Ida's safari room

You are going to hear a lot from my friend Karen, she is kind of a partner in crime with me...we egg each other on an push each other to do interesting things, everyone needs a "Karen" in their life. She has an amazing store in Switzerland called kdeco, I will do more on that later, but for now...this is the room that she created for her new daughter Ida (boy is she a lucky girl!). This is what you get when you cross an amazing stylist with a new baby! Karen styles furniture catalogs for the likes of Italy's most chic modern furniture makers. She decided to do a Safari room for Ida and she went all they way, what I love about this baby room is that it is anything but the traditional kids room, dark and rich colors, 3-d wall murals, dragonflies, it's all in there, and when Ida grows up the room will easily grow with her... if you want more tips from Karen on how to create your own safari room for now you have to email to me and I will forward them, but soon she will have her own website and also guest blog on nonchalant mom! (YAY!!)