Okay so I don't live in NYC so it took me awhile to hear about this one, but my friend Norma told me about it this summer and I finally got around to finding Moomah when I saw a piece on Tracey Stewart in good'ole Cookie Magazine (RIP)...

Moomah is a place that is kind of like going to your really creative friends house and having a playdate! You know that friend, ever an incredible project going on... Moomah is a friendly environment that fosters kids imagination and is overflowing with amazing ideas. One of my favorites is Gloga - or glow-in-the-dark yoga! Including classes for Mommy and me, 2-3 year old and also 4-7 year olds -- I love the idea and I can imagine kids just think this is great!

When Norma went to Moomah this Summer she made shadow boxes with her kids, they had 3-4 different kinds of boxes that kids could make, different sizes, things to put inside like grass, trees and branches, fabric, rocks and shells, etc. I thought this was a great idea so we made some shadow boxes for ourselves... you see if you just visit Moomah you will be inspired to do many of these things yourself!

Moomah also has great food and the best coffee...or so I've heard!
I will certainly be in to try and I can't wait to visit and find out what all the Moomah is all about!! ha!

Moomah, 161 Hudson Street
(between Laight and Hubert streets in Tribeca)
8am - 7pm
DIT table (do-it-together) open 9am - 5pm
visit the website here for more information