small magazine new issue

The new issue of small magazine is out and I love it! Always so inspiring and this issue just keeps you going... and nonchalant kids was a part of it!! yay!! Our super splendorous purple hand-knit vest--we are excited to make the issue (click here to shop) - thank you small magazine for being so wonderful!

The Fox t-shirt from nico nico also made the issue (as well as the final Cookie magazine issue, I keep forgetting to write about it!) - click here to shop on nonchalant mom

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Happy Thanksgiving!! and giving some thanks!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!
I hope that you have a beautiful day with your friends and family!

As a special thanks we would like to offer you a
2-day sale
Friday, November 27th and Saturday, November 28th
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Thanks so much for a wonderful year and we are planning more and more exciting things in the coming year!


baby week - elimination diet for food allergies

I received this story from my friend Lesley, she is the co-designer (together with her twin sister) of the collection: kice kice. We have had a kind of ongoing kinship about food but when she shared the difficulties she had with her first child I thought this would be great blog to share with everyone. I hope this is a big help to you and I know that even knowing about it and being able to reference friends to her has been helpful! She has a vast knowledge after working with all three of her kids on various food allergies. The good news is that her middle child grew out of her trouble and her oldest has gotten much better.

Lesley's story: A few months after having my first child, I discovered how changing my diet greatly changed the quality of our life and my daughter's happiness. Often times, babies have an intolerance to certain foods, and eating these foods while breast feeding is essentially feeding that to your child. Using the elimination diet, I have found what works best for my children and have realized how important it is to listen to my body and feed it nourishing and supportive foods. While the diet can be a bit difficult at times, this inconvenience greatly outweighs having an unhappy baby. This is how I discovered this process and the progression of my diet with each child.

giving birth to my first child I had a natural connection to her; taking care of her seemed fairly easy. Two weeks later she began to get fussier and I spent the next two months of my daughter's life holding her, bouncing on a ball, walking around, or doing squats to keep her happy. She would only sleep in my arms. Every time laid her down she would pull her legs up and cry with a piercing cry. This was my first child, I did not know this was not normal and wondered why no one told me babies were so much work! My mother came to visit at one month and was concerned about my daughter's stomach because it was always tight. She told me my daughter seemed like she was in pain. My daughter was exclusively breastfed so her poop was supposed to be thin, but it was almost like water with little seeds on top. We went to the pediatrician who told us everything was fine; the seeds on top indicated it was not diarrhea. A few weeks later while changing her diaper I found blood in her stools. Her pediatrician told me to eliminate diary from my diet: to read labels carefully because there are many things such as casein and whey that are derived from dairy. Two months later her poops were better but her crying had intensified. My pediatrician who told me my daughter was reacting to the heat of the summer. I told my pediatrician it still felt like something was wrong, she replied by asking me if this was my first child. I left feeling like an over-reacting first time mother and continued our routine holding, bouncing, and doing squats with her.

We went on our first family vacation.
Eating out was difficult because I am a vegetarian. I had to find foods that were dairy free and ending up eating mostly just salad. Much to my surprise my daughter was much happier and stopped crying all the time. I had tofu one night and spent the whole night holding my daughter. It was apparent she was also reacting to soy. When I eliminated dairy from my diet I increased soy to add more protein. This is when I learned about MSPI (milk, soy protein intolerance). It is an intolerance to the protein in dairy and soy that is passed through the breast milk (or formula). If the baby is sensitive he or she will be colicky. Dr. Sears has an elimination diet to follow if you think this is the case. Most babies outgrow this intolerance from 6 months to a year. Mine was very sensitive and still has problems with too much dairy or soy (she is 5). I eliminated diary and soy from my diet before giving birth to my second daughter. She was much happier than the first baby. After a few weeks she had very bad acid reflux. She could not sleep on her back; she would spit up and choke on it. I had her sleeping in a slightly elevated bouncy chair. I talked to my doctor about this (a new doctor who is sensitive to food intolerance). She told me we could try medication or I could eliminate a number of things from my diet. I went on the elimination diet and slowly started adding foods back into my diet. I found out corn was causing her acid reflux. She would also break out with eczema when I ate rice or potatoes! By the time she was 6 months old she had outgrown this.

Now I have my third child who is 4 months old. I began breast feeding with a restricted diet. She began sleeping through the night at 2 weeks and is much happier than the other two babies were. I pay close attention to what I have eaten if she becomes fussy or starts spitting up more.
It is very important to talk to your doctor about food elimination if you think you are having a problem. Remember to keep your diet healthy. Through this diet I have a better understanding of what makes up the foods we eat on a daily basis: eliminating these foods eliminated most processed foods. If you child is sensitive to dairy, keep in mind that beef has the same protein as dairy. I have been able to find lots of recipes as substitutes for my favorite foods. Coconut milk is a great substitute to cow's milk and makes really creamy ice cream.

