rockabye baby music

Just in case you are tired of the "baby mozart" side of lullaby music, baby rock records has brought us "rockabye baby"! Now you can listen to your favorite Led Zeplin tune in lullaby version. My friend Wayne turned me onto this, and he is a complete music nut, he has by far the most complete (and also the most sophisticated) music selection of anyone that I know, (if you are in music trouble email me with "wayne" in the subject and I will pass it on to him). In the meantime, the beatles, bjork, U2 and more have a rockabye baby lullaby version and you can purchase them at babyrockrecords.com ...these records are no jack johnson, as in you might go a little crazy after awhile but it's funny to hear stairway to heaven in ding dong lullaby music!


Ida's safari room

You are going to hear a lot from my friend Karen, she is kind of a partner in crime with me...we egg each other on an push each other to do interesting things, everyone needs a "Karen" in their life. She has an amazing store in Switzerland called kdeco, I will do more on that later, but for now...this is the room that she created for her new daughter Ida (boy is she a lucky girl!). This is what you get when you cross an amazing stylist with a new baby! Karen styles furniture catalogs for the likes of Italy's most chic modern furniture makers. She decided to do a Safari room for Ida and she went all they way, what I love about this baby room is that it is anything but the traditional kids room, dark and rich colors, 3-d wall murals, dragonflies, it's all in there, and when Ida grows up the room will easily grow with her... if you want more tips from Karen on how to create your own safari room for now you have to email to me and I will forward them, but soon she will have her own website and also guest blog on nonchalant mom! (YAY!!)

amsterdam forever!

One of my favorite blogs is Bloesem (it's my homepage)! She has such great postings and inspiring ideas that I always end up being hooked on her blog for hours...I actually have a half-hour hourglass that I have to use as a timer so that I don't spend the whole day there! Recently she posted a trip to Amsterdam and we were immediately talking about moving there! At the same time my husband snuck a trip there while in London and came back with some of the best second-hand shop toys I've seen in a long time! So go to Bloesem and don't miss her "weekend reads" on Amsterdam "Amsterdam on my mind"...thanks Irene!

umeboshi for your kidneys

Do you see dark circles under your eyes, this could mean that your kidneys are not happy. I started to notice after I had Franny that I had dark circles under my eyes and I couldn't use enough concealer to cover it up... and obviously I just thought I was tired, but a year later I realized there might be more to the case than that when I was talking to a macrobiotic friend and she said, "oh, your kidneys must not be in order" and the light bulb went on! "bing" I got a bottle of "ume plum balls" (by Eden) and started taking as much as five a day (it suggests on the bottle as many as 10-15 a day so this was mild), they taste pretty wicked but within a week my dark circles were gone! Now every once in awhile I put an umeboshi plum in my kukicha tea and I am set. Umeboshi will make you more alkaline, which with all the sweets and bad food many of us eat today we swing to the acid side of things. If you have excessive dark circles you should see your doctor or even an acupuncturist.

nonchalant kids at bubble in NYC

In the beginning of March at the Bubble show in NYC, we launched the Nonchalant Kids collection for next Fall! It was wonderfully fun and a big success. We just felt it was the right time and we did it, the collection is simple, unisex and above all colorful and I love it! Many of the fabrics are from Ikea...how about that! (just to show you that you can do it too!) I was in NY for days looking at prints from all over and didn't really find my groove in anything, and on my way home stopped at Ikea, and there they were and the tone was set! You will see the collection in select stores and obviously at nonchalantmom.com in late July....hope you like it as much as we do!