My Brother, Teddy by Kelly O'Brien (as told by Emma)

There are so many things in the world, friends stories, family situations - it is rare that something from the outside comes in to touch our heart, to give you a window and to naturally share a story that is deep and part of someone. This is a story of 'My Brother, Teddy' by independent filmmaker Kelly O'Brien, it is the story of Teddy as told by his sister Emma.  Emma was just three when Teddy was born, with a viral infection he contracted in utero that caused extensive brain damage. This short film captures her love for Teddy, one not weighted down by disappointment, sadness or a full understanding of all the ways in which he wasn’t “normal.”

This piece is an OP-Ed piece that ran in the New York Times - I love the 'softness' of this film and lovely way that Emma is with her brother, how she is playful and loving with him.

link to the film

Kelly O'Brien is a mother of three who lives in Toronto. Her film “Softening,” from which this Op-Doc for the New York Times is adapted, won the grand jury prize in the shorts competition at the 2013 DOC NYC festival. 

Thank you Kelly for sharing this piece with us.

Link to the full piece in the New York Times