Surf Camp Final Day!

me and my trusty board

Today I feel best of all... the soreness is gone and maybe I'm not so old... I feel I have strength in places I didn't know I had and overall, really strong! We all have a good sunburn going so the clouds today are a big help. We go out to our surf spot and there are almost NO waves, I asked Medelise what do we do NOW!? She assured me that we will be fine and she was right we go out and there are very nice waves and it's a glassy gorgeous day of riding some very nice waves. Today I can feel my stomach pulling up and I don't feel so heavy anymore (I have been watching Mariah's pop-ups!). In the afternoon we have a surf contest which brings in some fun camaraderie between us all and surfing with people other than our usual group.

I wish that camp could just keep going... maybe not every day but it's just terrific. Best of all is the feeling that I can go surfing whenever I want to now! (well I need to get a board) Surfing is great because once you have that first PUSH to do it, you are ready!

I think that age 10 is a good age to start the camp if you want to do it with your kids, there were ALL ages in this camp from age 8 to some high schoolers and then the moms!

I hope to see you next year!!

surf lessons any time of year at Narragansett Surf and Skate
surf camp through South Kingstown Neighborhood Guild (July-August) (in Wakefield, Rhode Island)