Simone LeBlanc Gift Boxes

this is the cozy home box

Most of the blogs I write are things that I come upon that I like and figure you would like too! I could have sworn I had already written about these lovely gift boxes from Simone LeBlanc - but there you go, I have not. I love giving gifts, finding the perfect thing, taking my time months in advance. Maybe it's just part of having a store, but I love it. My husband has a terrible time thinking of gifts, so I turned him onto Simone LeBlanc. She started her gifting company in 2011, and a native of Los Angeles she has the perfect crowd, she makes gift boxes for celebrities, corporations and even a new mom! But it's her execution that I love, each boxes is well thought out, perfectly packed and makes the perfect gift, always.

the welcome winter box (complete with cashmere blanket)

So if you are out of steam in the gifting department, check out her website and just choose one of her gift boxes. Complete your order with address etc and you are DONE! You have just sent the best gift possible, in a gorgeous box all ready to go!

new mom box
There is a box for just about everything, for Him, for Her, for a Family, for a new mom, Detox... it's all there just gift with your wildest dreams.. or to tell a friend you love her very much!

website: Simone LeBlanc


The BELLs are ringing...

These MQuan bells make such a great gift for that person who is hard to buy for... that hippie friend, the person who likes to linger in their garden... that lover of the earth, yes ME!

THAT person would love an MQuan hand made ceramic bell! These bells are made by hand in upstate NY and made with LOVE.

shop here

looking for a great gift!? Pictli

I recently found these guys and it's been my go-to for the perfect family gift! I don't know about you but there is nothing better than to give the gift of a photo and these days with Instagram and Facebook we all have a giant log of photos just waiting to be framed!

Pictli is SO incredibly easy - it takes just a few minutes to order a stack of your favorite shots which arrive to you framed faster than you can say... SHAZAM! I love them and I can't wait to give these wonderfully framed photos to our family and friends! You can also expect personal and sweet attention via email, so don't worry you are in good hands.

You can use code: 'launch1512' and get 25% off until TOMORROW 12/18/15.



P I N K :: the color for 2016!

You think I have a website that is as all-powerful as mine (haha) and DON'T know that the color of the year was going to be PINK... Yes, well I was lucky and stocked up on PINK just because I like it (well if you are friends with Ryan Roche you MUST already like pink right!). I did have a feeling it was a big color and probably just going to get bigger, but I had NO idea it would be THE COLOR OF THE YEAR!

So get your PINK while it's HOT! (but to be sure... it's NOT HOT pink) it's SOFT pink

Get the story on Pink here from Pantone


NEW :: How to Make a Pom Pom with Loome

YES you can make all of these! Even if you are not the most talented crafter in the world... yes, that is what the Loome is here for.. to rescue you! (and they make a FANTASTIC gift!)

The moment I saw these wonderful Loome's I know they were just the ticket for a little special gift this Holiday Season. And we got them just in time! These little Loomes make (among other things) pom poms (as in this helpful video), tassels, friendship bracelets and so much more! Watch their videos (they have a how-to video for each of the items) and get INSPIRED  this Holiday Season!

Watch all of the How-To's and you will become a PRO in no time. I can make about 15 pom poms while I wait for Franny's backetball practice! and during Sander's soccer game (1 1/2 grueling hours) I have learned friendship bracelets and tassels. I know, I know.. I DID get these for my kids but I swear you will love it too!

Watch all the how-to videos on YouTube by subscribing to the LOOME feed

and get your Loome from me HERE :)

Happy Days are here AGAIN!


Scarf Sale!

It's so crazy warm here on the East Coast that scarves are not really necessary... YET... but as soon as that cold wind appears you want to be READY with your new warm and trusty, cozy SCARF.

Use code: 'scarf' and take 25% percent off your purchase.

and they make the perfect gift... because a wise friend once told me "sometimes all you need is a new scarf!" - and I wholeheartedly agree!

Love & peace

link to scarves here


POP up! Holiday Market! Whatever you want to call it we are doing it!

Each year I visit my friend Laura's HOLIDAY sale in NYC, it's so much fun, I see all my friends and it's just a good time to shop and and find unique gifts for friends and family. Well this year I am going to be part of the sale as well! (BRAINSTORM why didn't we do this earlier!)

I hope you are able to join us and meet some fun people, creating and doing fun things! I will bring lots of gifty-type things, some of the crazy stuff and some of the just darn great things I carry in the shop. I'm going to fill my car and drive on down and I look forward to seeing you all!!

from 11:30 - 5:30
at Laura Rosenthal Casting
225 Broadway - suite 200
(between Barclay & Vessey Streets)
New York City

and don't forget to say HELLO!

