Surfing Camp Anyone!?

that is NOT me...!!

Surf Camp, Day 1 - Today I arrived at surf camp and realized I was one of TWO adults in the camp! Actually, I was relieved because when I signed up they said "Uh, I want to let you know that you are the only adult in the class, do you still want to sign up?" with a slight pause I said "yes, let's DO it!" Then I quickly texted all my friends, but who the HECK has five hours a day to go SURFING!? - I DO!! - not really but I made time for it! Thank GOD our instructor just happened to be my age!

So after 15 minutes of instruction on our surfboards on the ground we were IN the water and paddling out to waves -- FANTASTIC! To get in shape before the camp I went running one mile every day and swam laps for about 40 minutes a day -- I was STILL not ready for the aches and pains of surfing. I have a feeling those are muscles you ONLY use for surfing! But it was the kind of sore that feels GREAT!

So I need to add this bit in here just in case you are thinking I am a lazy A$$ and don't have anything to do... Over the weekend I was in NYC for the Playtime kids show (more on that later!) I drove home Sunday night, and then got up and went to camp... now some of you know this but in case you DON'T, Julie is on vacation AND we have a SALE going on... so AFTER a day at surf camp, I ran into the store to pack boxes until 10pm!!! (yes, a couple of you may get the wrong items but can you blame me!) I STILL didn't finish, so at the end of day 2 of camp I go back to pack MORE boxes!

I caught about 5-6 waves on day one....


surfing lessons through Narragansett Surf and Skate, anytime of year! (you can also rent gear from these guys)

the camp is through our South Kingstown Neighborhood Guild in Wakefield, RI (but camp is over for the summer... next year!) and is taught by Peter Pan - you get a wetsuit, booties (there are rocks!) and a surfboard - so ALL you have to do is bring yourself!