egg press sample sale!

Oh if only I could fly to Portland for this Holiday sale... Mmmm! Leave it to Egg Press to make a sale sound so fun and entertaining! This Holiday Sale comes just in time to take that Christmas picture, slide it into a beautiful egg press (letterpress) card and send it off to your most favorite of friends! We are big believers in the Christmas card, it's such a special gift to your family and friends and it becomes a wonderful way to mark the years as they fly by so very, Very quickly!

If you live in Portland, Oregon you must make your way to this holiday sale, Egg Press are creators of handcrafted letterpress greeting cards and stationery since 1999. You can expect loads of holiday cards, a nice selection of year round seconds, and samples of brand new designs. All cards are $1 each, $5 for pre-bundled sets of 6. Great for holiday correspondence, stocking stuffers, or hostess gifts! They also have infant onesies and more...

here's the details:

Egg Press Holiday Sale
Thursday, November 19th :: 10am - 7pm

Friday, November 20th :: 10am - 7pm
SE Alder Street
(enter through the blue pedestrian door on the 9th avenue side)
call if you need directions: 503-234-4233

If you are actually not able to go, as I am not either... I have some good news -- you can shop ONLINE! yahoo! But if you do make it to the sale there will be fun and refreshments, their ever popular tees while you wait (in all new designs!) and, of course, spectacular values on letterpress cards, childrens knit-wear, shoes and more. There are some other partners in this sale: Eleven Collection, Picaflor and Baby Star.

and don't miss the custom card section! what an extravagance!

click here to shop online!