Happy Holiday Shopping


black crane

Black Crane is one of my favorite collections for myself and my store, I wear most of it ALL of the time and I feel great. It's simple and easy, and it makes me feel put together all day. We just took markdowns on the Fall collection so there are some amazing STEALS at the moment - add to that the 'extra25' and you can kill it!

But I will admit, while I like the photos that I take for my website, I LOVE the photos of the website No. 6, yes, as in those wonderful No. 6 clogs! They also have a shop that is lovingly curated in the most amazing way. They also have the Black Crane collection and when I saw it on their beautiful model... well I just HAD so share these photos with you. I love their model, she is super chic, has the most gorgeous hair color (changes quite often) and she is just so perfect in my opinion (in a non-perfect way).

painter dress in black (grey) or purple

this poncho just arrived in the shop

in white or black - essential and easy
Any way you look at it Black Crane will do it!

shop Black Crane on Nonchalantmom
shop No. 6 store (and don't miss the yummy shearling clogs!)

Can You Dig This - fantastic Doc!

I can't wait to see this movie! It's showing tonight in Newport RI at the Jane Pickens if you are a local - and what better a movie to see just before Thanksgiving! If you aren't a local, find this movie and see it!

It's going to change the WORLD!

happy gardening


RMS beauty - green friday special

Just because I am a lover of the RMS beauty products - just for today - they are offering 20% off for GREEN FRIDAY - use code: 'greenfriday'

and if you don't know about RMS beauty you can read our interview with the amazing Rose Mary Swift where she tells us more about herself and her products, they are so natural you could EAT them! (but I don't think they would taste good, haha) I feel good about using her products and never worry about any harmful chemicals. When you are using something each and every day you want to be sure they are 100% natural.

This is one of my favorite products - the Buriti Bronzer it always makes you look sun-kissed in the most natural way. I also like the UNcover - easy and perfect for every day.


link to RMS here
link to my interview with RMS here


Join us!

Each year is different and no matter how many times I take notes like... nobody shops in October or don't buy those weird pillows ever again, I usually forget and each year I wing it on my whims and just buy what I want for my store. People ask me how I know what works for Nonchalantmom, and after I think for one moment I almost always say "I DON'T" -- when I have interns helping me I tell them to follow their heart and not the trends, now if the person is talented and knows what's out there they will do great, if not they better hope they have a BIG wallet because this whole deal is not easy.

Did I just call myself talented, nope... I just have talented friends! I fill my store with things from people I love, people who have talent and usually NOT a big wallet. Which usually means that we run ourselves a tight business. We constantly remind each other that we are all in this together and it just so happens we all LOVE what we do. Lately, I have heard a lot you all about how much you like what we are doing here so I think I am very lucky, best customers and best, most talented people making great products.

This is a tricky time of hear, we have so many new things arriving every day, the UPS man is like Santa Claus to me. The above compilation photo is new things together with some things we have had around the store for awhile and these are some of my favorite gifts.

ITEMS: (starting from top left)
Matta Indian shirt - (not on the website yet but up soon in the Matta section)
Wovenplay - tiger necklace
MQuan Studio - flower bell
Beck Sondergaard Scarf - Mill scarf
Jess Brown Doll - circus doll (I just noticed that this doll is not on the website! email me if you want her)
Clare V - leopard flat clutch (coming soon on the website)
Village Common - natural, small batch made room and body spray
Fredricks & Mae - horse hair key chain

and use code 'extra25' to take 25% off your entire purchase!
shop now!

and remember us when you SHOP LOCAL - we like that and we work with only local people we love!


new Melissa Joy Manning jewelry

I was introduced to Melissa Joy Manning through my neighbor, Angela. Angela has a way about jewelry that I really love, she changes her pieces every day, she always, ALWAYS looks amazing and elegant (even picking up the kids and the bus stop!) and she inspires me to try to look good every day. Because let's face it, when you live in a small town, work from home a big part of the time and have a penchant for jeans (yea that's me) you COULD actually not dress up very well each and every day - but Angela does! She kills it in Pip-squeak Chapeau, Melissa Joy Manning and now Black Crane!