The most important thing from all of this I learned was to follow my instincts. I had suspected this was not normal from the beginning but listened to my doctor who questioned my experience as a mother. If your doctor won't listen to you, find another doctor who will. This is a growing problem with babies and food elimination will make your life much easier if your baby has a
food intolerance. Keep an open mind to this process - once you know what you can eat, it's just a matter of being disciplined.
Thank you very much Lesley!
any comments made I will direct to Lesley to answer
If you want to see the Kice Kice collection on Nonchalant Mom click here.


Pop Up Shop - wovenplay & jess brown dolls

Erica Tanov in NYC is hosting a holiday pop-up-shop of two of my favorite designers (both of which are on Nonchalant Mom - click here) Wovenplay and Jess Brown Dolls. If you have not already been to Erica Tanov it is always on my list to stop by and say hello while in NYC - it's always super inspiring! (and a great place to pick up a little something for kids from NYC).

One day only :: Saturday, November 21st from 3-5pm
Erica Tanov - 204 Elizabeth Street (between Prince and Spring)
stop by for cocoa and cookies and have some fun!

If you can't go to the sale - shop online here at Nonchalant Mom


egg press sample sale!

Oh if only I could fly to Portland for this Holiday sale... Mmmm! Leave it to Egg Press to make a sale sound so fun and entertaining! This Holiday Sale comes just in time to take that Christmas picture, slide it into a beautiful egg press (letterpress) card and send it off to your most favorite of friends! We are big believers in the Christmas card, it's such a special gift to your family and friends and it becomes a wonderful way to mark the years as they fly by so very, Very quickly!

If you live in Portland, Oregon you must make your way to this holiday sale, Egg Press are creators of handcrafted letterpress greeting cards and stationery since 1999. You can expect loads of holiday cards, a nice selection of year round seconds, and samples of brand new designs. All cards are $1 each, $5 for pre-bundled sets of 6. Great for holiday correspondence, stocking stuffers, or hostess gifts! They also have infant onesies and more...

here's the details:

Egg Press Holiday Sale
Thursday, November 19th :: 10am - 7pm

Friday, November 20th :: 10am - 7pm
SE Alder Street
(enter through the blue pedestrian door on the 9th avenue side)
call if you need directions: 503-234-4233

If you are actually not able to go, as I am not either... I have some good news -- you can shop ONLINE! yahoo! But if you do make it to the sale there will be fun and refreshments, their ever popular tees while you wait (in all new designs!) and, of course, spectacular values on letterpress cards, childrens knit-wear, shoes and more. There are some other partners in this sale: Eleven Collection, Picaflor and Baby Star.

and don't miss the custom card section! what an extravagance!

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baby week - shock value!

Once you have brought your new baby home, how often do you have this scenario... It's about 7pm (I like to call this the 'witching hour') and everything you do to try to soothe your new baby is just not happening... screams and yells just keep going with no end in sight... this is where you need to find your 'trick' to end your witching hour... it may be:

1) A step outside, the sound, the change in atmosphere, or even a cold chill in the air... whatever the reason it will be like magic and 'poof'... instant quiet!

2) Loud music - this one worked with our daughter, she loved it, she would just zip up and instantly go to sleep! again, like magic.

3) If he/she is in a car seat, take them out and outside (especially if it's noisy) or if your are driving keep them in their seat and roll the windows down, a blast of fresh air never hurt anybody.

You get the idea, don't be afraid to surprise your baby a bit (notice I am not saying scare them!) and it may be just what he/she needs to break the crying frenzy that they have gotten themselves into. We used to give our son Sander a bath if he got into a frenzy and all that action would get him soothed and to sleep every time.

