THE bag! - Hable Construction

This season I didn't really have any tote bags to offer, with Kit+Lili not around anymore and no more Hable Construction bags... but WAIT... Hable is having a sale until September 4th on their FANTASTIC bags! Don't miss out this comes around only once a year (well actually I have NEVER seen them put their bags on sale!)

Oh, and this iPhone case... I think this is pretty cool too!

Go get 'em tiger!

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backseat blanket- Pierrepont Hicks

I LOVE these guys... Pierrepont Hicks, somehow they do everything cool! Tehy made this perfect Backseat blanket, for my NEW (old) Mercedes.. what do you think!? :)

They usually stick with fantastic ties and such for Men... but somehow they came up with this doosey which I just LOVE!

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repost: recipe: kichadi

our kichadi - we added daikon because I love it and served it with cilantro and some guacamole
I AM REPOSTING THIS BECAUSE I MADE IT AGAIN AND IT JUST FEELS SO GOOD AT THIS TIME OF YEAR! with all of the summer foods that we eat, which we may not be used to (tomatoes EVERY day! for example) it can be hard on your digestion. I know I have not been feeling super well lately and I know that I needed some kind of well cooked grain meal, and this Kichadi really did the trick for me! I think a bowl of brown rice could have worked as well... but YUM I couldn't give up a chance to make this...

Recently, my husbands niece was here for a visit and helped out with the kids while he was out of town for a few weeks. It was so much fun to have her here, you know when having someone in your house can throw you off, well this was not the case with Sydney! She is a delightful girl and the kids were just wild for her, but that is for another story. We had a few delightful weeks of yoga, macrobiotic food and a new recipe to me, Kichadi! My friend who made it for us said "it's what munks eat" and that's all that I needed to hear.

Mung beans are a member of the kidney bean family and originally from India. They are easily digested and extremely detoxifying for the liver and gallbladder. They also help cleanse the heart and vascular system. In Ayurvedic medicine mung beans are one of the most treasured beans as they can be eaten by all three doshas (body types). There is a wealth of knowledge of kichadi online and you can find many recipes so if the one that I have listed here does not suit you, please look around to find one that you love. The base is always the same, mung beans and rice (I like to use brown rice). This is a healing dish that many people use as a cleanse and Sydney and I could have ate it for every meal we just loved it! Even the kids loved it, I mixed in some additional brown rice for them and we had it with a bit of guacamole and they ate it all up!

photo via: coconut & quinoa - soaking mung beans and rice

This is our favorite recipe, it's from a very nice blog called: Coconut & Quinoa, when you make the kichadi your who house will smell delightful and fill with delicious spices.

Brown basmati Kichadi

1 cup brown basmati rice
½ cup mung beans
1 tablespoon coconut oil or ghee
1 tablespoon minced ginger
2 teaspoons cumin seeds
15 curry leaves, if available (we couldn't find them)
½ cinnamon stick
6 cups boiling water
1 teaspoon turmeric
2 inch piece kombu
sea salt
tamari to taste (we didn't use this all the time)
cilantro to garnish

Combine basmati rice and mung beans in a bowl and wash thoughly. Drain and cover with 2 inches of filtered water. Soak over night. Drain and rinse again.

Warm coconut oil in a large pot over medium heat. Add minced ginger, cumin, curry leaves and cinnamon stick. Sauté for a few minutes until fragrant then stir in the drained rice and mung beans.

Increase heat to high and add boiling water, turmeric and kombu. Once mixture is boiling, reduce heat as low as possible, cover and simmer 1 hour. Add a large pinch of sea salt and simmer for another hour, stirring every 20 minutes to prevent sticking.

Remove from heat and let sit at least 10 minutes before serving. Season with tamari to taste and garnish with cilantro.
Serves 4 to 6.

photo via: coconut & quinoa - cooking spices

click here to get whole recipe on blog: coconut & quinoa

The Boathouse!

When we were kids we had a cabin "up North", everyone in Minnesota has something "up North" if you don't a friend does.. and that's where you go in the summer. You would think that Minnesota were North enough... but NO in the summer you have to go UP NORTH! Well, ours was in Garrisonon, on Lake Mille Lacs. When we were very young it burned down in a storm when lightning struck the fuse box. My crafty dad decided he was going to build the new one and make it a fancy (yes, in the 1970's it WAS fancy) A frame!

photo via remodelista (it's in Sweden though... close!)

So each summer we would go UP NORTH and my dad would work on the cabin. It's beyond me to remember how long we would stay up there, if we only did weekends or what... (I was 7 or 8 years old?) But to me it seemed like we spent the whole summer up there! And each year we would have wildly different and unusual living quarters, I'm sure it had something to do with mosquitoes?! or bed comfort and really just trying to get it right (Swedes do that...). One year (or maybe it was just a weekend... who knows?) we slept in a tent, my mom made fantastic dinners on the fire and all of my memories are incredibly happy about that time. The next year my dad built a mini-A frame, it JUST fit the four of us but the top of the A frame made a GREAT place to hid during kick the can! and again, my mom cooked on the fire. Still fantastic memories!