I just hold her hands and look at her bracelets, rings and all that, because she wears it all at once and it's amazing. Melissa Joy Manning is a perfect connector for Angela and her style, it is the opposite of bling, it's like taking a part of nature and wearing it in the most elegant way. I happen to choose small pieces from her collection, cause that's just me and the way I feel about Nonchalantmom. But, you can visit her website and find giant pieces of stone, gems and a combined use of metals that will make you drool. All handmade in her studio in California and New York City from recycled materials, in a sustainable way, she's a woman who does things right and is making it work for her.

these gorgeous earrings are Imperial Topaz

Her inspiration is always nature, a sunset floods an arid desert landscape with hues of fire. Ice clashes with an Icelandic sea in a symphony of textures and color. Her jewelry echoes the intrinsic beauty in the world around us. She is inspired by cultures, landscapes and nature, Melissa designs her pieces in ways that highlight the found beauty of the materials she uses. And I'm telling you, it's very evident when you look at her jewelry and you feel it when you wear her pieces - they become a part of you.

black druzy necklace w/mixed metals and the delicate circle, triangle or oval rings

I am a bit crazy about her new collection, these pieces will make any jewelry lover envious. But my favorite person to get started on Melissa Joy Manning jewelry are those who usually don't wear anything. It's the perfect start, and hey let's face it, there is nothing more un-fussy than 14k gold - you don't even have to take your pieces off because you can wear them 24 hours! Now that's my kind of joy!

I hope you enjoy this new collection. click here to see the new pieces.


Ikea and 100% sustainable cotton benchmark

You know I am a fan of Ikea, and one of my most vivid memories as a kid was when we went to Sweden to visit family we would make a trip to Ikea and get new duvet covers for our beds, so exciting! (ha!) This was a different time and duvet covers were not really available here in the US. I don't know how but my mom kept some of them and now my kids use them! And they still look great and very modern.

I just wanted to make my personal connection here because recently Ikea announced that they have reached their 100% sustainable cotton target. No, all of their cotton is not organic (some of it IS) but throughout the store they have reached a 100% sustainable benchmark. As of September 2015, 100 percent of the cotton the company uses for its products comes from more “sustainable sources.” Ikea is the first major international retailer to achieve this. What does this mean, well in 2010, Ikea worked with nature conservation group WWF to create the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) with the goal “to make global cotton production better for the people who produce it, better for the environment it grows in and better for the sector’s future,” as noted on the bettercotton.org website.

for the source of this story and to get more information check in with LeSouk - their article is here

Just another reason to love Ikea!

recipe :: BA seeded whole grain soda bread

I am making my way through the recipes in the latest Bon Appétit (November 2015) issue. This is such a terrific issue for Thanksgiving ideas and MORE. First off I had to make this delicious recipe for soda bread! It just grabbed me and I had to make it right away, and while this loaf quickly disappeared (this is the only photo I was able to snap) the whole family loved it.

Even the kids craved this bread - more healthful and delicious than sugary pumpkin and banana breads. It's a perfect snack when kids come home from school with nut butter or any favorite spread. Next up... I am going to start taste testing the side dishes for Thanksgiving - the mushroom dish is next!

Bon Appétit Soda Bread (here's the link to the recipe on the BA website)


1/4 cup millet
1/4 cup quinoa
2 Tbsp. amaranth
1 cup old-fashioned oats (plus more for topping)
2 1/4 cups buttermilk, divided (plus more for brushing)
1 Tbsp. vegetable oil (plus more for pan)
3 cups whole wheat flour
1 cup all-purpose flour
2 Tbsp. flaxseed
1 Tbsp kosher sale
2 tsp baking soda
1/4 cup sunflower seeds (plus more for topping)
4 Tbsp. unsalted butter cut into pieces
3 Tbsp. brow rice syrup (I used maple syrup)

Mix millet, quinoa, amaranth, 1 cup oats, 1 cup buttermilk, and 1/2 cup water in a small bowl. Cover and let sit 8-12 hours. (Alternatively, bring ingredients to a simmer in a small saucepan over low hear. Remove from heat and let sit until mixture is thick like porridge, about 2 hours.) I actually started to make this then realized the 8-12 hour delay so I put it in the fridge for about 18 hours or so... then took it out and let it come to room temp.

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Lightly oil an 8" diameter cast-iron skillet or cake pan. Whisk whole wheat flour, all-purpose flour, flaxseed, salt, baking soda, and 1/4 cup sunflower seeds in a large bowl. Work in butter with your fingers until largest pieces are pea-size. Make a well in the center and add brown rice syrup, oat mixture, remaining 1 1/4 cups buttermilk and remaining 1 Tbsp oil. Mix with wooden spoon until dough is smooth, homogeneous, and still slightly sticky.

