Surf Camp Day 3

same group... there are 16 kids in our camp (and two fearless moms!)

Today is GREAT! I wake up.. and shoot out without a problem, although I wanted to make myself something other than a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for lunch... that's what I get and I am off to catch the waves!

Okay I lied a bit and I am still VERY sore, so I do some yoga before we go out and that's a big help. Yesterday I knocked my knee on a rock so I have a giant bruise on my whole knee, this helps in my pop-up, no more resting on my knees! (ouch!) AND I am taking quite a bit of Arnica to help with my soreness and my bruises. We are surfing at Ditch Hole, Matunuck which has tons of rocks! It's kind of crazy gliding over the water and seeing the rocks, I don't know how we don't get more bruises but it's where the waves are and that's where you've got to go! People say that Matunuck has the best waves on the East Coast, Tracey Fieth told me that when we were going to move here and I'm finally riding those waves!

Today I catch lots of waves even though the surf is not too good today, we had good morning waves but after lunch it's really choppy and less waves. I think when you are at this stage in learning it's not so bad even if there aren't too many waves because 1) I would be completely EXHAUSTED and not ready for full waves and 2) it gives you a chance to watch others and learn from them. We cheer each other on with every wave and help call out when waves are coming, it's just great!

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