Sometimes you fall into that super careful mode; tiptoeing around, singing, holding, rocking and all of these are great things but there comes a time when a baby just needs a surprise to break it up a bit. Don't be afraid to see what works for you... the sound of a flushing toilet, cold air, traffic, a bathtub.. you will find your own magic sound that helps you calm your baby and eventually get them to sleep (or at least stop crying!). If it doesn't work for you, let dad give it a try!

share your ideas or 'tricks' so that other parents can use them it's good to have a few as you never know what will work for you when...


eternal balloons! by Clémentine Henrion

These eternal helium balloons are the project of Paris Artist Clémentine Henrion and she sells them on Etsy! (thank you for making these available to mere mortals!). They hang from the ceiling and are actually fabric filled with kapok, much like a stuffed pillow. They are carefully handmade and look best when suspended high on the ceiling (with a tiny flap attached to the 'balloon'). I think these would look lovely in a babies room, they look best hanging in groups of balloons... just a touch of magic is always nice in a kids room!

click here to visit her website
click here to visit her etsy shop


Artist: Gehard Demetz

We first saw these exquisite wooden sculptures by artist Gehard Demetz in NYC last March as part of the art fair circuit. Then, they appeared again in Basel in an Italian gallery during the art fairs there. With everything seemingly focused on deconstruction in the contemporary art world right now, it is a relief to see good old fashioned craftsmanship. But, this isn't your typical sculpture. The artist, aged around 37 years old, and residing in Italy is obviously a master of his craft. What we liked is that there is a mixture of rough and polished areas, a play on tradition, and an almost painterly effect. The choice of children in almost everything we saw and a strange emphasis on something slightly somber created a mild dose of drama. Our favorite pieces were the ones that included an object, like a hat, or gloves, or a key - highlighted with a super gloss color. To see more of his work, all you have to do is google his name and plenty will come up. So, our question is this: why isn't this guy much better known? It's beautiful work and all the more impressive in person. We hope you get a chance to see it at some point. 

a great mixture of rough blocks of wood carved into a smoother finish

Such beautiful detail

just look at the detail on the face and hands


baby week: the importance of water

Water is one of the first things that you are going to give your new baby, as soon as the pediatrician says it's okay you can start to introduce water. Do your best to make water part of your babies healthy living habits, try your best to make water the first choice over fruit juices, once they get used to having juice every day it's very hard to go back to water. Whether you choose spring, filtered, reverse osmosis, or tap water whatever you choose for your family do your best to make water a healthy part of your life and your babies life.

Whenever someone is not feeling well in our family the first remedy is a glass of water, and this usually works! As soon as you can introduce water as the night-time drink instead of milk as it is better for their teeth. It's best if you show them as well by drinking water yourself at the table with dinner or when you can so that they see you enjoying water as well.

We talked previously about sleep, and a good trick for sleep is to add water to chamomile tea put it in their bottle or sippy cup and they will never know the difference and just watch them float off to sleep. Because kids don't drink coffee, chocolate or mint homeopathic remedies such as these work really well on kids and they don't get disturbed by these foods that can wipe out flavors and cancel out homeopathic remedies.


baby week - a bit more on sleep and your baby

I think that the decision is not hard to make when it comes to co-sleeping or not, even if you think that you won't at some point your little baby will end up in bed with you (unless you or your spouse are a terribly hard sleeper). It's just a nice way to live and I can't imagine it any other way. There are a few traps that you may find yourself getting into so watch out and think things through a bit so that you know the obstacles that may come up and so that you know how you want to answer them when they do. I would suggest Dr. Michel Cohens book "The New Basics" it's the most comprehensive book on parenting without being overwhelming (because having is a baby is overwhelming enough!). It is arranged by 'issue' in alphabetical order so yes, there is a chapter called "sleep"!

Dr. Michel Cohen is pretty funny in his book when he explains that "In observing family dynamics, I was puzzled as to why some babies would sleep through the night and others wouldn't. I learned that the parents who were a little less responsive to late-night fussing always had kids who were good sleepers, while the jumpy folks had kids who would wake up repeatedly at night until it became unbearable." I think that you will find that after a few nights there will be a rhythm between you and your husband and your baby and you will figure it out together. Make sure you get your spouse involved in the nighttime activities, it will bring him closer to the baby and although you may want to handle it all yourself it's good for him to do things too. Make some bottles so that he can feed the baby from time to time and if your baby wants nothing to do with a bottle just give it to your husband and let them figure it out, it will be frustrating at first but in the end its good for everyone. He will feel more involved and your baby will get the feel for a bottle which may come in handy from time to time!

When it comes time to move the baby into his/her crib or bed it's a good idea to create a rhythm, play for a bit at night, take a bath, sing songs, put your baby into her/his crib when she is still awake, say good night and voila! In the beginning it will never go like this but keep up the ritual, whatever it may be, and eventually they will get into the rhythm with you.

Good Luck and see you in the morning!

Halloween Costume Contest Winners !!