Form dough into a ball and place in prepared pan. Brush with buttermilk; top with more oats and sunflower seeds. Cut a large X into the top and bake until golden brown and an instant-read thermometer inserted into the center of loaf registers 190 degrees. 55-70 minutes. Let cool in pan.

it's one of those recipes where yours will look almost identical to the one in the magazine!
good luck! (up next... page 103 - Herby Barley Salad with Butter-Basted Mushrooms)


SNAP! sale

This weekend we are having a SNAP sale... 25% off! take this chance to get some of your gift shopping done or just something for yourself before it all starts!

use code: 'snap' at checkout* - sale ends 11/09/15

*not including new Melissa Joy Manning

get in there!! - shop here

top left: Beck Sondergaard scarves
top middle: heart bracelet
top right: featherweight cashmere scarves
middle left: rugs and pillows by Mayan
center: kids Lucky Fish
middle right: boy+girl - baby
bottom left: mayan pillows
middle bottom: keychains by Fredricks & May
bottom right: Black Crane - woman


recipe :: Paleo Eggs

I can't believe I took so long to post my world famous Paleo Eggs! (haha) This past summer it was my go-to when we had guests or big parties that went into the next day, cause that's what happens when you live by the beach! And even though it's only the SECOND day of November I am already getting excited for all the visitors coming for Thanksgiving. In fact my daughter said to me on Sunday (the day after Halloween, she was already moving onto the next holiday) "So what is our menu for Thanksgiving?" and next... "who is coming!" yes I have created a couple of party monsters!

This is a great recipe for big crowds, or even little crowds because your whole family will like them, my kids like them just because we gave it a funny name PALEO EGGS! We are not on a Paleo diet or anything (not saying I wouldn't LIKE to be on that diet - sounds fantastic) we just like these eggs, it's got everything we love all in one dish!

So here we go, make your own variation, add what you want, it's a bit of a veggie "pitti-panna" but we like ours a bit on the spicy side, my kids don't really love that part but I think it's good for them to have hot and spicy from time to time. I believe the variation builds a good palate :)

6-8 eggs (I usually do as many eggs as I have people-but some people like two eggs)
Kale, Beet Greens or any other greens you have! I've tried almost everything!
1 Yellow Onion or Leeks
2-4 cloves garlic
red pepper flakes (to taste approx. 1/2 teaspoon is good)
salt and pepper
optional: Mushrooms, Beets, Squash... almost anything!

I make them in the largest cast iron pan that I have. I use olive oil but you could also use coconut oil, whatever is your favorite. Saute onion, then add garlic then add your greens - you want to have quite a bit, enough to generously cover the bottom of the pan by about 3/4 inch or so. Saute all so that they cook down and generously season with your favorite seasoning, salt pepper and red pepper flakes. Make as many dents into your greens as you have eggs and carefully crack your eggs into the dents. Then cover and cook until your eggs are just about done (it's like poaching eggs in greens!) - remember they will cook a bit when you turn off the heat so don't overcook. Add a bit more fresh ground salt and pepper and bring the pan to the table! (it looks SO nice!). Then scoop out an egg for each person with a healthy portion of bread (okay so that's NOT the Paleo part! haha)

enjoy! what's in YOUR Paleo eggs - comment or send me an email!


really yummy kimchi

While visiting a friend recently in Vermont we went to her local tiny farmers market, whoa! No such thing in Vermont... a Vermont farmers market is chock-full on wonderful local people all making something wonderful, delicious and even printing t-shirts! Well, we were just short of looking for real estate... But for now, we will stick with Rhode Island (and visit Vermont every chance we get!).

My hands down favorite was this delicious kimchi! By Finallie Ferments, you can order from them! If you are having trouble finding delicious kimchi in your town - here's your ticket to the most delicious I have tried! This pink one was my favorite, spicy and really delicious. They also have curry and plain all super duper yummy!

visit their website here

You can also visit my blog for a previous post on fermenting and kimchi etc... click here

ps. keep your gut healthy and clean by eating kimchi every day!


it's time to markdown kids Fall'15 collections!

franny in the nico nico atlas jump suit

It's that time when we mark down the fall collections - there are still so many great things left so I hope you can get in there and find something special for your kids! The Nico Nico collection was outstanding this season and we have a big selection! Bigger sizes going fast - but we have lots in size 4-6-8 years.
new baby collection by boy+girl - peasant harem set

This year we brought back the Boy + Girl collection due to big demand! This collection is a good mix of amazing fabrics, versatile styling and democratic fit. I also think it is one of the better priced collections that I can find out there :). She produces the collection strictly in California and also uses made in USA fabrics. This season she introduced a BABY collection of just the cutest outfit! easy pull on pants and top in delightful fabrics that make great gifts! Baby shower in your future... perfect!