Then one year, one GLORIOUS but creepy year, we slept in the boat house! We cleaned it out (why do I remember that possibly the boat may have still been in there while we slept!?) but you can NEVER truly clean out a boathouse... spiders, well I don't even WANT to think about it. BUT we had this huge leftover piece of off-white low shag carpet from our home that we put into the boathouse and my mom managed to turn that crazy place into a really fun place to sleep! You know that bench that every boathouse has where all the work is done.. that's where she got a cook-top! The photo above is AMAZING, but envision dirt and spiderwebs and not anywhere as clean and it looked a LOT like that!! When I saw it on Remodelista I had to GASP!

via remodelista

Okay so all this because REMODELISTA ran a story on boathouses (fantastic!!) and I just had to share that really special memory with you! There is nothing more cool as a kid than waking up in the morning and throwing open those BIG boat doors and Lake Mille Lacs is right there!!

(I'm sorry I don't have photos to share with you... I will see if I can dig any up on my next trip to Minnesota)
totally chic via piet boon - on remodelista


summer fun - chalk art!

I love some of these amazing chalk art images via The Huffington Post, who knew chalk art could be so beautiful and elegant! Just makes you want to run out there into your driveway and get to work!

and with the Olympics on the mind these are fantastic!!

There was also a reference to this womans blog: theburghbaby.com she has turned chalk art into a REAL art!! see below (and there is more on her blog... do miss them all!)

Amazing now get out there and see what YOU can do!!

happy summer!


Surf Camp Final Day!

me and my trusty board

Today I feel best of all... the soreness is gone and maybe I'm not so old... I feel I have strength in places I didn't know I had and overall, really strong! We all have a good sunburn going so the clouds today are a big help. We go out to our surf spot and there are almost NO waves, I asked Medelise what do we do NOW!? She assured me that we will be fine and she was right we go out and there are very nice waves and it's a glassy gorgeous day of riding some very nice waves. Today I can feel my stomach pulling up and I don't feel so heavy anymore (I have been watching Mariah's pop-ups!). In the afternoon we have a surf contest which brings in some fun camaraderie between us all and surfing with people other than our usual group.

I wish that camp could just keep going... maybe not every day but it's just terrific. Best of all is the feeling that I can go surfing whenever I want to now! (well I need to get a board) Surfing is great because once you have that first PUSH to do it, you are ready!

I think that age 10 is a good age to start the camp if you want to do it with your kids, there were ALL ages in this camp from age 8 to some high schoolers and then the moms!

I hope to see you next year!!

surf lessons any time of year at Narragansett Surf and Skate
surf camp through South Kingstown Neighborhood Guild (July-August) (in Wakefield, Rhode Island)


Surf Camp Day 3

same group... there are 16 kids in our camp (and two fearless moms!)

Today is GREAT! I wake up.. and shoot out without a problem, although I wanted to make myself something other than a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for lunch... that's what I get and I am off to catch the waves!

Okay I lied a bit and I am still VERY sore, so I do some yoga before we go out and that's a big help. Yesterday I knocked my knee on a rock so I have a giant bruise on my whole knee, this helps in my pop-up, no more resting on my knees! (ouch!) AND I am taking quite a bit of Arnica to help with my soreness and my bruises. We are surfing at Ditch Hole, Matunuck which has tons of rocks! It's kind of crazy gliding over the water and seeing the rocks, I don't know how we don't get more bruises but it's where the waves are and that's where you've got to go! People say that Matunuck has the best waves on the East Coast, Tracey Fieth told me that when we were going to move here and I'm finally riding those waves!

Today I catch lots of waves even though the surf is not too good today, we had good morning waves but after lunch it's really choppy and less waves. I think when you are at this stage in learning it's not so bad even if there aren't too many waves because 1) I would be completely EXHAUSTED and not ready for full waves and 2) it gives you a chance to watch others and learn from them. We cheer each other on with every wave and help call out when waves are coming, it's just great!

surfing lessons in RI at Narragansett Surf and Skate any time of year - ask for Medelise!

BACK in STOCK! - Lucky Fish Octopus dress

Lucky Fish silver foil Octopus dress

For the THIRD time!! obviously everybody loves this dress and I have to assume it fit's perfectly since they go out and they NEVER come back! This time we have quite a few in stock, but still grab yours while you can!

Glad you LOVE them!!

We LOVE you Lucky Fish!!

