Simone LeBlanc Gift Boxes

this is the cozy home box

Most of the blogs I write are things that I come upon that I like and figure you would like too! I could have sworn I had already written about these lovely gift boxes from Simone LeBlanc - but there you go, I have not. I love giving gifts, finding the perfect thing, taking my time months in advance. Maybe it's just part of having a store, but I love it. My husband has a terrible time thinking of gifts, so I turned him onto Simone LeBlanc. She started her gifting company in 2011, and a native of Los Angeles she has the perfect crowd, she makes gift boxes for celebrities, corporations and even a new mom! But it's her execution that I love, each boxes is well thought out, perfectly packed and makes the perfect gift, always.

the welcome winter box (complete with cashmere blanket)

So if you are out of steam in the gifting department, check out her website and just choose one of her gift boxes. Complete your order with address etc and you are DONE! You have just sent the best gift possible, in a gorgeous box all ready to go!

new mom box
There is a box for just about everything, for Him, for Her, for a Family, for a new mom, Detox... it's all there just gift with your wildest dreams.. or to tell a friend you love her very much!

website: Simone LeBlanc


The BELLs are ringing...

These MQuan bells make such a great gift for that person who is hard to buy for... that hippie friend, the person who likes to linger in their garden... that lover of the earth, yes ME!

THAT person would love an MQuan hand made ceramic bell! These bells are made by hand in upstate NY and made with LOVE.

shop here

looking for a great gift!? Pictli

I recently found these guys and it's been my go-to for the perfect family gift! I don't know about you but there is nothing better than to give the gift of a photo and these days with Instagram and Facebook we all have a giant log of photos just waiting to be framed!

Pictli is SO incredibly easy - it takes just a few minutes to order a stack of your favorite shots which arrive to you framed faster than you can say... SHAZAM! I love them and I can't wait to give these wonderfully framed photos to our family and friends! You can also expect personal and sweet attention via email, so don't worry you are in good hands.

You can use code: 'launch1512' and get 25% off until TOMORROW 12/18/15.



P I N K :: the color for 2016!

You think I have a website that is as all-powerful as mine (haha) and DON'T know that the color of the year was going to be PINK... Yes, well I was lucky and stocked up on PINK just because I like it (well if you are friends with Ryan Roche you MUST already like pink right!). I did have a feeling it was a big color and probably just going to get bigger, but I had NO idea it would be THE COLOR OF THE YEAR!

So get your PINK while it's HOT! (but to be sure... it's NOT HOT pink) it's SOFT pink

Get the story on Pink here from Pantone


NEW :: How to Make a Pom Pom with Loome

YES you can make all of these! Even if you are not the most talented crafter in the world... yes, that is what the Loome is here for.. to rescue you! (and they make a FANTASTIC gift!)

The moment I saw these wonderful Loome's I know they were just the ticket for a little special gift this Holiday Season. And we got them just in time! These little Loomes make (among other things) pom poms (as in this helpful video), tassels, friendship bracelets and so much more! Watch their videos (they have a how-to video for each of the items) and get INSPIRED  this Holiday Season!

Watch all of the How-To's and you will become a PRO in no time. I can make about 15 pom poms while I wait for Franny's backetball practice! and during Sander's soccer game (1 1/2 grueling hours) I have learned friendship bracelets and tassels. I know, I know.. I DID get these for my kids but I swear you will love it too!

Watch all the how-to videos on YouTube by subscribing to the LOOME feed

and get your Loome from me HERE :)

Happy Days are here AGAIN!


Scarf Sale!

It's so crazy warm here on the East Coast that scarves are not really necessary... YET... but as soon as that cold wind appears you want to be READY with your new warm and trusty, cozy SCARF.

Use code: 'scarf' and take 25% percent off your purchase.

and they make the perfect gift... because a wise friend once told me "sometimes all you need is a new scarf!" - and I wholeheartedly agree!

Love & peace

link to scarves here


POP up! Holiday Market! Whatever you want to call it we are doing it!

Each year I visit my friend Laura's HOLIDAY sale in NYC, it's so much fun, I see all my friends and it's just a good time to shop and and find unique gifts for friends and family. Well this year I am going to be part of the sale as well! (BRAINSTORM why didn't we do this earlier!)

I hope you are able to join us and meet some fun people, creating and doing fun things! I will bring lots of gifty-type things, some of the crazy stuff and some of the just darn great things I carry in the shop. I'm going to fill my car and drive on down and I look forward to seeing you all!!

from 11:30 - 5:30
at Laura Rosenthal Casting
225 Broadway - suite 200
(between Barclay & Vessey Streets)
New York City

and don't forget to say HELLO!

Happy Holiday Shopping