more christmas music!

bring it on.... Last year I thought I introduced you to Boney M, but I couldn't find the post anywhere so just in case, I have posted it... it's an excellent song you will LOVE and a great NEW Christmas song you don't hear every day.

This year Franny said she wanted that song "Happy Christmas" and when I looked it up is was only available here in the Essential :: A Very Sepcial Christmas - it's great and filled with many songs that you know but something maybe you don't hear every day in every store... John and Yoko, Rod Stewart, Elivs and so many more!

So there you go, MORE Christmas music. Get it on iTunes or wherever you buy your music.

Favorite Christmas song: Mary's Boy - Boney M Christmas song

This was our favorite last year, it's got over 5 million views on YouTube and 4 million are from US! But you know what... I still love it and I can watch that guy groove down the lane in his furry coat a million times more! I realize there are a few politically incorrect moments here but whatever... it's the 70's - let it go..

Shopping for gifts...

When shopping for gifts we ran into the guys at Westerlind and found some great things that can be for man or woman, this was their gift guide for this season:

and I really loved their ArmorLux slippers and their Swedish Woolpower gloves and they also had socks.. wool that is soft and dry.. really nice!

ArmorLux slippers in sizes for women and men and even kids down to size 37

and they come in these colors!

or these mittens by Swedish company Woolpower (and they make nice socks too!) - SOFT wool!

Holiday Savings!

see our gift guides below and more to come on last minute shopping!..

use code: 'holiday13' for an extra 15% off!*


*new collections: jess brown dolls, ryan roche and W//R//F Lab ceramics not included.


Beautiful candles!

I think if I could have a candle shop I would... I just love burning a nice candle in the wintertime! some of my favorites are listed here but there are many many more, and I think it's really the nicest gift! It is most important to keep in mind that you need to have a good quality candle preferably made of beeswax or soy and make sure they do NOT have wire in the wicks (I really think other candles can be dangerous and pollute the air in your home).

Here are some of my favorites!

buy the grain beeswax totem candles here

buy the le feu de l'eau candles here (in many gorgeous scents)

we have the Erica Tanov candles here

make your house smell festive and full of JOY!
(but in a natural way.... )


Just Arrived!! NEW :: Jess Brown rag dolls!

We received a whole new slew of Jess Brown dolls! and they are better than EVER (as usual!!) Your kids will love each and every one of these, PLUS we stocked up on accessories to keep your girl in action and played with... as much as you want to put these Jess Brown dolls on a shelf (they are like a work of art) they are meant to be played with, loved and the best part is seeing your kids sleeping with these gorgeous rag dolls... nothing is cuter than that image to me!

click here to see full collection!

AND we received a few of the Coco Dolls, these make a PERFECT gift together with the Kiki & Coco in Paris book (click here)

If you are desperately tying to keep your girl away from the American Girl scene, here's what you do, you get the book - read the story and she will instantly fall in love with the story and want to be the girl in the book! It's got everything (with beautiful images by Stephanie Rausser) a cute girl and her doll, a cute doggy, PARIS... what more do you want!?

It's hard for me to say what age this is good for because these dolls can make a great gift for a new baby girl, as long as it stays on the shelf for awhile - The arms are attached with buttons so there are removable pieces but otherwise they are quite durable. It makes an excellent gift for any girl age 5-6 and older - you know when your girl is ready!

shop the entire collection of Jess Brown dolls here

2-Days only :: Wovenplay 20% off!

Wovenplay :: 2-days only :: 20% off!

Sale ends December 13th end of day.

use code: 'wovenplay' at checkout

great holiday gifts!!

shop here


gift guide :: Women (and a bit of home...)

These are just some of my favorite things... gifts for myself you might say... things you might like!

clockwise from top left: Clare Vivier foldover clutch in black pebble, Ryan Roche cashmere crochet scarves, Erica Tanov gorgeous natural lavender candle, Erica Tanov wallet.. best wallet around, Ishi  amulet necklace, Utility Canvas washed tote, Scocha friendship bracelets, W//R//F Lab ceramics

all my favorites!! Happy HOlidays!


24 hours of HAPPY!

I found this website **24 Hours of Happy** via the fantastic Florence Rolando (she suggests that 9H37 is excellent) of Pirouette, I listened to it almost all day.. (it helps if you like Pharrell Williams) just peaking every once in awhile to see who was dancing, then I ended up dancing a bit... then I showed it to the kids... and then WE danced a bit!! ITs completely addictive!!

