rockabye baby music

Just in case you are tired of the "baby mozart" side of lullaby music, baby rock records has brought us "rockabye baby"! Now you can listen to your favorite Led Zeplin tune in lullaby version. My friend Wayne turned me onto this, and he is a complete music nut, he has by far the most complete (and also the most sophisticated) music selection of anyone that I know, (if you are in music trouble email me with "wayne" in the subject and I will pass it on to him). In the meantime, the beatles, bjork, U2 and more have a rockabye baby lullaby version and you can purchase them at babyrockrecords.com ...these records are no jack johnson, as in you might go a little crazy after awhile but it's funny to hear stairway to heaven in ding dong lullaby music!