Both Fall collections 25% off!

click here to shop nico nico
click here to ship boy+girl
boy+girl shirt dress ages 2-10 year


Olio e Osso :: limited time deal

I need to reorder these lovely lip and body balms (and there will be some new colors too!) but in the meantime I want to finish out my stock in the lovely colors BERRY #4 - while supplies last they are only $16 (reg. $28)!

This is berry #4 - it's easy to put on... it's like a chap-stick really, it's natural and imparts just a touch of color - in the perfect shade for this season and just about any skin type!

enjoy! link: olio e osso #4 berry - lip balm

(don't get confused... she changed her name recently from Olio e Sasso to Olio e Osso - all of our new stock is Olio e Osso)


movie for everyone : The Martian

I'm not going to hide the fact that I am a huge science fiction fan, I took my kids to Gravity and my daughter is now terrified of space, but The Martian was a delicate story that I really loved - and the fact that I basically walked away from the movie and said to my kids "SEE what you can do if you are smart enough!" well, Mark Watney (Matt Damon) is sure smart enough - I would go so far to say Brilliant! (and played so delightfully well by Matt Damon). I don't want to give anything away, but if you are looking for a movie for the whole family on a cold Fall night - this is a very, VERY good bet! It's rated PG-13 - I think the only bad thing is when Mark says something to the effect of I am going to ‘science the shit out of this’… but just a terrific movie, terrific message and your kids will walk away looking forward to being the smartest kid in the room!

There is a nice synopsis on the blog: Trouble with Film if you want to read a review on the movie or read the book The Martian by Andy Weir! At the very least you will love the music... if you like Disco that is...


John Robshaw Sample Sale time!

If you haven't been... get yourself there.. and update your bed to a lovely shade of, well just about anything under the rainbow! This is your chance to have some fancy new sheets for all of your holiday guests! not to mention pillows, blankets... more and more...

October 21 and 22nd - 10am to 7pm
October 23rd - 10am to 2pm

Hudson Mercantile
500 West 36th Street
New York City

get your butt in gear!


Sun Potion

Since I bought my Vitamix last year I have been sort of obsessed with juicing and love to have one or two juices a day. Now that the weather is a bit cooler, I just don't use any ice (I never used much just two or three cubes) but now room temperature is just fine. I make one in the morning and then save a jar in the fridge for later in the day, then if I want to do a cleanse I just cut out food and have only the juices (not often enough).

As a chill enters the air I like to switch over to teas - my morning tea is from the cookbook Near & Far by Heidi Swanson (filled with amazing recipes by the way!). Her daily tea of tumeric, honey, black pepper, lemon and coconut oil is my new favorite and I throw in a piece of Astragalus root (which you can probably find at your local health food store) it will boost your immunity and it helps me with my seasonal allergies.

I am completely into adding herbs to tea - since I live in rural Rhode Island I have never found a source that I believe in or anyone who seems to have the same use and meaning in using their teas... UNTIL NOW... bumbadada!!! I came upon Sun Potion on Instagram (there is a reason to follow the @thehermeshippie).

Take a look at their website and read through the descriptions and find what works for you. I like Mucuna Pruriens Powder - which helps with brain function, elevates mood and soothes the nervous system (because I don't know what is happening to me as I get older but my nerves are always on edge!) and Rhodiola - but I don't take them together and only when I need them. I also think that the Rheishi Mushroom powder is good too, because I have learned that it's good to have mushrooms every day (and I know I don't do that through my food) and the Rheishi mushroom is a superfood. It is called "the mushroom of spiritual potency" and it holds its place as an essential ingredient in a healthy life.

Give them a try and see what works for you - everything is wildcrafted, organic or small batch and I don't know why but the fact that they are out of Santa Monica.. well I just trust that for some reason.

Visit their website and then send me an email and tell me happy you are that you found them!! And if you think I should sell them at Nonchalantmom... email that too!



Tips to make your nursery non-toxic

This is one of the most frequent questions that I get, how do I keep my nursery non-toxic? For many people having a first child is a time when you are introduced into the world of organic and non-toxic,  you will probably stay there all your life when you start to learn about how harmful toxins are creeping into our every day life. When you are ready to bring your new baby home you want to make sure that place, where they will spend most of their time, is as non-toxic as possible.

