elixirs & co - you will love these scents with a purpose!

A few years back when I was in Paris I picked up the Elixirs & Co Présence(s) perfume n1 and it is my constant companion. It gives me a lift when I need it - since it's a perfume it stays with me for longer than the usual oils I wear. These Elixirs offer not only a lift of the olfactory but they are also infused to fully harness the benefits of the 38 flower remedies discovered by Dr Bach, through a range of natural and innovative scents. These essences are created by Gérard Wolf in France, a specialist in Bach flower remedies. These essences help to re-balance our emotional state, resulting in a better ability for our body to stay healthy.

this is one of the two perfumes no.1 and no.2

I love the Bach Flower remedies (The remedies, not these perfumes) I have talked about them many times here on my blog. I have used them for pregnancy, childbirth, for my babies up through kids, and breastfeeding just to name a few. Recently I have used Bach Flower remedies to help my husband get through a dark period (he didn't know I was giving them to him each day in glasses of water - I felt a bit like a water maid but it certainly was worth it!) I gave him Sweet Chestnut, and it was a tremendous benefit. I have used the Bachs Rescue remedy for the kids, when traveling I never forget it - it's good for weird things that come up, wipe-outs and airplane travel. With breastfeeding it helps your milk to come in and for childbirth, it just helps you cope through the whole thing, stay alert and on top of things.

eau de toilet

So you can imagine when I found an everyday perfume that uses the essences of the Bach flowers I was so happy! I am glad that they offer your choice of perfume, toilet water or essential oils.

Try them all and see what works for you! If you have any questions on the scents please don't hesitate to ask me. I wish that I had testers I could hand out to everyone - I could scent your order with anything you wish... just tell me!

essential oil roll ons

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