Halloween Costume Contest Update

I had no idea we had so many followers to our blog! Sometimes, I allow myself to think that the only people who might read it are my immediate family! BUT, what a pleasant surprise to see so many of you willing to share your kid's costumes and some beautiful and kind comments! The only problem is that we've now received so many that there is no possible way the voting is going to be anything near easy for us - the response has been a bit overwhelming! But, that's a good thing! Nonetheless, we will all be sitting down around the table soon at the showroom and voting. So, stay tuned. And, if you'd still like to enter the contest, we'd love to see your pics - we've extended the deadline until this Monday, when we'll go through all the photos you've sent in. Oh my gosh.... I just can't believe the response! There's a lot of pictures to go through, and many wonderful costumes! How FUN! 

Meantime, enjoy a couple of photos we stumbled on from another time, another place. We hope that everyone had a WONDERFUL AND SAFE Halloween!