Surf Camp Day 2

that's our fearless instructor Medelise sunning up top and our group of girls - don't they look fantastic! :) (it's lunchbreak)

Waking up was like a nightmare... So sore that moving before getting up took some thought. Which way should I go and what should I move first. Just the idea of getting up was SO unappealing! I knew I had to better prepare myself with a good breakfast and drink something other than coffee BEFORE I get myself onto the waves. I used coconut water and that was terrific! Although I feel more tired and just totally wrecked we go out to face the waves. It's kind of fun being the mom in camp... I know that's what I am to all of them, the boys stay FAR away from me, but the girls... we are in a group all together and I love them! Mariah is like a wave rider, I try to follow her, she is 12 and you know it's going to be a good wave if she is riding it! Then there is our instructor, Medelise a combination of your best friend and the most cool, smooth and balletic surfer there is! Today I stick close to Medelise and Mariah and try to learn from their wonderful-ness! (mostly because I am so sore and pooped out that getting onto my board takes a LOT of effort) and Molly and Julia.. they are just two of the cutest girls, if Franny turns out this sweet.. I will be SO happy!

Watching and learning works though... because tomorrow I get better!

After camp I go to the store to finish packing boxes from the weekend and Monday! Thank GOD Julie returns tomorrow so she can take over! I missed her SO much!!

for more information on renting surf boards or lessons go to Narragansett Surf and Skate shop
and don't forget to ask for Medelise!