amsterdam forever!

One of my favorite blogs is Bloesem (it's my homepage)! She has such great postings and inspiring ideas that I always end up being hooked on her blog for hours...I actually have a half-hour hourglass that I have to use as a timer so that I don't spend the whole day there! Recently she posted a trip to Amsterdam and we were immediately talking about moving there! At the same time my husband snuck a trip there while in London and came back with some of the best second-hand shop toys I've seen in a long time! So go to Bloesem and don't miss her "weekend reads" on Amsterdam "Amsterdam on my mind"...thanks Irene!

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manon said...

just happen to track you down, carina and find myself on your blog..
So.. your hubby went to amsterdam without even contacting me?? hope whenever you come that you get in touch. best, m