Think about it, when there is a about to be a new member in the family you rush out and decorate a new room, even in some cases decided its time to buy a new house. But you know what that means... new materials, which means harmful off-gassing. So there you go - you've designed a new nursery and it may just be the most harmful place in your entire home. This is the case all too often, but there are things you can do to make the room safe for a new baby. I just saw this list today on the Seventh Generation website - which is a great place for new parents to be introduced to creating a non-harmful home with non-toxic cleaning materials.

Seventh Generation's tips on creating a safe and less-toxic nursery (and I agree with all of these wholeheartedly) :

1. Since your baby will be spending 14 to 16 hours a day with her face buried in its fibers, the mattress should be your priority. If there is one product to splurge on, this is it. Look for organic and/or Greenguard Certified mattresses. These may come at a premium price but this is where you want to put your money - or ask for one for a baby shower gift! see more ideas and options on turning a regular mattress less harmful by visiting the full article here.

2. Buy a better crib - avoid pressed wood and look for Greenguard certification. Or buy a second hand crib which has already off-gassed it's harmful chemicals.

3. Select solid wood furniture.

4. Seal Plywood and Particleboard furniture. Apply a finish like AFMSafecoat products to the exposed, bare wood to keep fumes from being released into the air.

5. Be careful with cushions - if possible, choose custom-made cushions (or make your own) with organic cotton and wool fill (wool is naturally flame retardant). If conventional cushions are your only choice, vacuum them frequently using a HEPA filtered vacuum.

6. Get good flooring.

7. Look for safer second-hand furniture.  Always be aware of mold and stay away from any possibly moldy items - but second-hand is a good way to ensure your new furniture has already off-gassed. Clean furniture with a HEPA vacuum cleaner, or one that traps dust particles down to at least 0.1 micron in size (refer to the manufacturer for details like this).

8. Select safe paint - there are so many new options here, just make sure you are a savvy shopper and get the best. (for a full description see full article).

9. Decorate with design and health in mind - it's the best way to decorate!--with your heart (Seventh Generation didn't say that I did... haha) Their tips are much more helpful:
  • Look for items made from natural materials, such as organic cotton, hemp, bamboo, and flax.
  • Avoid plastic, especially polyvinyl chloride (PVC),which is linked with many adverse health effects, including birth defects, immune system disorders, reproductive health disorders, endocrine and nervous system abnormalities, and cancer.
  • Let it off-gas outside. If it has that “new smell, “leave it outside or in a garage until the odor is gone.
Visit their website for more helpful information

I know this looks like a paid for commercial - but it's not! I just felt like these were great helpful tips! and I'm not going to re-write them... just go to their website!


travel :: kid & coe

You know I'm all for family travel, I don't know what it is about it but our whole family loves it. And maybe I've somehow transferred it to my kids but one of the best parts of travel, well besides experiencing all these wonderful places, is finding the BEST place to stay! When I was young and had a job with Esprit I used to travel quite a bit, and because it was Esprit we always stayed at the best places (well this is a long long time ago...)

In general, I like to stay at a place; an Inn or a hotel or something like that because I like to meet other people when I travel, I think that's one of the best parts of traveling. But seriously, Kid & Coe is starting to make a serious dent in that theory. What about making that experience fun and easy and the best part of the travel!

visiting NYC stay here!

Founder Zoie is the force behind Kid & Coe. After years traveling the globe with her family, she has become an authority on what makes a stay comfortable. For years she had been traveling while managing her husband's music career, kids in tow, and saw that the hotel accommodations that suited a touring couple no longer fit the needs of her growing family. Zoie began seeking out kid-friendly property rentals that made her family feel at home wherever they were in the world. She has pulled together a website with the help from some very talented folks and I dare you NOT to want to get in your car (or plane!) and go! The best part is that all of these places are kid friendly in some sort of way. You will find that in most of the gorgeous photos there are cribs, kids bedrooms and make of the vision of a perfect stay just inside your reach.

Right now, we are planning a trip upstate before the snow comes. It's the perfect time to travel upstate during the fall season, delicious apples, farmers markets and all that good stuff await. So here are a few of the offerings from Kid & Coe for upstate digs...

The Barn - in Tivoli NY - Hell YES I'd stay here!

So from now on... wherever you go, check to see what Kid & Coe has to offer first!