Well, when we started this contest we could have never guessed the reaction we received. Today we have completed pouring over the nearly 100 entries we received from around the country, and surprisingly, a few from overseas too! It was FANTASTIC to see so many pictures of so many children wearing some great costumes. What we noticed this year when we were trick-or-treating with our own kids was how many unique home made costumes were on display. That makes us feel better, because it's our opinion that the true Halloween spirit is best presented in something you took the effort to make yourself. This year, we were faced with the first year our own daughter finally realized that she could ask for her own outfit - and what did she choose to be..... you guessed it: a Feather Princess! As for our son, he decided he wanted to go all 'karate' this year and as such, we had ourselves a Ninja Warrior !!! Both costumes were not hard for me to create and the only real compromise was allowing our daughter to have a little pink purse she saw recently in a shop and our son to be able to have the plastic swords that he was way to excited to get his hands on. As you will all agree, there's no better thing than to watch them transform into their characters as they watch themselves in the mirror.... it's just SO FUNNY! Of course, with our son swinging his swords all around and pretending to jump out of trees, our little princess decided suddenly that she needed a sword too. Go figure! But, that's all part of the fun too - children changing their minds right up to the last minute. And, as some of your costumes showed us, that indecision wasn't just limited to our house.

Anyway, with so many wonderful costumes, it became one of the most difficult tasks of all to have to choose just one winner. We wanted to give a prize for all the entries but realized quickly if we did so we would be out of business. So, we came to this conclusion: We'd have our top 15 favorites and one of them would be our GRAND PRIZE WINNER. That way we could share with you a BIG winner and all the very close runner ups! For those of you who sent us your images, we thank you - believe me when I tell you it wasn't easy at all to even come up with a clear list of 15. 

the astronaut and the space alien

So, our GRAND PRIZE winner for this years Halloween Costume Contest goes to the 'Astronaut and the Space Alien' in Portland, Oregon. Otherwise known as 3 1/2 year old Pannonica ('PZ' for short) as the astronaut and her 15 month old sister Quinby as the googley-eyed space alien. Our decision was based on a mixture of uniqueness (it was our only astronaut) and knowledge of how difficult it is to create anything that complicated! Congrats guys and thank you Emily for sharing! 

In no exact order - we wanted to share with you our other top favorites. Really, we wish we could share with you every single
one of the entries we received... but it's just not possible. 

Wild Things: Christian and Micah (Thank You Nicole) 

Cat-ter-fly: 3 year old Stella mixes it up in Chicago (Thank You Bridgette) 

Peace Loving Hippy: Jane shares the LOVE in Rhode Island (Thank You Meredith)

Catapillar and Butterfly: Ada and Willem in NYC deliver some color! (Thank You Erin)

Scary Princess Ghost: Davis in NYC brings out the TERROR! (Thank You Heather and Rolyn)

Cupcake: How sweet is Olivia's costume in Felton, PA  (Thank You Tiersa)

Mermaid: Lucy is swimming in prettiness! (Thank You Becky)

Hello Kitty Ballerina: Mayu mixes it up the cuteness (Thank You Tatia and Scott)

Garden Gnome: 4 month old Cash lights up the garden! (Thank you Melissa)

circus acrobats: Otis and Bee make a great performing duo! (Thank You Mimi)

The Prettiest Little Moth: Nora in CA flutters about! (Thank You Danielle)

Cheetah: Io in Washington DC sports the spots! (Thank You Alex)

Bloodhound and Bear: Penelope  and her pal Lily do it up just right in St Paul, MN! (Thank You Kelly)

Pixie Fairy, Deep Sea Diver, and Lowly Worm: Such Great Smiles - and a GOOD Sport in DAD! (Thank You Erika)

Thank you all again for making the Halloween Costume Contest such a HUGE success. There wasn't one single costume that didn't make us all ooh and ahh! 


baby week! first priority... sleep!

One of the most common questions was about sleep, not necessarily how to get more of it (I think that we all understand there is a few years or so of little or no sleep) but more about helping your baby sleep better.

I got more information from my family and friends than I found in any book. My sister came to visit a week into the arrival of our son and within one day with us she had popped a pacifier in his mouth and put him sleep on his stomach (aarrghh!)!! As a new mom I just about hit the roof! This was followed by "my most well adjusted daughter was the only one who used a pacifier" was my sisters reasoning and then came "all my kids slept on their stomach, they just sleep better that way". She also shared the fact that all three of her baby girls slept through the night as soon as they came home from the hospital! WHAT!!?? I thought as my son wanted to eat every two hours... how could this be!? Now that I am older and have thought about it a bit I have realized, she probably doesn't REMEMBER getting up in the night, every night (multiple times) because you loose part of your memory with child birth (this is not a FACT but I am sure that it's true!) just like you loose the memory of how difficult and painful childbirth is and all you remember is the absolute beauty and wonder of it all! I also know that her babies didn't sleep with her (it was a different time and that was not very common) and their rooms were down the hall and so she probably didn't hear them! What I am trying to say is that you get over it, in the way that you do and though it seems that you won't you will not even remember why or how you did it!