I have LOTS of favorites and all I have to say is that it makes me HAPPY!

link here

gift guide :: BABY

Some of my favorite BAB pics!
clockwise from left top left: bears handmade in thailand, Lucky Fish baby sac, Makie cotton fur booties, Makie liberty floral bloomers, Lucky Fish basketweave blankets, Utility Canvas classic field bag (diaper bag!!), Uncle Goose blocks, Erica Tanov baby blanket

great baby shopping just around the corner... Happy Holidays!


TWO DAYS ONLY! :: Lucky Fish 20% off!

shop NOW!

nonchalant mom lucky fish - kids!
nonchalant mom lucky fish - baby
nonchalant mom lucky fish - woman
nonchalant mom lucky fish - home

gift guides! :: KID GIFTS

These are some of my favorite Nonchalant Mom gift suggestions. Now you know what MY kids are getting how about YOURS!

Clockwise from top Left: Cabbages & Kings soft knit accessories infinity scarves and leg warmers etc... , Eco Kids totally natural play dough, Jess Brown handmade rag dolls (great gift together with the book!), Lucky Fish stags head copperfoil t-shirt, Tuss cashmere super soft hoodie, Makie inca hats one-of-a-kind and just the best!, Wovenplay featherband, Jess Brown/Wovenplay collaboration rag dolls so fun and festive!

more gift guides to come!!



a Holiday in Tangier anyone... T Magazine gives you a guide... (!!)

illustration by Konstantin Kakanias

I don't know about you but it's always been a dream to go to Tangier, I don't care how overcrowded it's become, and this article will help you navigate the place. From where to stay to places to have coffee these are great tips that you can count on, it may not be the most modern place but it will be steeped in history and grand beauty (I like both of those things in a vacation spot).

illustration by Konstantin Kakanias

"Life in Tangier is a heterogeneous affair. Like the city’s jagged topography and dramatic site — perched on the northwest tip of Africa, on the steep hills and cliffs overlooking the Strait of Gibraltar — Tangier itself is a place of extreme contrasts: raging storms and balmy afternoons; modern, compact apartments and ancient cavernous palaces; mega-rich royals and dirt-poor beggars; bustling souks and laid-back beaches; sumptuous hotels and tawdry bars. ..."

my kind of place!

get all your tips on where to stay and what to do here...
click here to read full article.

illustration by Konstantin Kakanias

every year I get asked this question... what's the best winter jacket?

It takes me awhile to check out the market - my kids usually use their last years with the arms up to their elbows and then finally I search the market. I did that yesterday! So this is what I came up with... not bad, and the kids are thrilled!

the options from Nonchalantmom (I like to leave these for YOU!).. just a couple of pieces left and this Nico Nico version of a Moto jacket is OH so COOL! As far as a fake fur goes this Tuss jacket is smashing! both totally unisex and are fantastic for both.

Next I visit one of my favorite fashion basic options - that's Uniqlo they have kids gear on their website (not always in their stores) and their lightweight adult jackets come in kids versions as well. In our climate (Rhode Island) which is pretty darn mild (well, so far!) these are the perfect solution, and then when it gets colder they will layer a warmer jacket over this one (it's THAT thin). Plus they are only $39! what!?

my favorite: UNIQLO

this photo will give you an idea of how thin and easy these jackets are! GREAT for layering!
I always take a look to see what JCrew has - this year is decent but I wasn't crazy for things BUT if you are in a cold - very cold climate I think this jacket is just the TOPS! warm cozy and keeps your kids protected for good bunches of FUN.

houndstooth peacoat

fleece lined flannel shirt - nice

you live in Minnesota THIS is your kids jacket! (and can be yours too!)

love this one but it's a bit expensive at $268 by Hartford (at JCrew)

this has been our girls jacket since they came out with this one.. it's just plain GREAT! we call it the sleeping bag!
Next is the delightful people at POPUPSHOP who always have the minimal-amazing solution. I think these are the greatest jackets out there this year - essentially perfect! in orange or army green.

american bobtail jacket (popover)

upstate jacket
lumber jacket - quilted canvas

all at PoPUPSHOP

For the total utilitarian I really like Polarn och Pyret (love how even when the came to amreica they stuck with there very swedish name!) These guys are virtually indestructible and don't cost much. They have reflective tape (sweden is very dark in the wintertime) so safety first! and I have to put a word in for their snowpants, there are none better than these snowpants! I promise!

this can get you started but there is MORE! notice the layering..
shop PoLARN O. PYRET here when I am in Sweden I still have to check out this store (even though it's here now) because I love their basics and jammies etc... (basic stripes are amazing!)

stay warm this winter!!