baby week: the importance of water

Water is one of the first things that you are going to give your new baby, as soon as the pediatrician says it's okay you can start to introduce water. Do your best to make water part of your babies healthy living habits, try your best to make water the first choice over fruit juices, once they get used to having juice every day it's very hard to go back to water. Whether you choose spring, filtered, reverse osmosis, or tap water whatever you choose for your family do your best to make water a healthy part of your life and your babies life.

Whenever someone is not feeling well in our family the first remedy is a glass of water, and this usually works! As soon as you can introduce water as the night-time drink instead of milk as it is better for their teeth. It's best if you show them as well by drinking water yourself at the table with dinner or when you can so that they see you enjoying water as well.

We talked previously about sleep, and a good trick for sleep is to add water to chamomile tea put it in their bottle or sippy cup and they will never know the difference and just watch them float off to sleep. Because kids don't drink coffee, chocolate or mint homeopathic remedies such as these work really well on kids and they don't get disturbed by these foods that can wipe out flavors and cancel out homeopathic remedies.