All of this said I would love to offer a bit of tips for the new parent on how to deal with a few things. I think that the most common comment was when you have been co-sleeping how do you get your baby into their own bed. I can say that I have a few don'ts (because I have done them!) first, don't sleep with them in their bed to get them to go to sleep, once they understand that this is their own bed you can do this but if you do this in the beginning you are in trouble and you will need to do it every night! Secondly, don't get caught up in tapes of music or sounds this just becomes habit forming and you will have a new problem later on. I think that the best way to warm your child up to their room is to spend time in the room and keep talking about the "big boy" bed or "big girl" bed, what child does not want to be "big". My husband is particularly good and talking any kid into this kind of thing but it really works. This is obviously if you are able to talk to your baby, when they are almost two years old or so.

Dr. Michel Cohen suggests that if you are trying to get your toddler out of your bed (I'm not laughing... we did this too!) you explain to them, honestly and fully how it goes, "you have your bed and they have their bed..." etc... there will be protesting and it will most likely not go smoothly but you will find your way through it, in your own language. Our solution is that we have a sippy cup of 'milk' (another topic) ready for them in our room in the morning and we all share the bed in the morning, for me, this makes getting up in the morning easier and more 'fun' (can I really call it that??...) AND I don't need a irritating alarm clock!

Good luck and remember, sleeping is one of the biggest issues and if you look at it in a practical way and take your time you will find all the answers. (and just a bit of a disclaimer... I do not recommend that you put your baby to sleep on their tummy)


new lucky fish!!

I know that you know, that I know that you all go CRAZY when new Lucky Fish arrives and this time is no exception, but honestly, this time I went CRAZY when I opened my box from Jann and found the most fun and exciting collection of t-shirts! As I have explained a few times before it's always quite a surprise when the Lucky Fish collection comes in and it's a bit hard to explain but Jann and I usually sit down and work out each t-shirt in color and print and silhouette so you can image it's quite complicated and from time to time I look at things and think.. "what was I thinking?" and then from time to time I get my boxes, open with trepidation and VIOLA! there is the best collection ever! and that is what happened this time!

It all went right, a bit of a "Lucky Fish" as they say in South Africa! This little collection of t-shirts has it all, great silhouettes, great colors, soft prints and bold ones, lot's of gold and silver foil! (love those!) and it all came together nicely! Jann and I sat around her kitchen table after her show and put this collection together, we had a few drinks, some laughs and it all shows in the outcome!

One of my favorite new pieces is the Throwover wrap - this is such a great peice for any and every day (and then can also be very cool at night!). The slub cotton is super soft and dense and I love that! It has perfect drape and looks great on any shape!

The t-shirts are perfectly sweet and in colors that are oh-so-nice! Soft pima cotton that really is the most comfortable to wear and perfect for layering in the wintertime and a show-off in the summertime.

I particularly love poplin shirts, I just can't get enough of them... so I was happy to see that Jann was printing on poplin shirts. We chose two that came out perfectly! I hope you love them as much as I do!

ps. my disclaimer--I am working on new photos but the white t-shirts were a bit hard to photograph, they are true white, not light blue as they look in some photos! (sorry about that!) If the t-shirt is white I wrote it in the description.

Visit Nonchalant Mom here and click on "adult" to see the new collection!


Halloween Costume Contest Update

I had no idea we had so many followers to our blog! Sometimes, I allow myself to think that the only people who might read it are my immediate family! BUT, what a pleasant surprise to see so many of you willing to share your kid's costumes and some beautiful and kind comments! The only problem is that we've now received so many that there is no possible way the voting is going to be anything near easy for us - the response has been a bit overwhelming! But, that's a good thing! Nonetheless, we will all be sitting down around the table soon at the showroom and voting. So, stay tuned. And, if you'd still like to enter the contest, we'd love to see your pics - we've extended the deadline until this Monday, when we'll go through all the photos you've sent in. Oh my gosh.... I just can't believe the response! There's a lot of pictures to go through, and many wonderful costumes! How FUN! 

Meantime, enjoy a couple of photos we stumbled on from another time, another place. We hope that everyone had a WONDERFUL AND SAFE Halloween!