist their website here
(tell them I sent you! ha! fire UP!)