NEW robin mollicone necklaces!

I love it when people go crazy for things that I put up on nonchalant mom and Robins necklaces went fast... but I just got a new selection in of one of a kind pieces! Robin found some amazing antique Italian beads this time including some in Jet black and they are faceted! yes, I said FACETED they are so small that I can hardly believe it but the result is an amazing piece that I specially requested and she made just for us! (she told me about the beads and I just had to have them!).

Her new pieces are my favorites for this fall, the silver beads are perfectly simple and can be worn for day and at night (I love that in a piece of jewelry!). These beads are tiny, tiny, tiny.. about the size of the head of a needle (god, I actually think they are smaller!) she threads them one by one so each piece takes a few days to make.. it's crazy but the result is BEAUTIFUL! and I treasure her work.

So thank you Robin for working hard to bring us your amazing work!
(but get to work on the next thing and keep them coming!!)

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