baby week - shock value!

Once you have brought your new baby home, how often do you have this scenario... It's about 7pm (I like to call this the 'witching hour') and everything you do to try to soothe your new baby is just not happening... screams and yells just keep going with no end in sight... this is where you need to find your 'trick' to end your witching hour... it may be:

1) A step outside, the sound, the change in atmosphere, or even a cold chill in the air... whatever the reason it will be like magic and 'poof'... instant quiet!

2) Loud music - this one worked with our daughter, she loved it, she would just zip up and instantly go to sleep! again, like magic.

3) If he/she is in a car seat, take them out and outside (especially if it's noisy) or if your are driving keep them in their seat and roll the windows down, a blast of fresh air never hurt anybody.

You get the idea, don't be afraid to surprise your baby a bit (notice I am not saying scare them!) and it may be just what he/she needs to break the crying frenzy that they have gotten themselves into. We used to give our son Sander a bath if he got into a frenzy and all that action would get him soothed and to sleep every time.

Sometimes you fall into that super careful mode; tiptoeing around, singing, holding, rocking and all of these are great things but there comes a time when a baby just needs a surprise to break it up a bit. Don't be afraid to see what works for you... the sound of a flushing toilet, cold air, traffic, a bathtub.. you will find your own magic sound that helps you calm your baby and eventually get them to sleep (or at least stop crying!). If it doesn't work for you, let dad give it a try!

share your ideas or 'tricks' so that other parents can use them it's good to have a few as you never know what will work for you when...