summer and travel accessories

Just Arrived :: new travel accessories! 

Perfect for travel and more... These summer foutas are easy-care and perfect for just about every kind of travel, we use them as blankets, beach towels, beach blankets, we use them around the home (curtains when the sun comes blaring in!) and their uses are endless. They fold flat so they are easy to tote in your beach bag or purse... Pick your color and you are ready to go.

foutas hanging on our outdoor shower
beautiful blues!

These foutas are sized perfectly to use as a bed spread on twin beds. I take them on the airplane with me cause you never know when someone is going to need a blanket.... you see... the uses are endless!

gauzy summer scarves in bright colors for summer!

This is the time of year when a light cotton scarf is just the ticket to make all your boring winter clothing look spruced up for summer - before you jump out there and buy your new spring clothing just pop one of these easy summer scarves - cheap and cheerful! (only $38). When they arrived in the store we all grabbed one for ourselves and it's been our spring uniform.

summer scarve, lemon/grey, mint/grey, pink/grey, white/grey, coral or khaki

Travel clothing pieces - TWO caftans or the perfect Layla Afghani dress... two favorite summer holiday picks....

two peach top
layla black short caftan
layla afghani dress - navy

layla afghani dress - violet haze
lucky fish totes! perfect back tote....

Clare V grande pochette - natural leather with neon stripes

the perfect Clare V beach tote! A La Plage....
Have FUN on your vacation... and remember... relax and have a good time!

(kids travel tips coming neXT!)