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Surf Camp Day 2

that's our fearless instructor Medelise sunning up top and our group of girls - don't they look fantastic! :) (it's lunchbreak)

Waking up was like a nightmare... So sore that moving before getting up took some thought. Which way should I go and what should I move first. Just the idea of getting up was SO unappealing! I knew I had to better prepare myself with a good breakfast and drink something other than coffee BEFORE I get myself onto the waves. I used coconut water and that was terrific! Although I feel more tired and just totally wrecked we go out to face the waves. It's kind of fun being the mom in camp... I know that's what I am to all of them, the boys stay FAR away from me, but the girls... we are in a group all together and I love them! Mariah is like a wave rider, I try to follow her, she is 12 and you know it's going to be a good wave if she is riding it! Then there is our instructor, Medelise a combination of your best friend and the most cool, smooth and balletic surfer there is! Today I stick close to Medelise and Mariah and try to learn from their wonderful-ness! (mostly because I am so sore and pooped out that getting onto my board takes a LOT of effort) and Molly and Julia.. they are just two of the cutest girls, if Franny turns out this sweet.. I will be SO happy!

Watching and learning works though... because tomorrow I get better!

After camp I go to the store to finish packing boxes from the weekend and Monday! Thank GOD Julie returns tomorrow so she can take over! I missed her SO much!!

for more information on renting surf boards or lessons go to Narragansett Surf and Skate shop
and don't forget to ask for Medelise!

Surfing Camp Anyone!?

that is NOT me...!!

Surf Camp, Day 1 - Today I arrived at surf camp and realized I was one of TWO adults in the camp! Actually, I was relieved because when I signed up they said "Uh, I want to let you know that you are the only adult in the class, do you still want to sign up?" with a slight pause I said "yes, let's DO it!" Then I quickly texted all my friends, but who the HECK has five hours a day to go SURFING!? - I DO!! - not really but I made time for it! Thank GOD our instructor just happened to be my age!

So after 15 minutes of instruction on our surfboards on the ground we were IN the water and paddling out to waves -- FANTASTIC! To get in shape before the camp I went running one mile every day and swam laps for about 40 minutes a day -- I was STILL not ready for the aches and pains of surfing. I have a feeling those are muscles you ONLY use for surfing! But it was the kind of sore that feels GREAT!

So I need to add this bit in here just in case you are thinking I am a lazy A$$ and don't have anything to do... Over the weekend I was in NYC for the Playtime kids show (more on that later!) I drove home Sunday night, and then got up and went to camp... now some of you know this but in case you DON'T, Julie is on vacation AND we have a SALE going on... so AFTER a day at surf camp, I ran into the store to pack boxes until 10pm!!! (yes, a couple of you may get the wrong items but can you blame me!) I STILL didn't finish, so at the end of day 2 of camp I go back to pack MORE boxes!

I caught about 5-6 waves on day one....


surfing lessons through Narragansett Surf and Skate, anytime of year! (you can also rent gear from these guys)

the camp is through our South Kingstown Neighborhood Guild in Wakefield, RI (but camp is over for the summer... next year!) and is taught by Peter Pan - you get a wetsuit, booties (there are rocks!) and a surfboard - so ALL you have to do is bring yourself!


24 hours in the Hamptons

My husband wanted to go to Art Southampton Show last week, it was one of those last minute decisions so we just packed it up and all went together (dog and all). From Rhode Island it's easier to get to the Hamptons that it is from New York City! Thanks to the ferryboat!

The ferry to Orient Point leaves from New London, CT - so you just drive your car on board and a delightful hour and a half later you are on Long Island! I love this ride, it's really one of my favorite trips, hardly any time in the car and *POOF* there you are on vacation! So when my husband said he was going to go I said... Not without ME!

We caught an evening ferry at 6pm, arrived in Greenport at 7:30pm and had a really nice dinner (don't get much of that in Rhode Island I am sorry to say..) then straight to the hotel - NO traffic, easy as can be! Since this was a last minute deal we did not stay at my FAVORITE place on Long Island (or anywhere for that matter!) Rushmeyers, we just stayed anywhere.... plus we were there to see an Art Show in Southampton, Montauk was a long way away.... (aka... I couldn't convince my husband it was worth it!)

The next morning we jumped in the car, had a delightful outside breakfast at Hampton Coffee Company - and we took note... return later for delicious frozen fruit fluf (not what they call it, it's what WE call it) whipped frozen banana with delicious stuff on it! YUM!

and then off to the ART SHOW!

Arthampton was a beautiful venue!

Playa35 by Marc Harrold photomontage 67x146cm
by Bernar Venet

Jacob Hashimoto - title: Another Town On An Opposite Horizon
The above was my favorite artist Jacob Hashimoto.. beautiful! made with paper, in a kite-making technique, with the discs strung onto a grid which he arranges to make an image.

There were really a LOT of people at the show.. somehow I got this photo which looks like we were the only ones there!!

marley loved it too!

We were even able to bring our DOG into the show.. loved that!

franny was able to get in a carousel ride in Greenport

our tired bunch on the ferryride home!

Then we had just enough time to grab some burgers and head to the ferryboat! For a delightful ride home and back to Rhode Island!

Thank you Long Island for always being a bunch of FUN and a delightful place to visit!