umeboshi for your kidneys

Do you see dark circles under your eyes, this could mean that your kidneys are not happy. I started to notice after I had Franny that I had dark circles under my eyes and I couldn't use enough concealer to cover it up... and obviously I just thought I was tired, but a year later I realized there might be more to the case than that when I was talking to a macrobiotic friend and she said, "oh, your kidneys must not be in order" and the light bulb went on! "bing" I got a bottle of "ume plum balls" (by Eden) and started taking as much as five a day (it suggests on the bottle as many as 10-15 a day so this was mild), they taste pretty wicked but within a week my dark circles were gone! Now every once in awhile I put an umeboshi plum in my kukicha tea and I am set. Umeboshi will make you more alkaline, which with all the sweets and bad food many of us eat today we swing to the acid side of things. If you have excessive dark circles you should see your doctor or even an acupuncturist.